Copper was first used by humans about 11,000 years ago, and it was first used to make cooking wares by the Romans. Copper pans are not as popular as other pans among people. Amidst all of its unpopularity, it does have a lot of benefits such as good electrical conductivity, durability, and delicacy.

Also, it is not expensive either. There are a few tricks that you need to follow and keep in mind before you start cooking your meal in copper pans. One of them includes seasoning.

Seasoning, as interesting it sounds, is equally as important and especially if you want a stick-resistant surface of your pan. It should be done for any new pans that are made out of metal.

This is done by treating the surface of your pan and simply happens from the polymerization of fat and oil on the surface on the pan.

Steps On How To Season Your Red Copper Pan

The following steps are stated to help you with seasoning your copper pan. Follow them accordingly to prepare your copper pan for usage.

Season Your Red Copper Pan

1.Wash The Pan First

The first step towards seasoning your pan is by giving it a gentle bath with warm soapy water. Wash it gently but do not scrub it. Scrubbing will cause abrasions especially if the pan is new.

For a gentle wash, you can use a soft cloth dipped in soapy water. After you are done cleaning it make sure you dry the pans properly. This part is important as it helps to remove any chemicals existing on the pan which is often the case, especially when it is new.

2.Drizzle Some Oil On The Pan To Coat It

Drizzle a tablespoon of vegetable oil on the pan. Now, take a paper towel or a soft cloth and gently distribute the oil evenly across the surface of the pan. Make sure the oil is spread well across the bottom as well as the sides.

For precautions, make sure that the oil you are using does not get heated up quickly as the oil might just burn and reduce the benefits of seasoning.

3.Heat The Pan In Oven Or Stove

Now you do have a choice here. You can either choose to heat your pan on a stove or an oven, based on your convenience. But whatever you use just make sure you aren’t getting your hands burned in the process. Safety is the utmost priority.

Heating On The Stove: Turn your stove to medium heat and place your pan on the stove. Wait patiently till it smokes. Now, you are almost done, so gently remove it.

In case you are scared of smoke you can also go for an alternative method which is simply by heating the pan and by drizzling some oil on it.

Heating On The Oven: For starters, preheat it at 300 degrees Fahrenheit and make sure the oven is completely preheated. Now, carefully insert your pan into the oven and ‘cook’ it for around twenty to twenty-five minutes. Then, gently pull it out of the oven.

4. Dry, Keep Using And Repeat

Since all of your seasoning steps have been done, now all you would want is the vegetable oil on the pan to thoroughly dry. This is usually needed so that the oil fills any inconsistencies remaining in the pan.

Now, when the oil has completely dried, take a soft cloth and wipe away the remaining oil from the pan. Your pan is now completely ready for some stir-fried vegetables!

Tip: For better results and long-lasting prevention of stickiness do season your pan twice or thrice each year.

Why Choose A Copper Pan?

To start with, copper saves on polishing. There are many pans that come with a brushed texture and many people prefer them. The reason behind this is the antique look that it comes with.

Copper has an anti-bacterial property and thus kills any bacteria that comes in contact with it. It also has good conductivity.

Pans made out of copper are also easy to clean and maintain. The smooth texture of such pans makes it easy to remove any dirt. Also, these pans are lined with other metals for protection such as stainless steel.

Therefore, you always have a protective lining in such pans that can prevent the copper from reacting with certain food items. This lining also adds up to another benefit which is allowing the food to be cooked evenly.

Red Copper Pan

Which Copper Pan Should You Go For?

Well, it might look like that all red copper pans are similar and can be used for cooking in similar ways.

Yes, it is somewhat similar, but if you simply want the best pan for your kitchen, then you should get your hands on the particular pan which is specifically made for your cooking style.

Or, in short, you should buy the kind that suits your regular cooking style or the kind of cooking you do daily.

The lining is an essential part of any such pans but since it is made of copper, you will also need to make sure that the thickness is perfect. Thickness plays a pivotal role in the performance of the pan.

In general, pans that are 2.5 to 3mm thick are a good pick. Any thicker than this, the pan starts to heat up inconsistently, and any thinner than this will make it heat up quicker than necessary.


Seasoning is a staple if you want a long-lasting pan. It not only helps your copper pan to survive for more extended periods but also gives it a non-stick surface which makes it easier to cook food in. The steps are very simple and easy.

Also, it does not even need a lot of ingredients. You will only require a stove, oil, dishwashing liquid, and water. Summing up, if you want your pan to be sticky free than making sure you season it often.