Let’s be real- sweet treats have no time or age limits. From the first bite in the early morning to late night munching, people of all ages love and crave sweet treats the same. Cookies are delicious – but baking them from scratch can be a long process, especially if you’re in the mood for a quick fix.

No need to worry, we got you covered. Did you know that you can use ready-to-bake cake mixes and make cookies with them easily and swiftly? We are here to help you learn how to make cookies from cake mix- the easiest way.

What You’ll Need

The Basics

  • Boxed cake mix
  • Oil/butter (melted)
  • Egg

Optional/As Preferred

  • Flour
  • Essence (vanilla, strawberry, banana, etc.) 
  • Food color
  • Add-ons: chocolate chips, sprinkles, cocoa powder, peanut butter, nuts, cinnamon

How to Make Cookies from Cake Mix

We’ll detail the entire process of making cookies from cake mix.

How to Make Cookies from Cake Mix

Step 1: Forming the Cookie Dough

Take a large bowl and pour in the cake mix. Crack 2 eggs. Pour half a cup of your preferred oil or melted butter. No need to maintain serial, you can throw them in and just mix away! Soon it will start to form a dough.

If your dough looks too runny, add a bit of flour. Try not to add more than a tablespoon of flour at once. If your mix is too stiff, add a little oil or melted butter.

Store your dough in the fridge for about 15-20 minutes at least before you start shaping them into cookie balls. This way, the dough holds better shape and doesn’t melt away from the warmth of your hands while you are forming them.

They will also stay softer and chewier in the middle as you take them out of the oven.

Step 2: Baking the Cookies

Once you are done shaping your cookies, place them on a sheeted baking tray and bake them in a preheated oven. The temperature and time may depend on the model of the oven and what cake mix you’re using. We can make a safe guess that it will take about 6-12 minutes at 350 degrees F.

Cookies from Cake Mix

Wait for the edge of the cookies to start browning, and the center to be set as if it’s no longer liquid. Then you will know that it’s time to take your cookies out. Wait for a few minutes for them to cool down a little. Then transfer them onto a cooling rack to cool completely. Store in an airtight container.

Combinations and Varieties You Should Try

Let’s learn the combinations you can try;

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie

You can follow the basic recipe. The only extra thing you need is chocolate chips. It may be white chocolate chips or the regular kind- just throw them in the bowl while you’re mixing the dough, and you are good to go!

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie

If that feels unsatisfactory to you, you can spread them on a clean surface or counter and roll the dough out over them. Bake the cookies as instructed before, and voila! You now have traditional chocolate chip cookies to meet your cravings instantly.

Double Chocolate Cookie

Let’s take the chocolate level up a notch, shall we? If you are melting butter, melt your preferred chocolate with it to make butter chocolate. Cool it down moderately before adding it to the bowl, because if it is too hot it may mess up the egg.

Double Chocolate Cookie

If you are not using butter, melt chocolate separately; wait for it to moderately cool down and then add to the mix. Add chocolate chips and bake as instructed previously. Double the chocolate, double the taste!

Classic Red Velvet Cookie

For this one, we get a little sneaky and creative. Take red food coloring, vanilla essence, and white chocolate chips. Drop a few drops of red color and half a teaspoon of vanilla essence into the bowl before forming the dough.

Classic Red Velvet Cookie

Once the dough is formed, add white chocolate chip cookies. Bake as per instruction of the basic cake mix cookie as above.

Classic Cookie with Sprinkles

This is simple, easy, and fast. Follow the instructions of the basic cake mix cookie. Add a few drops of vanilla essence to the dough. Then, add rainbow sprinkles as an add-on and bake as instructed previously.

Classic Cookie with Sprinkles

It is a fan favorite when you want to make something colorful and fun for the younger members of the house.

Peanut Butter Cookie with Nuts

Let’s get a little creative again. If you are craving nutty deliciousness in your cookies, this recipe is perfect for you. Take a jar of peanut butter, and scoop 2-4 spoonful (or more, who’s judging us, right?) of peanut butter out. It’s better if the jar is kept at room temperature, as it will mix with the dough well.

Peanut Butter Cookie with Nuts

Chop off some roasted/unroasted nuts of your preference (cashew, almond, etc.) and top the dough off with these as an add-on. Bake as instructed before. Remember that this might change your baking time slightly, so keep an eye on the cookies while they are in the oven.

Strawberry and Coconut Flakes

This one might be a little high maintenance, so follow along if you’re in the mood to feel fancy. Follow the basic cake mix recipe, but add half a teaspoon of strawberry essence (can also substitute with strawberry syrup) and a few drops of pink food coloring while forming the dough.

Strawberry and Coconut Flakes

Take some coconut flakes and use them as an add-on. Bake as usual, but keep an eye on the cookies so you don’t overbake and burn the coconut flakes. This is an underrated heavenly combination. We are sure you will be in love once you try it!

Are Cookies Made from Ready to Bake Cake Mixes Any Good?

The answer is- obviously, a hundred times yes! The common ingredients in these two sweets treats are basically the same, so you can adjust the cake mix to be used as a cookie mix.

Moreover, it’s easy and time friendly. You can bake and have cookies literally any time you are craving them. And you do not have to spend too much time chasing ingredients and prepping to make them from scratch.

It is also budget-friendly, as one cake mix box can make a lot of cookies. And if it’s a basic cake mix, you can easily create a variety of flavors to satisfy your taste buds. You can store the cookie dough in an airtight jar in the refrigerator, or store the baked cookies in an airtight jar at room temperature.


We believe you now have the ultimate weapon to satisfy your sweet tooth. Any time you crave something sweet and need a quick fix, remember our guide on how to make cookies from cake mix. So, go ahead, meet your cravings and enjoy!