Cool Whips are a great substitute for traditional whipped cream and serve the same purpose as any other topping cream in the market. The only difference between Cool Whip and normal whipping cream is that Cool Whips are generally sold frozen and need to be defrosted first.

However, incorrect defrosting of Cool Whips can damage the product and, as a result, also ruin your desserts. Not only would knowing how to quickly thaw Cool Whip help you save time, but it will also prevent the dairy product from going bad. 

In today’s article, we will be sharing with you four simple steps that will help you understand the process of thawing Cool Whip. So without further ado, let’s get started!

How to Quickly Thaw Cool Whip | Simple Ways

Quickly Thaw Cool Whip

Here are the methods you can apply.

1. Heat It

Every microwave comes with a defrost setting, which enables it to thaw frozen foodstuffs without spoiling it. Before you get started, put your microwave oven on the defrost setting and then take the lid off of your Cool Whip.

Next, place it in the tray inside the oven and heat it for a maximum of 30 seconds. Once the first interval is over, take out the container and stir the contents in it before heating it once again for half a minute. This method is very suitable for those who are usually very busy and do not have much time on their hands.

Thaw Cool Whip

You will have to repeat this process for around 2-3 minutes or until the Cool Whip has completely melted. It is extremely necessary to stir the Cool Whip at 30-second intervals because heating it for a long time at one go will reduce the contents inside the box into a runny yellow fluid, which cannot be used any longer.

On the other hand, if you stir the Cool Whip too jaggedly when thawing it in a microwave, it will also lose its natural volume and will no longer serve its purpose the way it is meant to. This is why we suggest you stir the Cool Whip gently in between the intervals.

2. Let It De-Ice Naturally

This method is a bit tricky and is not suitable for application in countries where the temperature is too high. Since the dominant ingredients in Cool Whips are dairy products, suddenly changing the external temperature from cold to hot will spoil the cream.

The best choice would be to keep your Cool Whip at a temperature of 32 degrees Celsius (or lower if possible) for not any longer than two hours at most. If, under unavoidable circumstances, the external temperature is greater than that stated above, reduce the time duration for thawing.

De-Ice Naturally

Moreover, you would have to constantly check to see if the consistency of the Cool Whip is okay or not because many times, people have found the product unusable even after keeping it on the counter for only an hour.

3. Place It in Cool Water

The best method to thaw frozen dairy products is by placing them in a tub of cold water for half an hour to forty minutes at most. This technique is also very helpful for people who are running short on time as your Cool Whip is most likely to be ready within an hour.

You may also use lukewarm water to carry out this procedure, but we would suggest you not do so as it will increase the chances of your Cool Whip going bad.

4. Refrigerate It

This method is suitable for people who have more time on their hands and is one of the best ways to defrost your Cool Whip while preventing it from going bad. The only thing this process requires you to do is to take the Cool Whip out of the deep freezer and place it in your regular fridge.

Refrigerate Quickly Thaw Cool Whip

After about 3 hours or so (depending on the capacity of the container), you will be presented with perfectly thawed, ready to use Cool Whip!

Consequences of Thawing Cool Whip the Wrong Way

Now that you know the process, you might wonder how you would know if it is spoilt. As mentioned before, Cool Whips are also made of dairy products, and so the simplest answer would be that it would go bad.

For instance, it will become way too liquid-like, and even beating it with an electric beater will not bring back its fleeciness and volume.


The steps described in today’s article (with the exception of the 4th one) should only be followed if you are running short on time.

Regardless of how quickly these methods will thaw your Cool Whip, some amount of patience is still required on your part when carrying the techniques in order to ensure that you get the perfect end result.

We hope you found this article on how to quickly thaw Cool Whip helpful. Thank you for staying with us until the end!