Dough-Joe Pizza Steel Review: 20x Faster Heat Transfer?

Pizza steels, more commonly known as baking steels, are steel sheets for baking bread and pizzas.

Owing to the insanely fast conductive nature of steel baking sheets, which seamlessly cook pizzas and yield crisp crusts, these pieces of baking utensils have acquired an iconic reputation among conscientious home pizza makers.

With growing popularity, the production of these baking sheets has accelerated. In this Dough-Joe pizza steel review, we are going to provide a detailed analysis of the best pizza baking steel you can find on the market.

Not only is the unit big and durable, but its steel construction also makes the sheet 20 times faster when it comes to heat transfer. Keep reading to find out more!

Dough-Joe Samurai Pizza Steel Baking Sheet Review

Considering how fast and frequently home pizza makers have adopted steel baking sheets, more and more manufacturers have been introducing these baking utensils.

Starting out online in 2014, Dough-Joe continued with the trend with ‘The Samurai Steel Baking Sheet’ and drew a crowd of home-made pizza makers. While there are quite a few noteworthy options in this category, the Dough-Joe Samurai wins by a landslide.

If you want a baking sheet to make large round pizzas or one to bake bread faster, this is the best option for you. Apart from some of the basic features, this carbon steel baking sheet possesses some exceptional characteristics, and you can’t get a product any better than this!


  • Comes in a large durable structure made from carbon steel
  • Can be used for bigger sized pizzas
  • Allows a 20 times quicker transfer of heat
  • Has an additional hold for convenient hanging
  • Offers easy set-up process
  • Available at a very affordable price


  • Doesn’t come properly seasoned, so it requires a few coats of home seasoning

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Key Features

To help you make the purchasing decision, we’ll detail the key features here.

Strong and Sturdy Construction

Manufactured in the USA with carbon steel, these are extremely thick and highly durable. Although its carbon steel building process makes it susceptible to rust in the long run, the baking sheet is much harder and stronger than stainless steel.

Large Design for Larger Pizzas

Not only build quality, but this pizza steel is also great in terms of size as well. With dimensions of 15 x 15 x 1/4 inches, these are larger than standard pizza baking sheets.

While the standard options will allow you to make 14-inch pizzas at max, you can use this one for pizzas as big as 15 inches. So, if you are someone with a big family or group of friends, this one will act as a blessing!

Dough-Joe Pizza Steel Review

But if you have a small oven, this might not fit. So, be sure to check out the dimensions first.

Additional Hanging Hole

Another distinct addition to its design is the hole on the top left corner. After you’re done baking, you can hang the pizza steel by that hole. This is a feature you will not find often.

But, as the sheets are made from solid carbon steel, they weigh a lot. So, you need to take that into account when hanging.

20 Times Faster

Now that we have discussed the specifications of the baking sheet, let’s talk about the actual performance.

As steel conducts heat about 20 times quicker than ceramic stones, you can make your pizza even faster. At just 500 degrees Fahrenheit, you can get comparable results as wood-fired ovens that require 905 degrees Fahrenheit to work with pizzas.

With this, you can prepare Neapolitan Pizzas from your own kitchen! In fact, you can use this sheet to make all kinds of pizzas and bread.

Seasoning Instructions

Due to its material, the sheet has a significant amount of carbon in it, and that can lead to corrosion or rust when it comes in presence of moisture. In order to prevent any such situation, the sheets are pre-seasoned.

However, it is not enough to prevent rusting or chipping in the long run, which is the only essential drawback of this product. So, it is best if you add a few layers of home seasoning. That way, this baking sheet will never get old.

Amazing Specs for the Price

As you have seen, this steel sheet offers all kinds of features, starting from durable construction to an extra hanging hole. In fact, it is the best in its category. But that is not portrayed in its worth. The Dough-Joe Samurai comes at a very low price point, and it is worth every penny.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a baking steel?

Baking steels are basically carbon steel slabs, most of which have a quarter-inch thickness.

Most baking steels come somewhat pre-seasoned. This feature allows you to place your uncooked batter right on it and not stress about the dough sticking to the surface. But it is still safer to add a few layers of home seasoning before using it.

2. Which is better, a pizza stone or pizza steel?

Professional pizza makers and home pizza makers all agree that pizza steels are better than pizza stones.

The key reason why steel is preferred to ceramic stones is that it retains and conducts heat quickly and more seamlessly to produce crispy pizzas with a black-stained crust.

It is the same when it comes to bread. Bread comes out perfectly baked and much crustier on pizza steels.

3. What is the best pizza steel?

Although there are quite a few great pizza steels available at present, the Dough-Joe Samurai is inarguably the best pizza steel you can find.

4. What is the best utensil for fast pizza making?

Pizza steels are always the best utensils for making pizza.

Not only do they ensure professional quality pizzas and bread, but they also do it significantly faster. This is because steel conducts heat twenty times quicker than ceramic stones. And since the Dough-Joe Samurai is the best pizza steel, it is the best option for you.


With its significantly lower price, marginally bigger carbon steel design for larger pizzas, and 20 times quicker heat transfer, the Dough-Joe Samurai is certainly the best pizza baking steel out there.

So, you can give this one a shot, Also, let us know your opinion regarding our Dough-Joe Pizza Steel Review.