Cheesecakes are among the tastiest baking recipes to try. It is one of the favorite desserts that most of us enjoy a few slices along with a cup of coffee.

However, when most bakers attempt to create such sweet delight, they often ended baking a cheesecake that’s too runny. 

Thus, many have tried wondering how to make a thicker cheesecake instead of a runny one.

When you go to the local stores near you, you’ll be amazed at how firm and thick their cheesecakes are.

With so many aspects to consider with baking, I know you would agree with me when I say that baking cheesecakes have to be messy first before it becomes perfect.

Thus, whether you are a new baker or someone who has just tried the cheesecake recipe, you should embrace the fact that you’ll mess up first before you make it right.

But make sure to keep on trying until you achieve that thicker cheesecake you desire.

Baking Remedies for Ultra Cheesy and Firm Cheesecakes

Cheesecakes are among the most delicate baking recipes that need consistency and balance. Baking this delight isn’t an easy task.

While you want a cake that is cheesy and smooth on the one hand, you also want it thick and firm on the other hand.

A Thicker Cheesecake

While it is common for cheesecakes not to thicken up the way we want it to be, there are still a few remedies to follow to make these cakes the best dish we could ever try.

Stick with the Appropriate Ingredients

While consistency is necessary to achieve that thick cheesecake, one of the secrets to attaining its firmness also lies within the thickness of the ingredients.

In all aspects of baking, ingredients play a vital role to see to it that you are doing the baking job entirely right.

Make sure to stick with the right ingredients when you try out this baking recipe. 

To help you with that, you have to have critical baking tools such as measuring cups and spoons to ensure accurate measurements of the ingredients.

Meanwhile, should you find specific ingredients that need refrigeration, make sure to fulfill that requirement. This might be one of the factors that affect the thickness of your cheesecake.

Follow the Right Baking Temperature

Just like its ingredients, the baking temperature is also another factor to consider in avoiding cheesecakes from being runny and lousy.

As much as possible, you have to learn the desired temperature when doing this kind of recipe.


At some point, too much heat when baking causes cheesecakes to crack and its texture to get dry and gritty.

Hence, if you wish your cheesecake to be smooth and thick, baking it at a gentle temperature will help you achieve it.

Proper Mixing

To obtain the best form of cheesecake, that is firm and thick, keep in mind that proper mixing matters a lot.

Experts in baking would suggest that cheesecakes should be mixed thoroughly. But wait, hold up a bit! Over mixing might also ruin your recipe!

Too much mixing and whisking of your cheesecake will make it too smooth and runny. 

Therefore, to keep it firm in shape, make sure to stick to the baking instructions, and always follow the proper mixing techniques.

Avoid Using Blending Tools

As you prepare the ingredients for your cheesecake recipe, make sure to use hand mixing.

While it is not advised to overly mix the entire ingredients, it would be best if you also avoid using blending and mixing tools that might prevent it from setting.

To ensure that all ingredients are blended correctly, you can also opt to learn more tips on the proper hand baking techniques for cheesecakes.

Avoid Using Cold Ingredients

While it is common for you to put the entire set of ingredients inside the fridge, you have to take note that some ingredients won’t blend well when cold. 

Some of the examples are eggs, cream cheese, and butter!

Thicker Cheesecake

Thus, if you have kept these ingredients inside the refrigerator, make sure to make them warm first by placing the components inside a bowl with warm water.

You can also follow this trick to make sure that the butter softens as quickly as possible.

Always Grease the Pan

Not greasing the pan is one of the many mistakes bakers commit when preparing a cheesecake.

While bakers believe that non-stick pan will help them much with baking, it is always a must to put grease when you start doing the baking job.

The failure to add that much-needed grease will cause your cheesecake to lose its form. And perhaps, that is something you and I have to avoid.

Chill the Cake inside the Fridge

When you finally have taken out the cheesecake from the pan or your oven, make sure to keep it chill inside the fridge before serving.

It is a baking rule that cheesecakes should be kept cold for at least eight hours as it helps you achieve that classic cheesy and firm delicacy after a while.


This goes to show that to achieve perfection, don’t rush things through. 

Patience is necessary should you wish to answer the question- ‘how to make a thicker cheesecake?’

Don’t Open the Oven Door Too Soon

I bet you wouldn’t want to ruin your heavenly cheesecake while baking.

Hence, to keep your sweetened delight in its perfect shape and thickness, make sure not to open the oven door before its desired length of time.

Try to wait until the cheesecake is cooked. If you ask how long – always refer to your cheesecake baking guide. 

While you should avoid opening the oven door too soon, make sure also to steer clear of spreading it too often.

Slice It off with Care

After doing all the hard work to achieve that thick and perfectly-shaped cheesecake, make sure not to ruin everything when you do the slicing.

To get you that perfect slice, one of the secrets lies within the knife. Make sure to dip your knife in hot water before taking out a single piece of this heavenly delight.

A warm knife will dry off the cake, and thus, it would be easier for you to slice it at once. 

Should you wish to achieve pretty cheesecake slices, follow this technique – it works!

Final Thoughts

Is there anything better than achieving that thick, cheesy, and firm cheesecake? I bet you have tried figuring out the secrets to baking one!

With all these thoughts being shared, I hope you now have the idea of how to make a thicker cheesecake.

At first, I know it would never be easy. You have to keep going no matter how messy it gets as you start this baking job.

Apart from everything I shared with you, there are still lots of techniques and tips you can find online. Make sure to follow all the hacks mentioned above.

Preparing everything for a heavenly cheesecake takes effort and much of your time. 

But most of you will surely agree with me when I say that all the hard work you put into it will be worth it.

With your passion for baking partnered with consistency, and continuous learning, you can surely achieve that thicker cheesecake of your dream!

There you have it! Try these tips and enjoy baking!