Keeping the toddlers busy is a pretty challenging task for a lot of parents. If you’re a parent of a toddler who’s driving you crazy and you just can’t be with them all day, you need a kitchen accessories set.

It’s always a good idea to keep your kids busy. And a playset can do wonders! If you’re confused about which one to get, we’ve gathered the best play kitchen accessories sets that you can find!

And, if you’re spending the pandemic indoors, your toddlers need this even more! So, what are you waiting for? Get your kids one of these sets and see their creativity unfold.

Top Choice
CUTE STONE Pretend Play Kitchen Toy with Cookware Steam Pressure Pot and Electronic Induction Cooktop, Cooking Utensils, Toy Cutlery, Cut Play Food, Shopping Basket Learning Gift for Girls Boys
Best Value
Juboury Kitchen Pretend Play Toys with Stainless Steel Cookware Pots and Pans Set, Cooking Utensils, Apron & Chef Hat, Cutting Vegetables for Kids, Girls, Boys, Toddlers
Runner up
Battat – Toy Kitchen Set – 71Pc Pretend Cooking Accessories – 4 Table Settings & Cutlery – Dishwasher Safe & Worry-Free – 2 Years + – Deluxe Kitchen Playset
CUTE STONE Pretend Play Kitchen Toy with Cookware Steam Pressure Pot and Electronic Induction Cooktop, Cooking Utensils, Toy Cutlery, Cut Play Food, Shopping Basket Learning Gift for Girls Boys
Juboury Kitchen Pretend Play Toys with Stainless Steel Cookware Pots and Pans Set, Cooking Utensils, Apron & Chef Hat, Cutting Vegetables for Kids, Girls, Boys, Toddlers
Battat – Toy Kitchen Set – 71Pc Pretend Cooking Accessories – 4 Table Settings & Cutlery – Dishwasher Safe & Worry-Free – 2 Years + – Deluxe Kitchen Playset
Top Choice
CUTE STONE Pretend Play Kitchen Toy with Cookware Steam Pressure Pot and Electronic Induction Cooktop, Cooking Utensils, Toy Cutlery, Cut Play Food, Shopping Basket Learning Gift for Girls Boys
CUTE STONE Pretend Play Kitchen Toy with Cookware Steam Pressure Pot and Electronic Induction Cooktop, Cooking Utensils, Toy Cutlery, Cut Play Food, Shopping Basket Learning Gift for Girls Boys
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Best Value
Juboury Kitchen Pretend Play Toys with Stainless Steel Cookware Pots and Pans Set, Cooking Utensils, Apron & Chef Hat, Cutting Vegetables for Kids, Girls, Boys, Toddlers
Juboury Kitchen Pretend Play Toys with Stainless Steel Cookware Pots and Pans Set, Cooking Utensils, Apron & Chef Hat, Cutting Vegetables for Kids, Girls, Boys, Toddlers
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Runner up
Battat – Toy Kitchen Set – 71Pc Pretend Cooking Accessories – 4 Table Settings & Cutlery – Dishwasher Safe & Worry-Free – 2 Years + – Deluxe Kitchen Playset
Battat – Toy Kitchen Set – 71Pc Pretend Cooking Accessories – 4 Table Settings & Cutlery – Dishwasher Safe & Worry-Free – 2 Years + – Deluxe Kitchen Playset
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10 Best Play Kitchen Accessories Set Reviews

Now that you know why you should get an accessory set like this for your toddler, let’s take a peek at some of the top choices for you!

1. CUTE STONE Kitchen Play Toy

First on our list is this cute looking set from CUTE STONE. They’ve been in the business for years, and they are doing quite well with their well-built products. This one also lives up to the reputation.

If you’re looking for a complete kitchen playset for your kid, then this one has it all! You can expect it to fulfill all the needs. The whole set includes a pan, a pot, a utensil holder, and much more.

Want your toddler to role-play going to the grocery store? This set even has a grocery basket. But we have to admit that the play induction cooktop is a wild addition. You really can’t get something like that everywhere.

Your kids might want to drive you crazy because their playsets don’t have a certain realism to them. Well, they can now use the CUTE STONE play pressure cooker that has real steam.

Heck, this set even includes a cutting board for your kids to play-act cutting veggies. You get a couple of fruits and vegetables that can be cut into two, so that’s a great addition too.

The most important thing about this is that it’s educational, along with being fun. Your kids can start learning the kitchen basics and gradually grow interested before moving onto becoming live-action chefs.

Our only gripe about this one would be the exclusion of a play countertop to work on. But I’m pretty sure that you can manage a spare desk to let your kids play on.


