After making cookies, you expect these to eat for a few days or a week. When you first bring out the cookies from the oven, these taste fresh, soft, and quite delicious. But, after a few days, the freshness and softness are no longer there. Wondering how to keep your cookies soft for longer, is there any way to do so?

Thankfully, there are ways and tricks that you can follow to keep your desert fresh for a few days. You don’t need to eat crunchy and hard cookies anymore.

Let’s Make Some Soft Cookies First

Before telling you the tricks to keep cookies fresh for longer, there are some steps to follow while you make these. If you make soft cookies, it will be much easier for you to prevent the cookies from hardening.

Most people use all-purpose flour when it’s about to make cookies. However, if you use cake flour instead, it will make the cookies rise more, and make them chewier. As cake flour browns much slower than all-purpose ones, making chewy cookies is much easier in this way.

The next trick to make soft cookies is to shorten the cookie batter. Unlike butter, the batter melts a bit slowly; thus, it will help to prevent the cookies to spread too thin when you bake. The less it spreads, the thicker and softer your cookies will become.

Consider using brown sugar instead of white sugar. It helps to retain moisture during the baking process and make it soft.

Be sure to take the cookies out from the oven when they are baked to the point where they still feel soft in the center. If you over bake, it will make the cookies hard, crisp, and crunchy. The sooner you take them out from the over, the softer cookies you will get. But, don’t do it too early; it will ruin all your efforts.

However, if you didn’t try making cookies before, then this can seem confusing to you. In that case, follow this recipe to make some delicious chocolate chip cookies. If you are on a low carb diet but have some extreme cravings, make tasty low carb cookies following this guide.

Preserve the Softness in the Cookies

Now that you have managed to make the desired soft and great tasting cookies, the next job is to preserve them in a proper way so that they don’t get hard soon.

Softness in the Cookies

One of the common ways to keep the cookies soft is to wrap them tightly and store in good quality, air-tight container. And if you left them exposed for half of the day or overnight, good luck with your crunchy cookies.

Know that dry air is the major reason why your cookies get hard and taste crunchy. Even if you make the softest cookies, without proper preservation, they will become hard within a day.

Here are some more effective ways to keep them soft for longer.

Adequately Cover the Cookies

If you want to enjoy great-tasting and soft cookies for a few days, the foremost thing to do is to wrap them well using a plastic wrap or store at your room temperature in a good airtight container. Glass container is the most preferable one to do so.

When you take some cookies out to eat, be sure to immediately tighten the container or wrap them up. The less you expose them in the air, the longer they will be soft.

The Bread Method

Yeah I know it sounds crazy. But you will realize the effectiveness of bread to keep cookies soft after following the trick.

Before you store the cookies in a jar or container, be sure to place one slice of bread at the bottom of the container, and then place the cookies on it. The bread holds more moisture; thus, the cookies will absorb moisture from it and stay soft for longer. It will not change the taste of the cookies.

Be sure to replace the bread every day or every other day. The bread will become hard and crunchy; but, the cookies will be soft as if they are baked a few hours ago.

Use Freezer Bags to Store Cookies

If you are to store the cookies for longer, nothing beats the freezer bag trick. As these bags are thicker yet less porous than plastic wrap or regular bags, your cookies will be well protected inside them.

Use Freezer Bags to Store Cookies

Now, place the cookies inside a freezer bag in a single layer. Zip or seal it well. That’s it, a quick and easy way to keep cookies soft.

For Already Hard Cookies

Your cookies are already hard, which is the reason why you search on the web how to keep cookies soft or make them soft again, and you end up here. It’s never late to save your delicious cookies. There are a few tricks to follow to make them soft again.

Use Apple

Do you have an apple in the house? It’s more than enough to make your cookies soft again.

Consider cutting the apple, and replace a few slices in the container along with cookies. Leave them for a few hours or overnight. The moisture in the apple will humidify the airtight container. You will see the cookies are soft again.

If you find the cookies are crunchy, again apply this method to regain the softness in them. Note that the cookies might get some apple flavor in them.


If you don’t want to ruin the cookie flavor with an apple flavor, I have got another easy way to make the cookies soft again. Have any bread on the dining table?

Wrap one bread with hard cookies well, and leave overnight. The cookies will get some softness as well as moisture back. Although this method doesn’t make cookies as soft as the apple method, still the hardness will be reduced to some extent.


This trick is more effective, but you have to eat the cookies right away. Because leaving the cookies after microwaving even for half an hour, will make them even hard.

Add a few tablespoons of water in the microwave cup, and place the cookies on a tray. Now, insert the tray in the microwave oven, and wait for 30 seconds to see the magic. The water steam will soften the cookies, while at the same time, the microwave oven will heat them as well.

You will be able to eat soft and fresh cookies within a very short time, as if the cookies are made a few minutes before.

Only use this method for a few pieces or cookies, or the pieces you expect to eat or about to serve to the guests immediately.


If you don’t have a microwave oven, you can still enjoy soft cookies using a regular oven. Similar to the previous method, only follow this method if you are about to eat the cookies right away. Otherwise, they will become harder.

Simply place the cookies in the tray of your oven, and leave them for two minutes. When it’s done, bring the cookies out and eat them as soon as possible.

Once the cookies become cool, they will be much crunchier and crispier than before.

Final Words

Hopefully, you don’t have any queries regarding how to keep your cookies soft. You don’t need to bake cookies whenever you want to eat some. Just, store them properly after baking, and you can eat right away whenever you want after days or even weeks for some cases.