Think back to when you were a kid. What were your fondest memories? Chances are, it was probably playing with your favorite toys. Kids love their toys. That isn’t a surprise. If you’re a new parent, there is a way you can do better. Give your kid a play kitchen set.

They are versatile, fun to play with, and help with your kid’s development too! That is a win-win every parent will love to have—no need to pull your hair out to find which one to buy either. We rounded up the best play kitchen sets for older kids you can buy right now.

So, sit back, relax, maybe grab a drink and keep on reading. Hours of fun, productive and memorable playtime awaits.

Top Choice
KidKraft Ultimate Corner Wooden Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds, Play Phone and Curtains, White ,Gift for Ages 3+
Best Value
Step2 Grand Walk-In Wooden Kitchen | Large Wood Play Kitchen & Toy Accessories Set | Wood Play Kitchen for Kids, Blue
Runner up
Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen With “Ice” Cube Dispenser – Charcoal
KidKraft Ultimate Corner Wooden Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds, Play Phone and Curtains, White ,Gift for Ages 3+
Step2 Grand Walk-In Wooden Kitchen | Large Wood Play Kitchen & Toy Accessories Set | Wood Play Kitchen for Kids, Blue
Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen With “Ice” Cube Dispenser – Charcoal
Top Choice
KidKraft Ultimate Corner Wooden Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds, Play Phone and Curtains, White ,Gift for Ages 3+
KidKraft Ultimate Corner Wooden Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds, Play Phone and Curtains, White ,Gift for Ages 3+
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Best Value
Step2 Grand Walk-In Wooden Kitchen | Large Wood Play Kitchen & Toy Accessories Set | Wood Play Kitchen for Kids, Blue
Step2 Grand Walk-In Wooden Kitchen | Large Wood Play Kitchen & Toy Accessories Set | Wood Play Kitchen for Kids, Blue
More Information
Runner up
Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen With “Ice” Cube Dispenser – Charcoal
Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen With “Ice” Cube Dispenser – Charcoal
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12 Best Play Kitchens for Older Kids

If you’ve been a parent for a while, you know picking out the right toy for your kid is anything but easy. There are just so many different features and variants. Well, that is why we’re here.

1. KidKraft Ultimate Corner Kitchen Set

If anyone knows how to make a playset, it’s KidKraft. Their products have consistently been some of the best ones we’ve tested. Let’s see what they have in store for us this time.

Right of the bat, you’ll notice how realistic this set is. Everything is incredibly detailed, which makes it really immersive to play with. Your kids are sure to have a fun time with this one.

Apart from the realistic detailing, we love how the ice makers and burners light up. That adds a more authentic look and feel. There are pegs where you can hang the pans, pots, and other accessories.

We wonder if the most famous chefs in the world now ever played with kitchen sets when they were young.

Now, we may not know the answer to that question, but if playsets are this realistic, it can only be a good thing to give this to your child. The doors of the set also open up. All the doors for the oven, washer, freezer, refrigerator, and microwave can be opened.

The size shouldn’t be an issue either. It comes in at 42.5 x 32.5 x 36.75 inches. And the counter height is 21 inches. So, if you’re looking for big kids kitchen, this one’s got the game here.

 In the set, you’ll get the play kitchen itself in white, and also a toy phone. You’ll need to purchase other accessories separately, though.

While you’ll need some assembly time to get it ready, it isn’t much of a hassle. It’ll take you anywhere between 2 to 3 hours to get it up and running. The build is also solid. Made from MDF, you can be sure it can handle some rough play. We recommended this for children between 4 to 8 years of age.


  • Very realistic playset
  • Not too big
  • Opening doors
  • Relatively short assembly time
  • Fun to play


  • Need at least 2 people to assemble

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2. Step2 Grand Walk-in Wooden Kitchen

Step2 is an American brand that proudly flexes its ‘made in the USA’ badge. And we cannot be happier about that. The company is run by passionate people with a knack for creating fun toys. That is exactly what they’ve managed to do here.

Actually, this one is certainly amongst the biggest toy kitchens on our list. Its dimensions come in at 33 x 50 x 46.75 inches. The counter height is 22 inches. So, if you don’t have space, this might be a tad bit hard to fit.

If you do manage to fit it, though, you’re going to give your kid one fun experience. Again, the detailing and everything is very realistic. The graphics are very sharp too.

Its doors open to make the playing experience more fun. The lights are there to add a sense of realism to the whole thing. And it works pretty well here. The sink is an interesting one. It has a goose-neck faucet. Exactly like the ones you would find in the real world.

