Brownies are without a doubt one of the best sweet treats to taste. The balance between its sweetness and chewiness is undeniably addictive to many.

There are times when you love to make room in your schedule for baking brownies in the kitchen. However, it seems that it will take you lots of hours to do it.

However, it’s a good thing now that you can now find box brownie mixes anywhere in local stores.

But the common question now is how box brownies can be made better? Are there secrets you need to learn? I bet there are!

For some reason, many would agree with me when I say that homemade brownies still taste better than the box ones.

With this, there are tips to follow to make this box brownie mixes taste like the best ones in the world. Check this out!

Making Boxed Brownies Taste Better – Easy Hacks Revealed

There are several amazing hacks to follow to make box brownies taste even better. 

Make Box Brownies Better

For an easy and addictive dessert like this, the tips below are something that you will surely love!

Add Chunky Chocolates

By adding chocolates into the brownie mixture, you will surely enhance the way it tastes.

You only need one chocolate bar and break it into chunks. This is one of the yummiest choices that you can add with your brownie mix.

Chunky Chocolates

While chocolates come in various flavors, you can always go with one of your choice.

Add Candies

Another tip to make box brownies better is to add tasty candies to it.

You can opt to add a handful of candies, and you will surely create a whole new meaning in the brownie recipe.

With this, you can also choose caramel candies since it melts nicely when combined with baking recipes like that of brownies.

I bet you’ll love giving the delicacies a bite with the taste of a sweet candy inside it!

Add Some Vanilla Extract

Adding vanilla extract to boxed brownie mixes is undoubtedly a good idea!

Vanilla is known to give additional flavors to any recipe. 

When added to brownie mixes, you will surely take that tasty chocolate flavor to a different level.

Vanilla Extract

You mix all ingredients and add a tablespoon of vanilla extract to give your recipe an extra taste!

Meanwhile, there are also other kinds of food extract that you can add with brownie mixes. You need to choose the type of flavor that will suit your taste best.

Sprinkle Some Chocolate Chips

This is another most straightforward method to make box brownie mixes better!

If you have enough chocolate chips in the kitchen, getting a scoop of it and adding it to the brownie recipe will bring a different taste with the goodies.

Sprinkle Some Chocolate Chips

Adding these chocolate chips will add the best flavor to the box brownie mixes in an instant.

Add Chocolates on Top

You can never go wrong with chocolates in all sorts of desserts!

Putting a bar of warm melted chocolate on top of the brownies, you can always enhance their taste.

If you don’t want to overdo these chocolate chips sprinkles, a bar of melted chocolate on top of the brownies instead will do the magic.

Add Marshmallow

To make that boxed brownie mixes colorful, using marshmallows is a great choice.

While you prepare the brownie’s batter, you can sprinkle a handful of the marshmallow into the mixture.

Marshmallow Box Brownies

On the other hand, you can also wait for the brownie to be wholly baked before you add the marshmallow on top of it.

After this, you should place the brownies inside the oven and bake it for another couple of minutes once more.

Add Frosting on Top

Adding frosting is never a bad idea.

As to how to make box brownies better, you can make use of a good frosting as your toppings. 

The easiest way to do this is to create a good mixture of frosting and place it on top of the brownies.

Apart from making the dishes super tasty, adding the frosting will make it even more attractive and addictive.

With frosting, you can always create tasty and flawless chocolate brownies!

Add Cookie Chips

A fair amount of cookie chips is another technique to make box brownies taste heavenly.

With small pieces of chocolate chips like Oreos and Butter, you can make your brownies extra delicious.

While you do the brownie batter, pour the cookie chips into the mixture. 

Cookie Chips Box Brownies

The more cookie chips you add to it, the tastier your brownies will become!

Meanwhile, you can also opt to layer the cookie chips on top of the baked brownies. After that, place the brownies again inside the oven to have the cookie chips melted a little bit.

Cookie chips will indeed work great with your box brownie mixes! Make sure to give it a try!

Add Some Caramel Syrup

You can buy a good amount of caramel syrup and pour it in the brownie mix as you do the mixture.

A cup of caramel syrup will do a lot with how your brownie recipe will taste best. However, make sure to stick with the proper baking procedure.

Caramel Syrup

Pour a fair amount of caramel syrup before you start baking. After that, reveal that perfect caramel taste by slicing the brownies after you take it out from the oven.

Add Coffee for Extra Taste

Is it possible to make brownies better when you add coffee in them? Yes, it is!

Adding coffee with the recipe will sound a bit strange, but it works wonders. I bet brownies will taste even more incredible as you mix the taste of the sweet dessert with a pinch of coffee.

The coffee will enrich the flavor and will give your brownie that unusual, extraordinary taste.

But wait, you don’t need to worry if you think your brownies will taste like coffee, too! It certainly won’t!

Adding coffee is such a neat trick to make box brownie mixes taste the best!

Add Fruit Mixes

Do you want to bring your tasty brownies to a different level? Add fruit mixes to it! As you take your brownie mixes ready for baking, you can mix this ingredient with it. 

Make sure to mix the ingredients thoroughly to keep the fruit pieces well-blended with the mixture.

Fruit Mixes

Adding a can of fruit slices will surely give your brownies a fantastic look and taste!

Add Good Quality Nuts

Who doesn’t love brownies with a nutty filling? I bet everyone does! To make your brownie mix extra special, you can always add a generous number of nuts with it.

Nuts are certainly an excellent addition to any brownie recipe. You can opt to mix the nuts within the brownie batter or sprinkle it on top after you take them out of the oven.

Almond nuts, walnuts, and peanuts are among the best options that you should try. Sprinkling nuts on your brownies will make these goodies look a lot tastier and prettier!

Combine Two Brownie Mixes

While you can find several box brownie mixes in stores, you can also try combining two flavors in one baking session.

To improve the taste and texture, combining two distinct mixes will create a difference.

Brownie Mixes

Meanwhile, make sure to add chunky chocolates and candies and even cheese to enhance the taste and looks even more!


There are so many techniques that you can do to make box brownies better!

You can follow all the tips mentioned above and create the best box brownie mix in the most creative ways possible.

As a baker, you can try to play with the ingredients. Adding tweaks and flavor is always a good idea.

However, no matter how much you change the box brownie ingredients, make sure that you always stick to the baking procedure.

There you go! Explore these ingredients which you can add to your brownies! Have fun and enjoy baking!