  • Comes with multiple pots and pans
  • Offers a pressure cooker with real steam
  • The induction cooker has lights and sounds
  • Boasts a cutting board with fruits and veggies
  • Educational playset


  • No table to work on

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2. Juboury Kitchen Pretend Play Toys

Our second contender in this list for the finest playsets is this one from Juboury. If you haven’t heard about them for some odd reason, let me tell you how good they are. They’ve been in the business for a while, and they keep on making great quality products.

This set comes with a total of 23 pieces. So, you can pretty much imagine how they’re loaded with fun equipment for your toddlers. All the pots and pans are made of stainless steel, giving out the real cooking vibe while being used.

Most sets like these don’t come with apron sets. But Juboury made sure to include a cute little apron along with a chef’s hat for your kids. This also teaches your kids always to stay well-equipped when they’re in the kitchen.

You don’t have to be worried about causing harm to mother nature with this set. All the materials are environmentally friendly, and they’re also rated safe for kids. Thankfully, all the edges are rounded off, so you don’t have to bring out bandages for accidental cuts.

If you’re wondering about the veggies included, you’ll be delighted to know that they come with a reusable adhesive between the cutting parts. So, you get a real slicing experience from these.

Our only gripe about these would be that you can only get this with a pink polka-dotted apron. I’m sure a lot of people would have liked to see other color choices.


  • Well-built stainless steel utensils
  • 23-piece set with multiple options
  • Comes with an apron set
  • Perfect for educational role-playing


  • No color choices for the apron

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3. Battat Deluxe Kitchen Pretend Play Accessory Toy Set

If all you want is the higher quantity of items that come with the playset, this one from Battat might surprise you. Our third set here on the list is one of the highest-rated bestsellers. Let’s find out why!

The entire set has a total of 71 pieces. Although some of the components might get lost in the void of your couch, you will still have a lot more left to play with.

If you’re interested in learning the variations they offer, you can check the manual out too. That’ll help you keep track of the entire list of items. The whole set includes cutlery, pots, pans, and everything else that your little chef needs.

Whoever thought learning to cook would be this fun! You can leave your children alone with the set for hours, come back and see them still engaged with the playset. That’s how effective this can turn out to be!

A lot of toy companies don’t bother with developmental skills. But Battat plays enough attention, and you can start seeing your kids developing different motor skills gradually.

Creativity is something that’s within every toddler. And Battat ensures that they can splurge the creativity out of your kids with something like this playset. The set helps your kid turn into a chef for a day. Let them play with this and see them enjoy it for the rest of the day.


  • It’s a 71-piece set
  • Realistic pieces with learning benefits
  • Helps with developmental skills
  • Brings out creativity


  • No carrying case, so it might get lost

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4. BYONEBYE 35 Piece Kitchen Pretend Play Set

If you’re tired of the plastic utensils already and you want another choice that comes with stainless steel, then this one from BYONEBYE should catch your eyes.

Play kitchen accessories pave the way to keep your children busy and spark their creativity. And BYONEBYE here tries to establish just that! This set contains a total of 35 pieces, and in all honesty, you genuinely don’t need anything else if you’ve got this.

You will get 20 fruits and veggies with a complete package that you can cut, nine stainless steel utensils, two wooden spoons, and an apron set. Your little cutie will look even cuter with the apron, chef hat, and mitts on!

If you’re looking for a kit that’ll be perfect as a Christmas gift, then this is it. Since the pack includes multiple options, you don’t have to squander around to find other replacements. This kit has it all!

And if you’re worried about whether this kit is safe for kids or not, then don’t worry at all. All the materials used are safe for children, but they abide by environmentally friendly laws.

So, you can get this for your toddler and watch them pick up a new skill or two. Watch your kids spark their creativity when they’re trying to cook exotic cuisines with this play kitchen accessory set.


  • Comes with 35 pieces of utensils
  • Equipped with an apron set
  • Durable stainless steel utensils
  • Perfect gift for ages 3+


  • Velcro part might seem too strong for kids

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5. ALOTJOY Play Kitchen Accessories

At number 5, we have this fabulous kitchen play set accessories from ALOTJOY. You might not have heard about them, but they certainly don’t mess around. All their products are durable and well-built. And, the same goes for this set too.

This 45-piece set will be all that your toddler will need while growing up. You can leave them with the set and watch them spend hours and hours with it.

The best part about this set is probably the addition of pretend fast food. And who doesn’t like fast food? Don’t worry, you get the regular cutting veggies and fruits with this set too.

You won’t go looking for extra pieces if you’ve decided to go for this one. It’s a complete package, and it includes all the necessary items that a play kitchen accessories set should have.

If you’re keen on helping your toddler develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination, then this should be a great gift. The pieces that you can cut are attached with Velcro straps. So, you can quickly put them back together again.

