Fudgy on the inside and crackly on the outside is quite literally the only way to go when it comes to brownies. But it is not easy to maintain the texture, as many factors work as the determinant.

One such important factor is to ensure a proper way to cool the brownies. A point to be noted is that the quicker the method, the better.

So if you want to learn how to cool brownies quickly for the best result, look no further and read on.

Ways to Cool Brownies Quickly

Here are a few ways you can refer to when you need to cool your brownies quickly.

Leave at Room Temperature

Prepare the brownie pan. Lightly grease the pan with butter and then line with either parchment paper or aluminum foil.

Leave the edges of the paper or the foil protruded up the sides of the pan, so it is possible to grab hold and remove the brownie from the pan as soon as it is baked, thus eliminating the source of heat and expose to air immediately.

Now, leave the brownie with the foil on a wire rack for one or two hours to cool at room temperature. Move the rack to the coolest place available to speed up the process.

Use a Fan

Once the brownie is baked, take it out and place it on a wire rack to cool.

Set up a fan nearby and use to circulate a cooler airflow to ensure that the brownie cools at a quick pace.

Place Inside Fridge

After the brownie comes out of the oven, keep on a wire rack.

The next step is to empty one of the shelves of the refrigerator. Once everything is removed from the shelf, place the brownie with the rack on the shelf and wait around an hour till it is cool.

Use the freezing compartment of the fridge for almost half an hour to quicken the process.

Make an Ice Bath

Set the brownie aside, pan and all, and prepare an ice bath.

Get a heat-proof pan larger than the brownie one. Cover the bottom one inch of the pan with ice, and then add cold water to fill the empty spaces.

Place the hot brownie pan on top of the setup. If required, add extra ice and water but keep an eye that nothing gets in the brownie pan. Ensure that the pan can be easily removed from the ice bath when necessary.

Change the ice and water at regular intervals, so there is always fresh ice available for use.

Leave the pan in the ice bath for about half an hour, or till the brownies are cool to touch.

Prepare Beforehand

While it is possible to follow a number of steps to cool a brownie quickly, it is always best to work in a way that causes no delay in the whole process to make one.

Start with a recipe in mind. Think about all the different types of brownies and choose the best possible recipe.

Gather all the necessary tools and ingredients next. Carefully double-check everything. Because in the worst possible case scenario, something might go amiss and throw the whole thing off track.

Follow the recipe with precision. Each and every step carries importance, so be certain not to miss any.

Try out a number of time-tested hacks. For example, let the melted chocolate cool and then add the eggs and sugar to prevent scrambled eggs. Another example is spoon flour into the batter instead of dip and scoop, which packs the flour and makes the brownie cakey.

Mix the batter only till the ingredients are combined.

Find the right brownie pan. A pan too big will result in a thin and overcooked brownie, while a pan too small will create an undercooked one.  It’s best to procure one consistent with the recipe being followed, pour the mix right in and bake in the oven.

Do not wait for a long time to take the brownie out of the oven. Prick it with a toothpick to check for crumbs. Remove when a small number of crumbs are left, as the residual heat will cook through the left. Do not wait for the toothpick to come out clean as it results in an overbaked brownie.

Wait for the brownie to cool down and then slice into it. While it is definitely hard to resist the urge to poke a corner with a fork or cut out a warm piece, muster up all sense of restraint and wait for an hour or two for cleaner cuts and a more developed taste.


So now that you know how to cool brownies quickly in a number of different ways, all you have left to do is put in a bit of care and effort. Once you end up with the soft, delectable chocolatey goodness in your hands, you will absolutely not regret a single moment used in the process.