They can use it to clean and do chores. The cooktop quality is superb and pretty well made. Compared to other tall play kitchen sets that feel wobbly, this one is much better. There is even a storage space where your kids can put the cooked meals. The spaces are large and serve a real purpose.

Moreover, they can even store a cookbook if they want to. The shape and size of the set do make it really easy to play comfortably for bigger kids. Of course, there is an age limit. But this one is good as a play kitchen for 10 year old. We recommend it to kids between 4 to 10 years as well.


  • Good build quality
  • Storage space included
  • Realistic doors and lighting
  • U-shape design


  • Quite large

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3. Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Toy Kitchen

If your child is between 3 and 8 years old, we would recommend you get this one. This is perfect for someone who is a bit on the older side due to its sheer size.

Imaginative play has a lot of benefits for your kids. That isn’t just us saying it. It’s backed by science. The more hands-on and imaginative you can make the playtime, the better.

This set does that by incorporating close to real-world features. First up, you’ll notice the details and graphics. They are gorgeous and very high-quality.

To make the experience as close to real-life, Melissa & Doug includes a lot of things in the box. You get a microwave, sink, refrigerator, working ice dispenser, freezer and an oven too!

Although this isn’t as large as our previous one, it comes at a reasonable size. You don’t need a mansion-sized house to put this set in, thanks to the 39 x 43.25 x 15.5 inches measurement. That isn’t too bad at all if you ask us. The counter height is 22 inches approximately.

Guess what? It seems that the manufacturer has gone all out to make playtime as realistic it can be with this one. The ice dispenser actually works! Well, for a toy, that is. There are two included fake ice cubes. And when you’re just a kid, those fake ice cubes will do just fine.

Other interesting features include a real-feeling dial for the stove and a couple of moving parts. You can swivel the faucets and the turn the sink handle too whenever you want. and the sink handle also turns.

For you adults out there, you’ll be happy to know it isn’t much of a hassle to assemble either. You should be up and running in just a couple of hours. Even quicker if you have some helping hands around. The size and features make it a great play kitchen for 6 year old and up.


  • Large set but not too overwhelming
  • Realistic features
  • Fake ice dispensers
  • High-quality graphics


  • No storage spaces

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4. Best Choice Pretend Play Kitchen Set

With a brand name like ‘Best Choice,’ how does this play kitchen set fare compared to others? Turns out, pretty good.

Let’s start with the non-fun part – the assembly. Its assembly will take you somewhere around the 2 hours mark. That might seem cumbersome, but the playset has a lot of screws. Those together make it one sturdy little toy for your kids to play safely.

When they’re playing, though, it’ll be sheer fun. A cool feature this one has is a chalkboard. It’s a real chalkboard too. Your kids can jot down ideas and ‘recipes’ and whatnot. Best let your kid be creative here.

There are other accessories as well. You get a freezer, microwave, dishwasher, oven, 2 pots, 3 utensils, a cordless phone. Also, you can store the accessories on the overhead shelf. Yep, as you would guess by now, the doors of these open, adding to the realism.

There is a brick texture behind the stove area that makes it look like a brick wall. That not only is a nice touch but also makes it look very premium. The dimensions are reasonable. It comes in at 31.25 x 9.5 x 31.5 inches with a counter height of 18 inches.

Best Choice is a very safe choice for kids to play. Their toy kitchen sets are made to ensure safety without skimping on the fun. We recommend this for children 4 and above. So, this is an ideal play kitchen for big kids.


  • High-quality build
  • Lots of accessories
  • Included chalkboard
  • Not too large


  • Assembly might require some time

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5. KidKraft Ultimate Elite Kitchen Set

One look at the customer reviews of this play kitchen, and it’s immediately apparent that kids love it. What’s so special about this then?

The first thing that caught our eye was the design. It’s very modern and sleek. The fact that the set comes in an espresso, almost chocolaty brown color, is a cherry on top.

Furthermore, the countertop has a marble design, not many play kitchen sets feature this unique design to differentiate themselves.

Apart from that, you get all the must-have and obvious features that are a necessity in a kitchen set like this. Some realistic lights and knobs that turn are present too.

The cooktop and microwave have lights and make sounds. These audible and visual cues can elevate the playing experience much more.

Your child can play in three different ways. They can either whip up a fantastic meal, organize their kitchen set or even clean it.

The refrigerator has a separate freezer, and the faucet has cold and hot water labels. Also, the included ice maker dispenses two fake ice cubes to keep things even more realistic. That makes this set on par with some of our other sets on the list.

Now, the assembly is a bit longer with this one. Start to finish it’ll take about 2.5 hours. Maybe 2 hours if you’re quick.

