Cool Whip frosting is a popular topping for many dessert items as it looks good and adds a sugary taste to the dessert. But while it is light and fluffy, they aren’t thick and often melts quickly.

There are methods to making Cool Whip frosting thicker and allow it to last longer. This article will explore some of the strategies to achieve that with your Cool Whip frosting.

Alterations in Flavour

The methods listed in these articles often involve mixing in specific ingredients to help make the frosting thicker and last longer. Where possible, the scenarios use flavorless ingredients so that there are no alterations to the flavor while achieving the desired thickness.

Make Cool Whip Frosting Thicker

However, this is not possible for some ingredients. In some cases, you might want to change the flavor, and so it might be helpful.

How to Make Cool Whip Frosting Thicker

Here, we’ll talk about the methods that you can apply.

Cool Whip Frosting Thicker

1. Adding Powdered Sugar and Cornstarch

While the first method mentions two ingredients, you can use either one of them, depending on your needs. Powdered sugar and cornstarch are both effective at stabilizing and thickening your cool whip frosting. Cornstarch does this by absorbing the liquid in the mix and thus making the frosting less runny.

Powdered sugar also contains cornstarch, which is why you can use both or one of them, depending on your needs.

Powdered Sugar and Cornstarch

If your frosting is sweet enough or you don’t want to make it sweeter, simply add two teaspoons of cornstarch. And if you’re going to make your frosting sweeter and more consistent at the same time, add two teaspoons of powdered sugar.

2. Mixing in Cream Cheese

The second method involves adding cream cheese to the frosting. Cream cheese is a viable choice in making your cool whip frosting thicker and consistent. However, cream cheese alters the flavor of your frosting. Adding cream cheese will make your frosting have a creamier and tangy taste.

Mixing in Cream Cheese

While cream cheese is effective, whether or not you’ll resort to using this method primarily depends on whether you like a creamy frosting or a more sugary one.

However, if you want to use cream cheese, you can also mix in some vanilla extract and sugar to retain more of the sweet and sugary goodness of your frosting while ensuring that it doesn’t melt quickly.

3. Adding Yogurt

Yogurt is an excellent stabilizing agent. You can use it with cool whip frosting along with some milk. Do note that it can alter your taste and flavor, especially if a bit too much is added, so be careful with it. If you plan to add yogurt to your frosting mix, remember to use fewer liquids, or you might end up making it runny.

Adding Yogurt

Thin out the yogurt with milk before using it. One advantage of using yogurt is that it helps the frosting keep its shape when refrigerated.


In case you don’t want to use yogurt, other ingredients work similarly. Buttermilk is an excellent option to use, but do note it does result in an acidic taste if used too much.

4. Using Jell-O Powder

It might sound surprising, but the Jell-O powder is also great at making Cool Whip frosting much thicker. It’s also an excellent way to give your frosting a unique flavor; however, there is also flavorless Jell-O powder so that you can use it as a stabilizing agent for your Cool Whip frosting.

The jell-O powder will allow your frosting to last longer.

Using Jell-O Powder


Powdered pudding is a good alternative for this, with vanilla being a popular flavor and makes your frosting thicker.


Cool Whip frosting can give some people difficulties since it melts so quickly, but with these methods, you can make the frosting thicker and make it last longer at room temperature.

You can also add personal touches to your frostings by giving them unique flavors while making them consistent.

Now that you know how to make Cool Whip frosting thicker, you should start baking.