Cooking in copper pot or pans can be easy and tricky at the same time. Copper pots are getting popular day by day for cooking, and there are tons of reason for this. One great benefit of using copper utensils is a good conductivity of heat which saves a lot of time and helps you to cook on a uniform heat.

Due to the even distribution, it saves you from burning certain areas of your food while you’re cooking. But yes, cooking might get tricky for similar reasons too as maintaining the temperature of cooking is a bit difficult initially, and the reactivity of copper with certain food materials is equally unwanted.

It shall take you a few tries to get the hang of it but whatever you do make sure that you are taking proper care of your copperware as it tends to corrode faster and lose its shine. Also, make sure you are tinning it for better use.

Why Get A Copper Pan?

Copper pans save a huge amount of money, and this is because it heats up quickly so in case you are using an electric stove you do not need to heat it for much longer. Also, copper pans can be very long lasting if you take proper care of them such as drying them out well after cooking and lining them with tin.

A Copper Pan

Know What To Look For

The first thing that you should look for in any copperware is the thickness of the walls of the pans. Usually, thicker ones are better but way too much depth can mean slower heating and thinner walls can mean that it can heat up very quickly.

So, it is best to buy one within a thickness of 1mm to 3mm. The next thing that you need to see is the weight. The heavier the better, but then again, if it’s too heavy it can be troublesome for cooking as well as to carry it around.

The Process Of Cooking With Copper

So are you ready to learn everything related to our topic today? If you are, then keep on reading.

Cooking With Copper

1. Get Everything Ready

Copper is known for its fabulous heat conductivity and its performance in cooking. In brief, if this is the first time you are planning to cook with copper get yourself familiar with quick cooking.

Few other things that you need to make yourself aware of are the uniform heat distribution that copper gifts you with and also the unwanted reactivity with many food items at times.

Another tip would be to get all your ingredients ready just before you start heating the pan as the pan just heats up way too quickly and you would not want to burn your ingredients just by being a little late in putting them in the pot.

2.Cooking In A Medium Temperature

If this your first time in cooking with copperware then you should start getting yourself familiarized with the heating process of this utensil. It is best to cook at medium heat as copperware heat up very quickly. Try it a few times, and you will soon learn the perfect balance to cook in.

3. Wooden Or Silicone Pots Can Be A Wise Choice

The lining in the copper utensils are usually made of tin, and they can easily get scratched by coming in contact with other steel or hard materials, so it is best to use wooden or silicon pots.

4. Make Sure You Are Not Preheating The Copper Pots

Since copper has good conductivity, it heats up fast. Thus the tin lining is likely to melt down soon. So always make sure that your pan is not empty when you are putting that heat on. Even a bit of oil would work in case you need to leave it for a little while just to prevent the heat from burning the lining down.

5. Avoid Searing In Copper Pans

The Tin lining of the copper pans usually melts at about 450 degrees Fahrenheit. If you need to sear anything and especially meat, you should avoid copper pots and rather go for other pots made of cast iron, aluminum, or stainless steel.

6. An Oven Is Never A Problem

Even if you need to cook at high temperature using your copper pan in the oven, it will never be a problem. The liquid present in the food prevents it from burning, and it can last as long as the water does not dry up.

Proper Ways Of Caring For The Copper Pan

The main problem while using or cooking in pots made of copper is the reactivity of the metal. Copper reacts with air and even certain food items as well. Thus it requires a lot of care and needs to be kept dry always. Also, it is best to keep it away from other metals.

And this makes it more prone to scratches and dents. So it is wise to keep all of your copper pots at a safe cupboard where it does not bump into other utensils. Also, take great care while washing them as they might end up colliding with other dishes and thus might end up with dents.

Copper pots also need proper cleaning. It easily corrodes, and in case it is not cleaned properly it might also lose its shine and the tin lining can get damaged.

So it is best to clean it with any weak acid cleaners. You can also make cleaners at home by simply adding vinegar, salt, and lemon in a bowl and form a paste. Later you can scrub the pot with this paste and with the help of a soft cloth.


Cooking in copper can be a bit tricky usually but in the long term, it is not that complicated at all, and in fact, it makes your cooking more fun.

Copper pots not only look fancy in your kitchen but they save a lot of time when you quickly need it to simmer something. Also, it is widely available and can kill bacteria in food. Overall, cooking just becomes more fun and safe in copper.