The dimensions are not too bad either. Frankly, we think a slightly larger set makes it more enjoyable to play. Our champ—when fully assembled—measures 38.6 x 13.4 x 42.1 inches, and the counter height is approximately 21 inches. It works well as a kitchen set for 6 year old.


  • High-quality build materials
  • Fun to play in
  • Offers realistic features
  • Modern and sleek design


  • Long assembly time with complicated instructions

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6. KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

If you want a slight step up from our previous KidKraft set, this is the one to get. It has more modern features, and you can get it with metal accessories too.

We love the layout and design of this one. Everything seems to be perfectly in place. Just like how a real home kitchen would, you have the microwave on the top shelf, the freezer, and refrigerator off to the side. On the left-hand side, you have the cooktop and below that is the ovens.

One cool feature it has is the chalkboard. Although it’s a small one, it’s there at least. Your kid can jot down whatever they want or draw on it. The whole set is made well too.

It uses MDF, plastic, and wooden pieces, which makes it pretty sturdy. That is if you assemble it properly. Assembly time can be a bit long, but that’s fine, really.

We loved the small details on the faucet and countertop design. It has a granite looking finish on it. The granite makes it come off as modern, and the graphics are convincing too. They didn’t skimp on the detailing either.

There are small pegs for storage. These will come in handy if you get the optional metal accessories set. The small shelf located at the side of the microwave can be used as storage too.

Adding to it is the fun to press and tactile buttons and knobs. It has got a see-through door and the best part is that you can open them up. So, your busy child can keep an eye on what they’re cooking.

The final dimensions measure 43 x 18 x 41 inches, and the counter height is 22 inches. This is also a tall play kitchen and great for kids aged between 3 years and 8 years.


  • Modern design
  • Included chalkboard
  • Dials and knobs that turn
  • Realistic opening doors


  • Might be too big if you don’t have space

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7. Costzon Kids Kitchen Playset

If you have a loveable little daughter, this one from Costzon is the perfect gift for her. It’ll keep them occupied for hours and give hands-on interactive playing opportunities.

Our recommended age for this is kids 4 to 5 years of age. That makes it the perfect buy if you’re looking for the best play kitchen for 5 year old. It’s made from safe materials like MDF and pine wood.

This will make sure it stays solid when built. The paint finish is durable as well. It’s also kid-friendly. We didn’t experience any unpleasant odors.

As for the playtime, it is elevated with the small additions. Besides, with realistic touches like opening doors and wooden pots, you can make it all very fun. Plus, you’ll find the knobs pretty easy to use as well.

Moreover, you get a lot of pieces in the set. It comes with the standard inclusions like a kettle, sink, stovetop, ladle, dish towel, shovels, and more. You can let your kid’s imagination take over and have them play with it the way they like.

Have them host a tea party or let them cook you a delicious ‘meal.’ The possibilities are endless.

We also love the design of the playset, but not everyone will feel the same with this one. First of all, it’s very pink, which makes it a colorful gift for your little daughter. And it isn’t that tall either. This is one of the shorter ones on the list, with dimensions coming in at 43 x 26 x 6 inches. The countertop is around 20 inches.


  • Perfect for children that are a bit younger
  • Realistic details
  • Opening doors and usable storage
  • Sturdy build quality


  • The bright pink color might not be to everyone’s taste

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8. KidKraft 53298 Natural Wood Play Kitchen

If you like the previous Uptown kitchen playset from KidKraft, you’ll like this one as well. Keep everything from the previous one and change the color to a natural wood tone, and you have this 53298 Uptown model.

As we mentioned already, this kitchen set is almost the same as the previous one with a more authentic color scheme. The play kitchen has a natural wood finish. It makes it look more modern and hyper-realistic.

All the details, from the graphics on the pieces and down to the wood grain, shine through. The wood isn’t a fake one either. It’s made solidly to last for quite a while.

You’ll find pieces of MDF and solid wood. Some parts are made from plastic where needed. Recommended for 4 to 7-year-old kids, all in all, this is a great alternative. It has the same cool included chalkboard that your kids can draw or doodle on.

The doors open for the microwave oven. You also get see-through doors for the oven below. This can simulate the feeling of your kids keeping an eye on the food as it prepares. After it’s ‘done,’ they can take it out and serve it to you.

We don’t know about you, but this whole thing is super cute to us. The size is perfect as well. It’s big enough for your kid and also their friends to play at once. No more fights on whose turn it is.

