When it comes to baking, the first thing we think about is eggs. As crucial as they are to bind the flavors in your batter and give the right lift to your cake, some people prefer not to use them at all. This is usually the case with vegans or those who are allergic to eggs.

Nonetheless, there are some great recipes that let you bake cakes entirely without the use of eggs. While some can’t replicate the same level of lift, others actually taste better than those with eggs!

Today, we will talk about how to make cupcakes without eggs in order to give you an insight into the large variety of substitutes available.

Why Do We Need Eggs in Our Mix?

Eggs in Our Mix

Before we jump right into substituting eggs for other ingredients, we must have a clear conception of what value eggs bring to the table. In knowing so, we can use ingredients that will replicate the same effect.

Binding Agent

This is the most obvious when it comes to baking. The eggs you put into the batter help to bring together all the ingredients to give your cake a rich taste. Whether you’re using an off-the-shelf baking mix or your own home ingredients, you need the protein in eggs to hold the flour and flavors together.

Without the use of eggs, your cake would be much more delicate and serving it be a disaster as it would break apart. The egg whites contain the right protein to give your cake the right structure and prevent it from crumbling to pieces when you serve it.

Adds Lift

Eggs in Our Mix

As you crack and mix each egg into your bowl of flour and baking powder, you are ensuring that your end product gets a fluffy texture. Leavening the mix is important as it creates air pockets within your cake to create a gently rising slope. This is what creates the puffy light texture in cakes.

Adds Moisture

The egg whites are vital when it comes to adding the right bit of moisture to your baked goods. As with all batters, you use flour and baking powder, which need to be mixed in with oil and egg whites in order to keep the cake moist.

Some biscuits and cookie recipes deliberately omit the use of eggs to make them crispier. However, cakes need the right bit of moisture, which makes them easy to swallow.

Easy Ways to Make Cupcakes without the Use of Eggs

Now that we know why we need eggs, it makes it easier to look for substitutes that will create the same effect on our cupcakes.


One of the freshest replacements you can find for eggs is bananas. Not only are they easily available, but the banana flavor they add will make your cupcakes taste even better. Once you mash the banana with the flour or baking mix, you will be able to stir the batter freely without much trouble.


We must point out, however, when using bananas as your egg-substitute, take into account the other flavors. If the subtle banana flavor contrasts the other flavors you’ve included, it could be a recipe for disaster.

Chia Seeds

For those of you who are vegans, chia seeds are no stranger when it comes to your diet. What’s even more surprising is that you can easily use ground chia seeds instead of eggs in your batter.

Chia Seeds

Before you mix them in, simply create a solution with 1 part chia seed to 3 parts water and stir it. Eventually, your mix will have a thick jelly-like structure, which is perfect to bind your powdered ingredients together.

In addition to reducing the amount of cholesterol, the seeds also add a nutty flavor to your cupcakes. This works well if you’re using vanilla essence in your batter, matching the nutty taste of the seed mixture.


This is probably one of the most underrated ingredients ever! Also, don’t freak out if you’ve never heard of it because most people haven’t.

If you look closely into a can of beans, you notice the gooey liquid which it comes with. We often throw this liquid away, but it is actually quite useful when it comes to cooking. Even if you don’t prefer canned peas or beans, you can use the liquid leftovers after you’ve boiled beans yourself.


Upon boiling, the protein inside the peas tends to seep out into the liquid. This gives it a similar composition to that of egg whites. And so, using a few spoons of Aquafaba would act as a great binder to your dough whilst adding the right bit of moisture.

You won’t even have to think about the taste or whether it would complement the existing flavors. Once baked, the taste of Aquafaba is almost invisible in your cupcakes.

Peanut Butter

Nothing screams protein more than a large spoon of peanut butter or any other butter made from nuts, actually.

Peanut Butter

Along with adding a high density of protein to your cupcake batter, you get a rich taste of nuts that goes well with almost any flavor. Be it chocolate or vanilla, adding a little bit of peanut butter would really heighten the overall taste.

Arrowroot Powder

A common ingredient in most households, arrowroot powder is gravely underrated when it comes to its applications in cooking. Having a high starch composition, it is the perfect replacement for eggs in a batter.

Arrowroot Powder

The powdered form of Arrowroot is obtained after processing the root of the plant several times. And the content of starch is similar to that of corn starch. So, about two tablespoons of it mixed with 3 tablespoons of water should be enough to substitute one whole egg.

Fruit Puree

As you already have seen, mashed bananas are great substitutes for eggs, and they also fall under the category of fruit purees. However, that’s not the only fruit you can use to add moisture to and bind your batter. You can use fresh avocado puree or even pumpkin purees (even though pumpkins aren’t fruits).

Fruit Puree

When making cupcakes or loaves, using fruit purees add tons of nutrients into your batter, which intensifies its health benefits.

Also, if you’re using sweet fruits, then you wouldn’t need to add artificial sweeteners either, making the cupcakes even healthier. About a quarter cup of fresh fruit puree along with half a teaspoon of baking powder should be ideal for replacing one whole egg in your recipe.


Known for its jelly-like texture and fruity taste, gelatin is a great binding agent. Some places refer to it as Agar-Agar, so don’t be confused. They’re the same thing. These powdered substances are great substitutes for eggs as they don’t alter the taste or flavor of your cupcakes but also add the right amount of lift to it.


In terms of binding, if you mix one tablespoon of gelatin with 1 tablespoon of water, you should be able to replace a whole egg.

We must warn you, however, these products contain protein extracted from animals. And so, if you are vegan, this is an alternative you should skip out on.

Soda/Carbonated Water

Available in almost any store, carbonated water is a very well-known leavening agent. As it is pumped with air bubbles, when added to your batter, you will notice a build-up of froth.

This is great for adding moisture to your cupcakes and making them super light. The amount of rising you get from using soda is also amazing because they are almost on par with that of eggs. To replace an entire egg, you can use around 60 grams of Soda water in your mix.


Eggs are almost essential when it comes to baking in order to create the ideal level of fluffiness and texture. But for whichever reasons you want to find alternatives, the ones mentioned above should serve you just fine.

We hope our article on how to make cupcakes without eggs helps you find the right alternative for your baking needs.