Your child will never get tired of playing with this kitchen set. And you can rest assured that the materials are safe for your kids and the environment. ALOTJOY uses stainless steel for the pots and pans and ABS plastic for the other equipment.

It’s not only fun, but it also has a certain educational factor in it. So, get your toddler one of these, and you’ll see them playing for hours!


  • 45 pieces of goodies
  • Comes with oven mitts
  • Pretend fast food for extra fun
  • Environmentally friendly materials used


  • The fast food set might seem small

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6. JOYIN Play Food Set

Here’s another cracker of a play food set, and this time it’s from JOYIN. They’ve already made quite a name for themselves, and they’re only getting started. You can get tons of stuff in this set if you’re willing to buy it.

135 certainly is a whopping number. And that’s the number of pieces you get if you choose to opt for this set. Among these, you will even get 50 different food items.

You’ll get items like a pizza, hotdog, hamburger, cupcakes, ice cream, bell peppers, tomatoes, cheese, and the list goes on and on. The variety that this set delivers is genuinely admirable.

JOYIN didn’t even leave out ketchup, mustard, or eggs. They probably offer the most variety. And the best part is each and every piece is built to last for a while. So, you can keep this set around till your toddlers grow up.

And if you’re worried about child safety, don’t fret because JOYIN follows all the regulations while making their toys. All the materials are environmentally friendly too.

The only gripe we have about this is that they lack a carrying case. So, the items may easily get lost in a jiffy. But you can get one of those for a couple of bucks if you don’t already have one lying around in the house.


  • 135-piece large playset
  • Comes with a variety of items
  • Environmentally friendly items
  • Durable, it will last for years to come


  • Doesn’t come with a carrying case

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7. Learning Resources Pretend & Play Pro Chef Set

Here’s one from Learning Resources. They’re a brand that’s made a name for themselves over the years, and they’re still going strong. You might as well haven’t heard about them before. But their products speak for themselves.

And this is one of those products that speak volumes. You can call this a haven for toddler kitchen accessories. And you also get this for a comparatively cheaper price than the rest.

Although it’s a small 13-piece set, it’s enough to put a smile on your kid’s face. You get all the necessary accessories that a playset requires with this one. And Learning Resources made sure to give it a real-like look.

If you’re on the hunt for a playset that doesn’t only keep your toddlers busy but helps with their development, then this one is a fine choice. Playing with this will definitely aid in the development skills and motor skills of your kid.

Role-playing truly plays a great role in the development of children. And if they can role-play as chefs and serve you play-food, they can start to learn a lot too.

The entire set includes a frying pan with a lid, a saucepan with a lid, and another big pot. You’ll also get some props too. Other than those, you get a chicken drumstick made from ABS plastic, corn, and a piece of carrot.

That’s not all! The oven mitt, the spatula, and the spoons can also be called surprise additions to the set. And the best part is that you can easily clean them in an instant.

You can technically teach your kid to act like a chef, and they might quickly learn to help you out in the kitchen too. We did have a problem with them, though. They could have included some more accessories.


  • 14-piece small playset
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes a variety of items
  • Develops motor skills


  • You might need to find more items separately

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8. Melissa & Doug Kitchen Accessory Play Set

They’ve been growing at a steady rate, but they’re quite popular among the kids due to their 30-year-old heritage. Melissa & Doug make sure to win the hearts of kids with their sublime attention to detail. And it’s the same case with this set too.

You’ll get the set in white-colored utensils. But the baking tray and the pot have a solid grey finish to them. It doesn’t come with the most variety, but the 22-piece set doesn’t fail to impress the kids with the subtle attention to detail.

With the addition of spatulas and oven mitts, this can easily compete with the more popular brands on the list. Since the company focuses on the tiny details so much, they might even have a slight edge.

The other items include oil bottles, a towel, a couple of plates, forks, and spoons. You can get along with your children and witness the perfect play dinner party.

Children love to imitate. And when they’re given the best quality practical utensils, they can show off their creativity quite well. You’ll get tons of accessories for the added fun. Your toddlers will thank you for this.


  • Subtle attention to details
  • 22-piece accessories set
  • Durable plastic build
  • Great for building developmental skills


  • The forks seem a little too sharp

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9. Melissa & Doug Food Groups

Well, what do you know! Back to back appearances for Melisa & Doug here! And there’s a reason for that. Their products are good enough to secure a spot here on this list. And you’ll get to know why in a minute.

Although the last one was catered towards the kitchen play set accessories, this set has a few favorite food items. It’s a wooden food set, and you get a lot of toys from five different food groups.

It’s truly “pretend play” at its best. You can help your kids learn and plan a good diet for them to follow eventually. Learning about different diets has never been easier!

