According to Ayurvedic Medicine, storing water in copper pots has a lot of benefits. Copper is a useful metal and not only because of its good electrical conductivity. It has other good properties too.

Ayurveda tells us that water stored in copper pots keep the balance of three things in your body: (data, Kapha, and pitta) and this is done by positively charging the water.

Copper is a positive ion in water, and it releases all of its positive charges in water along with its positive properties too. Well, there is more to this; water stored in copper pots never becomes stale and can be stored for long periods.

Now, it is pretty obvious for you to think that copper pots might be expensive since they have so many good traits, but no, they are not that expensive at all.

I can keep on talking about its benefits but below are ten reasons why you should drink water from copper pots:

Should Drink Water From A Copper Pot

1. Aids Pregnant Ladies

Nutritionists root for such pots in regards to storing water in copper pots for pregnant ladies, and this is because it helps them by generating RBCs. Red blood cells are a vital part of your being, and they not only help you to fix tissues but also help you to process sugars.

And when it comes to pregnant ladies, the copper usually helps the unborn child by helping his heart, skeletal and sensory system to grow in a better way. Copper overall helps you to get better skin too. It helps you to glow and so it is considered a good option for pregnant ladies to drink water from pots made out of copper.

2. Combats Toxins

Copper diminishes toxins from your body making it a good source of antibacterial elements to fight the onset of diseases. Thus if you want better skin, want to glow and age lowly you should start drinking water from copper pots. And oh yes, it also helps to fix your connective tissues present in your skin and heart.

3. Enhances Digestion

Be it an accident or any other digestive distress, water stored in copper pots can come to great help. Copper can stimulate peristalsis which helps in better functioning of the stomach muscles which further helps in digestion and allows food to move easily through your tracts.

It also helps to kills bacteria in your stomach and even cures certain peptic ulcers. Drinking water from copper made pots can also help to enhance the functioning of the kidney and liver as it helps the nutrients in these areas to be absorbed well.

4. Removes Bacteria

Copper can remove many bacteria, and this has also been proven scientifically. The anti-germ property in copper helps to remove E.Coli within 24 hours.

Also, many water-born diseases can be killed by simply storing it in copper pots. Overall, this means that it also can help you to eradicate bacteria from your own body by simple using pots made out of copper to store your water.

5. Regulates Thyroid Function

Thyroid problems are very common all over the world, and many people have been suffering a lot due to this. There are many reasons for which this might occur but do you know that the absence of copper in your system is one of the vital reasons for the occurrence of thyroid problems?

This simply means that drinking glasses of water from copper-made pots can reduce your chances of getting a thyroid problem.

6. Fights Arthritis

From ancient times, copper was used for combating arthritis and other joint pains. Joint pains can be unbearable and also require many medications to reduce them. But if you are looking for a simpler remedy, then copper helps to reduce pains caused by rheumatoid arthritis.

7. Fights Anemia

The list of benefits about copper will go on and as you’ve already seen, it has many medicinal abilities too.

As you know, deficiency of copper causes anemia thus drinking water from such pots help to combat anemia. This is not rocket science; it so happens because of the presence of copper increases the hemoglobin level in your blood.

8. Heals Wounds

Copper peptides are known as healing agents.  Many medicines contain peptides of copper as this metal contains the ability to fix wounds and damages. This usually happens from catalyzing the collage production.

So, if you want to avoid buying yourself expensive medicines and are looking for a simpler alternative, you can opt for drinking water from copper pots rather than taking copper peptides from medicines.

9. Deals With ADHD

ADHD is a curse to our generation. It transforms itself throughout its course and also leads to many other neuro diseases. The chances of getting infected by ADHD are reduced and curb if you drink water from such pots.

Copper enhances the brain. The imbalance of copper in our body may tilt our cognitive functions towards one side of the brain which is not healthy. Thus, drinking water from pots made of copper can help you curb your ADHD.

10. Slows Aging

Copper has brilliant and excellent antioxidant characteristics, and this helps you to get rid of your, wrinkles as well as your discolored and patchy skin. Thus drinking water kept in these pots helps you stay younger and fitter. And because of the antioxidant abilities, your aging process naturally slows down.


Even though pots made out of copper are not as popular among users, and people mostly use pots made out of glass or other metals, it would be wise for anyone to start drinking water stored in copper pots. Such pots are not expensive and it will, in fact, save you a lot of money by preventing many diseases.