Baking the perfect cupcakes is in every baker’s resume, but there are so many tricks and hacks that are not included in their recipes.

All the ingredients and instructions in a recipe book do not solve the problem of how to keep cupcake liners from pulling away. But we will save you from any future baking misfortunes by giving you all the tips.

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What Causes a Cupcake Liner to Pull Away?

You may have experienced this plenty of times but have never been able to put the finger on the cause. If you know where the problem is, it will be less of a struggle to fix it. Here is a list of reasons why your cupcake liner pulls away:

Keep Cupcake Liners from Pulling Away


When you take your cupcakes out of the oven, you will have noticed steam coming out of it. As you can guess, this happens due to the high temperature inside the oven. Taking the cupcakes out of the tray, straightaway leads to condensation because it goes through a change in temperature.

Cupcake Steam

However, do not keep the cupcakes in the tray for too long because that will cause condensation inside the tray. Therefore, wait 2-3 minutes before taking them out to avoid peeling.


Just like you require specific ingredients and materials to bake, storing the finished products also requires something special. A cake box is always preferable to airtight and plastic boxes for storage.

Cupcake Storage

Too Much Grease

Some people get a little fancy and use cooking spray on the tin. This has counterintuitive since the extra grease only adds to the effect of pulling away. It is better to use oil-proof or silicone liners instead.


You cannot get away with preparing the cupcakes a week before the party. Try to bake them a few hours prior to the eating hour. When they are stored for too long, moisture accumulates on the liners, which make the cupcakes pull away.

Cupcake Timing

How to Keep Cupcake Liners from Pulling Away

Often cupcakes tend to stick to the sides and bottom of the cups after they’re taken out of the oven. This obstructs the pleasure of eating the cupcakes properly. So we have compiled ways to stop that from happening.

The following points elaborate on how you can fix this problem:

Quality of Liners

This is the most imperative point to keep in mind whenever you attempt to bake cupcakes. Buy non-stick liners that are made out of foil or parchment paper. Ask around to find out about a reliable source that sells the best quality cupcake liners.

Cupcake Quality of Liners

Also, we cannot stress it enough when we say there is no substitute for using liners for cupcakes. Do not make the mistake of using butter or cooking sprays. You will surely regret that later on.

Prepare Ahead

Ensure whether you have all the ingredients and tools available to you or not. Keep some extra constituents aside in case the first batch goes wrong.

Cupcake Prepare Ahead

Furthermore, clean the tin ahead of time. You should have a good quality tin with a proper size that can withstand the heat. Bake these sugary goods at the right temperature and for the right duration. Do not forget to pre-heat your oven.

Follow the Recipe

Measurements are extremely important. Adding just the right amount of butter, sugar, milk, etc. is what guarantees consistency. Mix all the ingredients for a considerable amount of time to create a thick batter. We advise adding a tablespoon of milk to the batter in order to make it dense.

Cupcake Recipe

Use an ice cream scoop to transfer the batter to the liner, then tap it gently, so it sinks down. Fill the liners to 2/3rd and evenly spread out the batter.

Wire Rack for Cooling

Immediately after you take the goodies out of the oven, cover them with a tea towel. Avoid taking them out of the tray.

Cupcake Wire Rack for Cooling

After they cool for a while, put them on a wire rack with the tea towel still on to cool for about half an hour. Placing them on a surface creates steam at the bottom of the case, which can cause the cupcake to stick to it. Do not exert too much force in the transfer process because the cupcakes can be quite fragile.

Enough Cooling Time

Your cupcakes need to be cooled completely at room temperature before they can be stored away. Once they are all settled in the liner, you can carefully pick them from the wire rack and transfer them to a cake or cardboard box.

Cupcake Cooling

If you wish to decorate your cupcake, wait for them to cool on the wire rack before doing so.

Different Approach

If you’re baking mini or gluten-free cupcakes, your approach should be a little different.

For mini cupcakes, fill the liner with batter, then dip your finger into lukewarm water to put over the top. Since you are not using flour in gluten-free ones, substitute them with almond or rice flour, so the cupcakes do not shrink inside their cases.

What Are the Things to Avoid?

There are certain things that, if avoided, will ease the whole process for you. They may sound simple, but we have all fallen into these traps more than once. So it is best to stay cautious.

What Are the Things to Avoid

Here are some of the things you should try to avoid:

Under Baking

Not baking the cupcakes for enough duration will cause it to shrink. Add a few minutes more than the time interval mentioned in the recipe, if necessary. To check if your cupcakes are baked through and through, use a toothpick to penetrate it. If it comes out clean, you can take them out of the oven.

Over Baking

We have all been there. Often times, we put the cupcakes in the oven and forget to take it out at the right time. This results in a hideously dry and burnt cake that is not in a state to be consumed. Hence why you should always set a timer on your phone to prevent such mishaps.

Over Baking


We suggest you to not freeze your cupcakes even after they have been cooled for hours. Although it does not always result in cupcake liners being pulled away, you do not want to risk it. In case the cupcakes were stored in a refrigerator, make sure to defrost it before eating.

Cupcake Freezing

Keep Your Cupcake Liners from Being Pulled Away!

The temptation to eat the cupcakes warm maybe there, but for a full-on delectable palate, you must wait for a few minutes. Patience is the key because you do not want all your hard work and time to go to waste.

Be diligent when it comes to the amount, duration, and quality. Remember that too much or too little of anything should be avoided at all costs.

Now that you know all the super handy techniques and warnings on how to keep cupcake liners from pulling away, is it making you want to bake some cupcakes today? Go ahead and give it a try!