You get a lot of pieces as well. Along with the basic tools most play sets come with, you get an oven, microwave, freezer, refrigerator and also a cordless phone. The knobs on the oven turn along with the sink can be taken out to clean it easily. As for the counter height, it is as much as 22 inches.


  • Detailed instructions for easy assembly
  • Realistic playset
  • Authentic looking natural wood finish
  • Strong and sturdy


  • Some might find the setup a bit difficult

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9. KidKraft Farm to Table Kitchen Set

If you haven’t gotten it by the name yet, this set has a cool twist to it. The set includes two window boxes where kids can store veggies. This is a great way to encourage your child to eat their greens.

It doesn’t stop there. The vegetables can be cut into pieces and served. There are carrots and red onions. Don’t panic, though. You don’t need to use a real-world knife.

The vegetables are pre-cut. You can put them together and pull apart. When using a knife, this should simulate them cutting it up. So, it’s all safe and sound for your kid. You’ll also love the 22.5 inches counter height.

There are 18 accessories in the set. Things like a cutting board, knife, and pot are all included. The cooktop also lights up and makes a sound when you turn the knob. This makes it super realistic and fun t

o play with.

Besides, this kitchen set shows off small stor11age compartments below the sink, where your kids can store whatever they like. The compartments have a wood grain finish on them, making them look really premium.

You don’t need to worry about the build quality either. It’s made from solid wood and MDF. Some of the pieces are made from plastic for safety. KidKraft did think of everything when they came out with this one.

As a result, you get a well thought out set that is easy to assemble. Assembly will take less than 2 hours. You can make it easier by downloading the BILT app too. With everything going digital, it only makes sense instruction manuals follow the same suit. Our recommended age is for kids 4 and up.


  • Included window boxes
  • Vegetables can be cut with a play knife
  • Helps teach kid good eating habits
  • Storage compartments


  • No chalkboard

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10. Step2 Plastic Play Kitchen Set

This one is a little different compared to others we have on the list. If you have read the reviews so far, the brand name might seem familiar. Step2 has again hit it off the park with this one. But for not what you may think.

No, this isn’t made of wood. It’s made of plastic. But that makes it perfect for smaller children. Kids who are 2 years to 5 years of age will love this. The color is bright pink and the best part? There are a lot of accessories.

You get 24 pieces of accessories. All the necessities are included, like dishes, cookware, pots, and pans. Your kid will be up and running to play any way they want. On top of that, the stovetop lights up and makes sounds.

There is a coffee station too that’s built-in with a travel mug included. If your kid is having a ‘long day’ playing, they can pretend to make themselves coffee and get right back on track.

Yes, it’s just as cute as you think it is. You’re getting ample storage space and a bin area are all here. When the playtime is all over, and you need to clean it, that’s also a breeze.

Since this set is made from plastic, you can easily rub it down and clean it. You can use disinfectants to clean it and make sure you get all the bacteria and grime off. Keep in mind to use cleaning products that are plastic friendly. The dimensions are 12.5 x 35.75 x 40.88 inches. As for its counter height, it is 22 inches.


  • The plastic build makes it easy to clean
  • A lot of accessories in the box
  • Realistic features
  • Perfect for younger kids


  • Batteries not included

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11. CUTE STONE Kitchen Set

If you’re bounded by space, this little kitchen set is the one to get. It’s not the biggest toy kitchen, and that’s what we love about it. Its smaller size pays the brand name some homage, too – it really is quite cute.

Despite it being one of the smallest of the bunch, the features on this one are very realistic. You can add water to replicate an authentic kitchen experience. It’s pretty amazing that the faucet has real water flow and can be turned around, thanks to the makers.

You can put water inside the stove and use steam to simulate real-life cooking. To help you with all the cooking and washing, there are a ton of accessories included in the set as well.

We love the little fruits and vegetables you can cut up. There are tableware and small utensils your children can use to cook up a meal. A detachable drain rack makes the whole thing even cooler.

Kids can store their dishes after cleaning them or filtering water. This kind of play is also very good for teaching your beloved kids important life skills and good habits.

We have to mention, though, this one works for a single kid only. Since it’s very small, it might be a bit tough recommending it to someone who has more than one child playing with it.

You also need to be a bit careful too. Since the faucet can actually have water flowing, make sure not to point it to the stove. That can cause damage to the set. You can get your kid started with this set. As they grow older, they can move to a big girl play kitchen set. We recommend this to kids that are 4 to 5 years old.


