Brown-colored and well-textured brownies are sweet treats in good disguise! These are something you can never resist!

This baking recipe is usually made from nuts, cream cheese, fruit filling, and sometimes with overflowing chocolate flavor!

But, to most brownie bakers and lovers, the common question will be- “how to make brownies more cake-like?”

Some brownies are chewy and fudgy. However, some wish to achieve a cakey-type of brownie as their finished product.

Whether you prefer it chewy or more cake-like, I bet there is always a secret to achieving both. 

As a rule in baking, mastering your ingredients will help you figure out things well.

For knowing ways of making your brownie cakey rather than fudgy, keep reading, and I’ll show you how!

How to Achieve Cake-like Brownies?

Some people love cakey brownies; others prefer the denser ones.

As to my option, I am a brownie fanatic, and I love them both chewy and cakey at the same time.

But for those who crave for a cake-like brownie, the secret will always lie with its ingredients and the manner it is baked!

When we talk about cake-like brownies, it is as if you’re mimicking that light texture of a cake. However, I bet it’s always easier said than done.

Cake-like Brownies

One of the secrets to making cake-like brownies is to add more and more eggs to the batter.

Eggs are the most underrated secrets to baking when it comes to making good-textured baked goodies.

With that being said, you can also look for some other ingredients to never make your brownies fudgy.

To start with the recipe, make sure to prepare ingredients including butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate, and flour.

These are the essential ingredients to create the best brownie there is!

Tips on How to Make Brownies More Cake Like

To achieve that perfect cakey brownie product, start by melting the ingredients.

Not everyone knows that doing so would set apart your baking recipe from the rest. 

I bet this is the ultimate secret that you have just discovered today!

While it is the most common practice in baking to mix all the ingredients, but melting it, on the other hand, will make the blending extraordinary.

A fluffy, denser, and smoother batter is what you’ll get, and that will separate your brownie recipe from the rest in the baking world.

Meanwhile, to avoid creating a fudgy brownie, make sure not to used soft butter in the mixture. Doing so will significantly affect the brownie batter.

Baking is always a trial and error thing. With your goal of achieving a cake-like brownie, these suggestions mentioned above are a must-try! 

Make sure not to miss even a single technique I’ve shared.

Important Brownie Recipe Ingredients

Your actual brownie recipe ingredients are very important to achieve your desired result.

Typically, butter, eggs, flour, chocolate, baking powder, and salt are the standard and basic ingredients when baking brownies.

With that enumerated, these ingredients are also the same ones you find with some other baking recipes.

The only difference is that brownies tend to use brown sugar rather than white one. 

Brownie Recipe Ingredients

Although flour and eggs are standard with these baked recipes, it only differs in the manner it is being prepared.

Therefore, in baking brownies, make sure to stick with the specific baking procedure.

Cookies, cakes, and brownies might have ingredients in common, but how you prepare each of them differs from one another.

Preparing the Cake-like Brownie Treat

While these ingredients are almost the same, the most straightforward change that you can do is to adjust the measurement of the flour.

Accordingly, some ingredients should remain the same in terms of their prescribed quantity.

Presumably, when you decrease certain ingredients, it also tends to affect the measurement of the other ingredients.

Since these brownies are made of eggs, sugar, and butter, by default, adjusting the flour will also affect the ratio of the rest of the ingredients.

Thus, your mastery of ingredients comes in when it is about baking matters like this. 

And among the ingredients, butter plays a major role!

Melted butter is always ideal for achieving that cake-like texture in your brownie. The more butter you use, the oilier the brownies will get. Eventually, you will notice that its texture has also become lighter. 

The baking process of brownies is almost the same as the rest of the recipes.

Cake-like Brownie Treat

In the baking world, you have to learn to adjust not only with the ingredients but as well as with the processes of baking.

Always remember that when you change even a single measurement in a specific recipe, you also need to change the rest of the baking procedure to adjust the balance and consistency.

Now, if you want your brownie to be cakey rather than chewy, you finally know the secret today!

The magic is just right within the ingredients and the manner you prepare that dish.


There are times when things go wrong in baking. Mistakes and mishaps are inevitable even when baking your favorite recipes.

You might experience a flap with the batter or some ingredients or the mixture itself, but if these happen, make sure that you are prepared!

Take time to master the different baking processes and you will be able to achieve that cake-like brownie quickly.

There you go! I hope I have given you every little detail that you need to learn with this content.

I look forward to seeing you finally create that sweet, cake-like brownie of your dream! Enjoy your baking journey!