You might be wondering where you’re going to keep all these food items. Well, the company gracefully gives you four wooden play crates. You can teach your children to stay organized and keep their toys in a safe place with the crates.

Your toddler will gradually develop motor skills and color recognition skills with enough help from this food set. Other additional skills like grouping and number skills are also quite prominent with this one.

Albeit the set doesn’t have all the necessary utensils to make this a proper choice for a play kitchen set, it’s a fun addition to their toy collection that’ll also add a bit of educational value.


  • Durable wooded food items
  • Comes with wooden crates for storage
  • Perfect for kids aged 3-6
  • Follows safety standards


  • Not a complete play kitchen accessories set

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10. Battat – Farmers Market Basket

I guess Battat managed to make it into our list again. And it’s quite normal since their products are incredibly built and loved by all kids. The same goes for this set of toddler kitchen accessories.

It’s a 37-piece set with various goods that you’ll typically find in a farmers’ market. Your kids can pretend they went shopping and brought home a pile of freshly picked veggies with this one.

This one from Battat is a total market basket type of playset. You get fruits, veggies, and a basket of goodies to go along with them. Battat didn’t forget to include a couple of cutting boards and plastic knives too.

All the play food items are attached with fasteners. A slight chop with one of the plastic knives would be enough to cut them in half. And you can put them back together again in a jiffy for your kids to do it all over again.

The best part about this is probably the design and colors. All the colors pop and provide a realistic vibe. Your kids would feel like they’re helping you out in the kitchen with this set.

But we do have a particular gripe about this one. You don’t get any pots or pans with it. But the acquirement of different developmental skills might make up for it.


  • Realistic design for the fruits and veggies
  • 37-piece set with a variety of items
  • Comes with a basket to carry and store easily
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination


  • No pots or pans are included

Things to Check Before Buying

With all the great reviews out of the way, let’s move onto some of the factors that you need to take into account while buying a play kitchen set for your kids.


One of the most important things you need to consider while purchasing these toy kitchen supplies is the materials. A lot of cheaper companies are notorious for using plastics with toxins that are not only harmful to your kids but also equally harm mother nature.

Play Kitchen Accessories Set

So, get yourself a kit that comes with good quality plastic. Usually, ABS plastic is used by the top brands to make toys. These are safe, and they don’t emit harmful toxins either.

If you’re getting a set that has stainless steel utensils, make sure that the edges are rounded. Non-rounded edges are accidents waiting to happen.


Another important thing to consider before making your purchase is the accessories included. Some of these sets come with tons of accessories, while others don’t offer so much.

While you might not need the 100-piece sets in the first place, you’ll have an option to keep using the set even if one or two items get lost between your couch cushions.

And if you like having things organized, keep the number of accessories low. You can save space in this way while making it easier to clean up any mess.


This is something people don’t care too much about when they’re buying toys like these. But you have to put some thought into this. That’s because it’s easy for your kids to swallow the smaller items if they’re smaller than usual.

And if they’re too big, they’ll take up much more space than you can probably imagine. So, plan out and think wisely before you go out and buy a large set of toy kitchen stuff.

Environmental Factor

One of the most critical factors that parents usually tend to ignore is this one. But it’s crucial. Some cheaper toys are made of plastics that contain harmful toxins.

Play Kitchen Accessories Set

All the brands on this list ensure that their toys are made free of toxins. You can even get a few wooden accessories from these sets. These are better when it comes down to the overall health of your children.

So, you should get a set of environmentally friendly play kitchen accessories for healthier growth and a cleaner environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a play kitchen set help to improve developmental skills?

Surely! Kids learn a ton of skills unknowingly from playing with toys like these. They can improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination with different best toy kitchen accessories that come in the sets.

2. Is pretend play important?

Pretend play is something you should consider encouraging for your toddlers. These sorts of games can help induce emotions and help kids control their emotions in specific ways too.

3. Are plastic toys toxic?

Some cheaper plastics might be made from low-quality materials. They emit toxins that might cause harm to your children. So, pick out brands that use ABS plastic for their toys.

Some brands like Melissa & Doug use natural materials like wood and bamboo for their toys. These are pretty safe too.

4. How old does my kid need to be for a play kitchen?

It’s a pretty normal question to ask. But you can buy play kitchen accessories set for your toddler once they stop putting every toy into their mouths. There’s always the chance of swallowing toys if they’re too young. These toys should be perfect for children aged 3-6.

5. How many pieces does a kitchen playset need?

It depends on you and your home’s space restrictions. If you don’t want things to be scattered all over the place, stick to smaller sets.

Final Words

These are the best play kitchen accessories sets that you’ll find in the market. All of them have their ups and downs. But it’s essential to choose the one that suits your budget. Don’t worry; you can’t go wrong with any one of these.