“It’s not fair. He always gets bigger and yummier pieces.”

“Hey, as far as I remember, your piece was bigger than your brother’s last time. And what do you mean by ‘yummier’? It’s the same brownies!”

These fun conversations spiced up with sweet quarrels are what make a house home. Now, you might want to take the complaint made by your little one seriously, though.

It never harms to provide your lovely family with perfect and even pieces of deliciousness. All you got to do to learn how to cut brownies cleanly is… well… read our article, of course!

Why Is This a Big Deal Anyway?

If you are inexperienced in cutting brownies, let me have the honor to inform you that brownies are super soft and delicate and dense and all the scary stuff! So, if you are having a nightmare in making even slices, comfort your heart by telling it that many a baker has “been there, done that”.

Effective Ways to Cut Brownies

So, we are here to solve this problem with a few easy steps. With these tips and little time, you are going to master the art of cutting brownies for sure.

Instruments Needed

There aren’t many things, only the knife (plastic or metal), baking pan, and aluminum foil. Also, you will need access to hot water. And lastly, paper towels.

Cutting Fudge Brownies: The Tips

Here are some tips that you can follow for cutting fudge brownies.

1. Always Line Your Baking Pan with Aluminum Foil

Yes, try this extremely smart idea and see how it changes your life. Before putting in the brownies mix, you should make sure that you have the foil ready. There are multiple benefits you will get out of this.

Firstly, it decreases your workload immensely. You only need to coat the pan and aluminum foil. And that’s all! No greasing involved whatsoever. Not to mention the convenience of not using butter or non-stick spray or any of this sort.

So, grab a book or something and enjoy leisure before the brownies are perfectly cool.

Secondly, you have better access to your brownies to cut it the way you like. See, with the aluminum foil in place, you aren’t restricted by the walls of the pan anymore. Once the brownies cool down, just lift the foil out of the pan and place it on an open surface. Now, you have the luxury of making precise cuts.

Cut Brownies Cleanly

Thirdly, you will be overwhelmed when you find out that clean-up is a kid’s job. Yes, since the brownies never stick to the foil, cleaning becomes a fun thing all of a sudden!

Lastly, peeling back the brownies is easy, too. The aluminum foil will release it very smoothly.

2. Always Let Your Brownies Cool down a Hundred Percent before Cutting

Now is the time you worked on your patience. Yes, it will be pure torture to smell the deliciousness of your baked item yet not to be able to dig in right away. Speaking of endurance, a big salute to our folks for practicing it with perfection, they never dug in until we did when we were little.

So, you let the brownies cool down no matter how extreme the urge is to eat them. You can never have the perfectly even cuts if you do not follow this tip. Yes, people do cut their brownies warm, but it won’t be easy at all to make the pieces even.

Cut Brownies Cleanly

You see, brownies are too hot out of the oven. So, even if you try to cut them warm, never forget to use a plastic knife. You know how plastic doesn’t insulate the heat like metal does. Therefore, it will be safer to use one. Metal also works, but it will be far from easy to pick the pieces up. So, it’s not recommended.

3. Use One of Two Instruments to Cut the Brownies

The first choice is a plastic knife. Nothing you can compare with it in terms of efficiency and convenience. No one can argue that plastic knives are just made for cutting the brownies. So, go back and forth with the knife, and you can never go wrong with the size of the pieces.

And the second choice is a classic metal knife. Remember, it has to be non-serrated. For, you don’t want to know how messy a serrated knife can make things while cutting brownies. Now, use hot water to wash the knife. Make it clean and ready for the task.

Effective Ways to Cut Brownies

Use a paper towel to wipe off the wetness after the knife is heated up. Now, go through the brownies using a sawing motion. You might not find the smoothness of plastic knives there, but it will be easy nonetheless.

4. Make Columns and Rows through the Brownies with the Knife

Move the foil around to get the angle right while making these columns and rows. Determine the size of the pieces and then finish the job with joy.

And that’s all about cutting fudge brownies.

Cutting Marshmallow Brownies: The Tips

Now, let’s talk about the more difficult task, which is, cutting the rocky road brownies. And here’s how you do it:

  1. Use an aluminum foil as before.
  2. Let the brownies cool down a hundred percent.
  3. Use a classic metal knife.

Now, we are going to do this a bit differently this time. Rather than going for sawing motions, you do it as follows:

Cut the Brownies First

Then push the knife straight down. Here, sawing motions or going back and forth won’t work. So remember, STRAIGHT DOWN. We say this because we know how sticky those marshmallows can be.

Marshmallow Brownies

Now, after pushing the knife down, do a little bit of wiggling through the brownies. This way, the sides of the brownies will loosen up nicely. After that, take one column of brownies and move them to the side.

Never Push the Brownies Together

Instead, leave them to be separated. Otherwise, you will find the marshmallow sticking together, making your job difficult all the while.

So, after getting finished with the first column, run your knife again under hot water. Stop the water flow once the knife is hot. Use a paper towel to wipe off the wetness as well as the marshmallow stuck with it.

Again, Go for the Cut and Push Straight Down

Do not saw or push back and forth. Wiggle the knife a bit so that the sides of the brownies are released. Then separate the column as before. And do the same thing with the rest of the columns.

Cutting Marshmallow Brownies

Cut the Pieces Separately

It’s the main part of the whole thing – making the pieces even. You need to have your knife cleaned off after being hot. Cut the pieces from the columns separately. Never commit the mistake of putting the columns together, hoping to save time.

Doing so will only waste your time more. The marshmallow is the stickiest stuff, remember? So, push the knife down and make the pieces one by one. Also, I suggest that you clean the knife with hot water after getting done with each column. After all, you desire clean-cut even pieces of delight, don’t you?

Final Words

There you go. It’s quite simple, isn’t it? I think patience is the key here. To enjoy the ease of cutting even pieces, you got to dodge the temptation of going for the shortcuts. And if you are a newbie in this, just follow the steps dot by dot, will you?

Thanks. It’s been fun. Do make comments if there’s anything you want to share with us regarding how to cut brownies cleanly.