Happiness cannot be made, but cupcakes can be, and really, can you tell me there is any difference between the two? A handful of cake and frosting easily brings a special kind of smile to one’s face. Making the sweet and delectable goodness, however, is a bit trickier.

Baking requires a number of tools to work harmoniously for an end result. But baking has room for experimentation.

So if you are thinking of whipping up some cupcakes but cannot seem to spot a cupcake pan in your drawers, we’ll help. Here, we’ll teach you how to make cupcakes without a cupcake pan.

After reading this article, you can test out some of the following ways to make cupcakes without a cupcake pan.

How to Make Cupcakes without a Cupcake Pan | Simple Methods

Here, I’ll describe some easy ways you can make cupcakes, even without a cupcake pan.

1. Multiple Cupcake Liners

One paper cupcake liner by itself will not be enough to do the trick, but a stack of three or more will form a strong enough base to hold the weight of the cupcake.

 Multiple Cupcake Liners

Place the liner stacks close to each other on a small pan to create more support. Scoop in some batter in each of the stacks and pop them in the oven! Once they are baked, all you have left to do is peel the liners off and enjoy.

2. Foil Cupcake Liners

Foil cupcake liners are strong enough to be used by themselves to make cupcakes. Just fill them up and bake them. Due to their structural nature, there is no risk of spilled batter or collapsed cupcakes.

Foil Cupcake Liners

The cupcakes tend to gain a silver shine once baked, so add in paper cupcake liners in the foil ones if you prefer your cupcakes to be a regular golden brown.

3. Mason Jar Lids

All those mason jars just lying around the house are about to come into use. Well, not the jar itself, just the lids, which work as excellent replacements for cupcake pans as they can work as molds for cupcake liners.

Mason Jar Lids

Set out the metal rings on a sheet tray and place the paper liners in each. The metal holding the paper creates a sturdy structure, which helps the batter transform into the most beautiful cupcakes.

4. Mini Tart Tins

If there is a perfect replacement for cupcake pans, they are tart tins. The mini ones need to be more specific. They are almost the same in size and shape, the grooves being the only difference between them.

Mini Tart Tins

But liners create grooves in cupcakes anyway, so the choice to ignore the finer details in exchange for the most fantastic cupcake pan to make the most amazing cupcakes is an obvious one.

5. Ramekins

Cupcakes and ramekins are two words that usually do not go together. Cupcakes are famous for their portability – anyone can have the dessert anywhere and anyhow, without any fancy utensil whatsoever. Ramekins, on the other hand, are notorious for the exact opposite.


But if a ramekin is all you have around, go ahead with the butter and flour and turn it into a cupcake pan.

The cupcakes themselves will have to be eaten out of the ramekins with spoons and forks, so they are not really cupcakes in essence, but at the end of the day, they are still cupcakes in taste.

6. Actual Cups

It is in the name. So take the opportunity when presented with it and use actual cups for baking cupcakes. There are many ovenproof cups available nowadays. Find some and get to work.

Actual Cups

To start, drop paper cupcake liners in each of the cups. It is okay even if the sizes of the two don’t match. Figure out the size you want and pour in your batter accordingly. Bake the cupcakes, and afterward, let them rest till they come down to room temperature. Flip them out, and voila, you have literal cupcakes.

7. Cake Cups

This is not so much of a cupcake pan replacement than it is a cupcake hack, but hey, whatever works, works.

So cake cups are cake pops, but cups.

Cake Cups

Bake a cake, crumble it up, add in some frosting – the usual. But it is after the usual procedure that it gets different – instead of shaping the mixture into mini spheres, spoon it into cups and freeze.

Not exactly cupcakes, but they are still cupcakes.


So there you go! Since now you’ve learned how to make cupcakes without a cupcake pan, there’s no reason to furrow your eyebrows next time you go to make cupcakes and cannot find a cupcake pan.