Chocolates and cherries will always make a perfect pair. It is usually one of the most delicious recipes to try, mostly when we talk about chocolate brownies.

When you feel the need to create a perfect baking recipe for special occasions like birthdays and family events, these candied cherry brownies are a must-try.

This perfect blend will always start with the best choice of ingredients.

As a start, make sure to learn all the tips and techniques in the baking of sweet candied cherry brownie and achieve that brownie recipe that you desire.

How to Achieve Candied Cherry Brownies? The Secrets Revealed

The ingredients needed for this brownie recipe includes flour, cocoa, eggs, salt, vanilla, butter, water, sugar, and make sure not to miss your candied cherries!

To get you through the process, here are the steps!

Candied Cherry Brownie

Prepare as Instructed in the Baking Process

Start the brownie recipe by following all the steps mentioned in the package. Make sure to have your candied cherries ready and pour them inside the pan.

You can make use of roughly half of the cup of the cherries, or you can probably increase it to some more.

This largely depends on the number of chocolate brownies you wish to bake.

Brownie Recipe

Preheat the Oven

When you have prepared the entire ingredients needed for the candied cherry brownie, proceed with your baking job by preheating the oven at around 350 degrees.

Meanwhile, if you are using a glass baking dish, make sure to make use of a cooking spray first to save your brownies from sticking.

Whenever all ingredients have been mixed, set aside your cherries but make sure that it has been perfectly chopped first before you add them to the mixture.

Mix the Ingredients Well

Another technique in baking brownies is to mix the dry ingredients first. With this, you can combine the cocoa, salt, sugar, and flour first before you opt to add the liquid or wet ingredients.

This allows you to mix the components thoroughly before you let it sit ready for baking. Meanwhile, you can also group wet cooking items and have them mixed separately.

When both the dry and wet ingredients are mixed, have them all remixed.

Candied Cherry Brownie

At first, it looks sticky and thick, but as you get through with mixing, you will notice that the mixture will eventually turn smooth and refined.

To complete the entire recipe, never miss adding the most essential components of all, the candied cherries.

As you do it, make sure to mix it thoroughly all over again.

Bake the Mixture

After putting all the hard work with mixing, your candied cherry brownie recipe is finally ready to be laid down on the baking dish.

Make sure to follow the desired length of time for baking. With that being said, baking experts highly suggest that brownies should be baked for about 35-40 minutes.

Afterwards, these delicacies will then be perfect to be taken out of the oven!

Common Mistakes When Baking Brownies

Just like any other recipes, baking brownies takes a lot of hard work and consistency.

When planning to bake that candied cherry brownie recipe, you have to learn the basics in baking brownies first.

Make sure to learn the “what not” and “what to dos” when baking these goodies!

Not Choosing a Good Chocolate

To ensure that you achieve that perfectly tasty brownie, make sure to choose the best chocolate.

There are lots of baking chocolates available in the market, but not all works best for brownie recipes.

With that, you can also opt to try chocolate bars instead and just cut them into chunks ready for baking.

These chocolate blocks are sure to melt fast which even leads to a creamier result.

Using Cold Eggs and Butter

Cold ingredients are necessary with baking but not with the eggs and butter. For brownie recipes, these two should be kept warm all the time.

Eggs and butter when kept cold will be harder to blend when mixing.

Thus, if you have kept these ingredients inside the fridge, make sure to take them out immediately and store it within room temperature.

 Cherry Brownie

Not Enough Mixing

One of the keys to getting perfect baked brownies is proper mixing.

Baking takes lots of patience. Thus, when you lack as such, you tend to end up with an underbaked brownie.

To ensure that you are doing the right manner of baking brownies, always follow the steps to doing the recipe.

Usually, these steps include the right measurement of ingredients, the time to be spent for baking, as well as the mixing procedure of the recipe.

Removing the Brownies Quickly from the Oven

This is another mistake usually committed when baking brownies. Once you’ve cooked them already, make sure to let the baked goodies rest first for a couple of minutes.

Please do not give in to your craving too quickly by removing the brownies immediately after cooking it.

Give it some time to rest because after doing so, it will be easier for you to remove each one of them from the baking tray.


Baking brownies, just like the candied cherry ones, is always possible in minutes.

You only need to follow the steps and tips mentioned above as not to commit the mistakes.

Keep trying and keep baking until you perfectly achieve the best and tastiest brownie you desire!