The world of bakery certainly has a lot of beautiful creations. The tasty treats are not only just bursting with flavors in your mouth but are also a delightful treat for the eyes. Among these lovely concoctions, the fondant is something the entire world is most familiar with.

One of the cornerstones of modern-day cake decorations, this unique icing’s origins are in France.

This creamy yet firm icing had taken the world by storm from the very moment it was discovered. However, knowing how to dry fondant fast is something not many are familiar with. Most people have to go through the painstaking waiting time of almost 24 hours to have their fondant dry out.

Thankfully, we’ve come up with a few simple yet effective steps through which you can easily dry fondant quickly.

Simple Ways to Dry Fondant Fast

We will be focusing on rolled fondant here as it is more popular for baking instead of poured fondant. (If you want to learn more about the latter, feel free to see this interesting recipe of poured fondant!)

Dry Fondant Fast

Read on to discover the ways that will help make fondants dry faster.

Tip-1: Choosing a Suitable Surface

Knowing which surface to let your fondant dry in is very important. After all, you don’t want to ruin your kitchen simply to let the icing dry. Be sure to make sure that the room has enough airflow.

The surface itself needs to be hygienic and plain. Letting fondant rest on a sloped surface will cause it to drip and ruin the entire kitchen and your cake. Avoid keeping it on mats or towels as the fondant tends to drip before drying on the cake and might ruin them.

Tip-2: Understanding the Ingredients

The more familiar you are with the ingredients, the better you will understand the requirements for making it dry faster. And the steps towards a faster drying process depend a lot on what the fondant is made up of. For example, a chocolatey fondant will dry faster if kept in a cool environment.

Dry Fondant Fast

Tip-3: Maintaining a Thin Consistency

A thinner fondant is bound to dry faster than one other thicker consistency. Thinly rolled fondants will allow to air pass easily and dry faster because of its low density.

Thicker pieces of fondant will take more time as the hardening process will take some time to be completed to the very core. So it’s best to be very confident about the dryness of thick fondant before picking them up.

Tip-4: Using Tylose Powder

Originally used to make gum glue, Tylose powder is incredibly versatile and massively effective in drying fondant, and adding Tylose Powder will great a gummy texture that will cause the fondant to stick faster.

Using Tylose Powder

But be sure to be calculative when using this. Use in small doses as too much Tylose powder will absolutely ruin the fondant. The amount should be determined on the basis of the amount of dryness you want your fondant to have.

Tip-5: Popping It in the Oven

This might sound like a very unorthodox method, but it is very efficient for quickly drying fondant. Simply set the oven to the lowest possible temperature and pop the fondant in for roughly 10 minutes.

The fondant will be very soft when brought out of the oven but will dry out shortly. Be sure to put shortening or wax paper onto the baking tray in order to take out the fondant once it dries up. Small pieces of fondant will be dry in an hour while the larger ones will take a couple of hours more.

Tip-6: Keeping It below a Desk Lamp

A desk lamp is similar to drying fondant as the oven. Simply place the fondant underneath the lamp, and it’ll dry out soon enough.

Dry Fondant Fast

However, there is a small chance of the stronger colors fading away if kept under the light of the lamp for too long. Keeping in mind how larger fondant figures stay softer on the inside, it’s best to let them dry out a bit longer and then just stick them together with edible glue.

Tip-7: Aerate with Electronics

To accelerate the drying process of fondant, it’s important that enough air is being passed through the fondant. Putting the fondant on top of a hard tray or a sheet and keeping it in front of a stand fan will easily dry out the fondant over a few hours.

Dry Fondant Fast

For shorter pieces, repeat the same process with blow-dryers. Make sure it’s emitting cold air and start applying it on the fondant keeping the device about six feet apart. Constantly have it moving to get the best results.

Tip-8: Using a Food Dehydrator

This might not be present in every household kitchen, but purchasing a food dehydrator is a solid investment. For a professional baker, a food dehydrator is an absolute must. It is simply the best option for drying fondant as it takes a mere one-tenth of the natural time for the fondant to dry.





Well, there you have it! These tips are more than foolproof and will ensure that you know how to dry fondant fast and efficiently. So, head over and start making sculptures with fondants faster than ever!