There is no better feeling than smelling hot and freshly-baked cookies out from the oven.

Cookies are among the baking recipes that can be perfectly done with the use of a parchment paper.

But some bakers wonder as to how to bake cookies without parchment paper. Is it possible? You bet it is.

To make sure that these goodies will not stick to the pan, the non-stick paper is used in several ways of cooking and baking.

However, while this parchment paper is always a necessity in your baking supplies, you can still bake cookies even without the use of it.

How Does Parchment Paper Work?

When you are just about to begin baking cookies, yet you run out of parchment paper, you can always consider the several options to keep going with your recipe.

Parchment paper is just an ordinary paper, coated with a silicone, which prevents any pastry goodies like cookies from sticking to the pan when baking.

Bakers always prefer the use of this paper to all sorts of baking projects since it is straightforward and versatile to use.

You can use it when separating your desserts in a tray or cover your workplace when doing some messy stuff. 

This parchment paper is also useful for some decoration purposes.

Parchment Paper

As you might see it, this paper works best for your baking needs! Nevertheless, when you find it a bit expensive, you can always opt to consider specific alternatives.

Some options might not be as handy as this paper can be, but you can be assured that they still work best when used in baking cookies.

These are some of the options which will help you complete the cookie baking task. Check out some helpful alternatives below.

Tips on How to Bake Cookies Without Parchment Paper

Use Aluminum Foil as Substitute

While this foil is a ready-to-use kitchen item, did you know that this can be an excellent substitute to parchment paper when baking cookies? Yes, you read it right!

This can be used to line your baking pans ready for baking. As you use this foil, greasing the pan up is no longer needed.

Press the foil into the baking pans to create delicate and lovely corners. Make sure to use the most massive foil type, so it will be less likely to tear apart when you remove the cookies from the pan.

Aluminum Foil as Substitute

While the foil prevents the cookies from sticking to the pan completely, it also helps you make your cookie faster.

Therefore, when baking, make sure to keep an eye on your cookies and the change of the expected baking time.

Apply Grease to the Pan

While parchment paper is used to create a non-stick baking surface, another helpful option is to apply grease to the pan.

Greasing your baking pan helps you achieve the same result as that of the parchment paper. 

Therefore, before you start baking, make sure to grease and coat your baking tray with some oil or butter.

Grease to the Pan

There are also commercial sprays that work greatly to prevent cookies from sticking. Apply it on a thin layer using a paper towel or any size of a pastry brush.

The latter is also an excellent option to evenly spread the grease in every corner of the baking pan or tray.

Though sometimes, pastry brush leaves bristle in the pan, make sure to keep an eye on it when greasing the pan.

There you go! This option will perfectly work to almost all pastry recipes, not just with your sweet cookies! Make sure to give it a try!

Make Use of Silicon Pans

These pans are another alternative for parchment paper. However, in most cases, this pan still needs to be greased by either oil or butter.

But what makes silicon pans an excellent alternative to parchment paper? It helps cookies stick less, especially when the pan is coated with some oil and butter.

Silicon Pans

You can also opt to use baking spray or any vegetable oil that will help you prevent your cookies from sticking to the pan.

Wax Paper

This paper serves the same purpose as that of the parchment paper. 

It provides you with a thin coating on the pan that makes it non-stick, mainly when used for cookie baking.

Wax paper is a good alternative since it is less costly compared to the parchment paper. You can line it on your baking tray before placing all the cookies ready for baking.

Wax Paper

Meanwhile, wax paper is also useful when measuring ingredients. You can also save this paper after baking and use it again next time for another purpose.

Silpat Baking Mat

These mats are a bit expensive than the usual parchment paper, but on a lighter note, these last longer, for several years.

Silpat baking mats are usually made from silicon and are generally heat-resistant. Thus, this makes such a mat the best alternative to a parchment paper when baking cookies.

Silpat Baking Mat

This baking mat comes in different sizes should you wish to bake a massive quantity of cookies. Unlike parchment paper, this mat cannot be easily adjusted to your type of baking project.

Create a Non-stick Solution

When you want something creative, you can also opt to create a non-stick spread for your baking pan.

If you run out of your parchment paper at home, making use of certain ingredients to create a non-stick solution is a better option.

Some of the best components include oil, butter, and flour. Combine all ingredients by hand mixing and place them inside the fridge.

After that, you can spread this non-stick solution to your baking tray using a pastry brush before baking your cookies.

Use Nothing at All

With all other parchment paper alternatives mentioned above, not using anything at all is also another option.

Specific cookie recipes might require you not to put any greasing to the baking pan at all.

Aside from cookies, this technique also works the same when baking cakes and other pastry recipes. 

This is because some recipes will come out better without the use of these non-stick sheets and other alternatives.

Thus, make sure to carefully read your recipe guides because baking cookies may sometimes not require you to add some grease anymore.

Final Thoughts

Parchment paper may be a much-needed baking supply, but it doesn’t mean that without it, baking cookies is impossible.

As to the question, ‘how to bake cookies without parchment paper?’ I hope I have given you enough tips to follow to make your cooking task easier.

The alternatives mentioned above will not only help you complete your baking task but will also help you save money since you don’t have to buy parchment papers all the time.

While we know that this paper is a bit expensive; choosing a less costly option is always a better idea.

Should you think these alternatives won’t work for you, you can also do some quick search online and find more helpful options for a parchment paper.

Having said all that, always keep in mind that as a baker, preparing delicacies is still possible with or without the use of a parchment paper.

You need to be creative and resourceful in finding the best solutions to any of your baking concerns!