  • Small and convenient size
  • Realistic features with water flowing faucet
  • Fruits and vegetables can be cut and peeled
  • Includes a drain rack


  • Too small for more than one kid
  • You need to be careful when playing

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12. Costzon Kids Kitchen Playset

This is our second set from the guys over at Costzon. That’s for good reasons too. Let’s get on what Costzon has cooked up here – no pun intended.

This kitchen set is hands down one of the classiest and well-designed set so far. It looks incredibly modern and has all the features and little details your kid needs for a fantastic playtime.

The whole thing is white and comes with a large black chalkboard on the side. This gives it a cool contrast. It feels like a kitchen in a modern high-class studio apartment. Only it’s a small set that your kids play on. The counter height is 16 inches.

There are all the accessories like pots, a sink, stove, utensils, refrigerators, seasoning bottles, and more. Making the experience all the more realistic are the sound effects.

When you press the water dispenser, water flowing sounds feels like actual water is running. The burners have lights and sound too. This will help your kids cook up a delicious play meal for you.

Out of the box, there is some assembly required, though, as is the case with all of the sets. It isn’t too difficult. All the hardware that you’ll need to put this thing together and an instruction manual are all included.

The material quality is top-notch. It’s made from P2 MDF. That makes it sturdy and durable. You can be sure this will be as long-lasting as it’ll be enjoyable to play with.


  • Great design
  • Made from durable materials
  • Lots of accessories
  • Realistic cooking features
  • Large chalkboard


  • Assembly time required

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What Age Do Children Outgrow a Play Kitchen?

As much as we love our kids and want them to always be the babies that they are, the reality is they will eventually grow up. That is fine, though. Parents will love their children just as much when they held them for the first time.

During this time, you’ll see their interests change, and they’ll naturally outgrow their toys. Play kitchen sets, on the other hand, should keep your kid interested for longer compared to other toys they might have.

2 to 3 years is the ideal age to give your kids a play kitchen set. There are some sets which are suitable for children as young as 1 year old or less than 2. But mostly, 2 to 3 years is a sweet spot.

Play Kitchen Sets for Older Kids

As with all toys, your kids will eventually outgrow it, though. Comparatively, kids will outgrow it a bit later compared to other toys they might have. This is simply because of the amount of stimulation a kitchen set provides.

Ideally, we think kids don’t outgrow it till at least 11 years of age. Within these years, your kid will have a lot of fun memories which they will cherish.

Are Play Kitchen Sets Worth It?

Of course, they are. When kids are young, it’s best to give them toys that stimulate their minds and also make it fun for them. Toys like play kitchens are some of the best ways to do so. There are many benefits to getting your kid a kitchen set:

It Teaches Socialization

Most play kitchens are big enough for at least two kids to play together. Your kids can have friends over, and they can play together. This teaches them important socialization skills. That is very important for your child as well.

Play Kitchen Sets for Older Kids

Good for Development

When kids are young, their brains are little sponges. Their brains will absorb and learn things quickly. Play sessions with these kinds of toys are very important.

They help your child’s development and also teach them creativity and helps them think outside the box. Children are free to make the playtime the way they want. And that’s the beauty of it.

Furthermore, it’ll also improve their language skills. Role-playing will make your child express themselves. This, in turn, will help your kids have a better vocabulary.

Improves Planning and Organization

When your kids play with these sets, you’ll see them organizing and categorizing the foods, pots. They’ll even clean them. This is an important life skill that’s priceless to develop at an early age.

What to Look for When Buying a Kitchen Set?

Whenever you’re buying a product or a toy for your kid, it’s always best to know what to look for. That way, you can make the best decision for yourself depending on what you might need. Or rather what your kids will like the most and what’s safe for them.

There are some things you should consider when shopping for a play kitchen set as well.

Build Quality and Assembly Time

Build quality is one of the most important things to look out for. Play kitchen sets last a long time, and your children will probably play with them for years. Getting a sturdy one is an investment. Look for sets that are made from solid wood and MDF. There will be some parts that are made from plastic, but that’s fine.

Assembly time is important too. Out of the box, you’ll need to assemble the set. Look for one that has around 2 to 2.5 hours of assembly time or less.

Play Kitchen Sets for Older Kids

Even though this will be a one-time thing, you don’t want to get one that is too difficult to assemble. It’ll become a chore rather than a fun playtime for your kids.

Counter Height and Size

Play kitchens will be one of the larger toys in your kid’s toy room. It’s important to keep in mind the size and the counter height of the sets in that case. You would want to be able to fit the thing into your home, wouldn’t you?

Luckily, you’ll find sets with a lot of variations when it comes to size. Smaller ones are great for little children and toddlers.

While for an older kid, a slightly larger one will do the trick. You can also buy a large play kitchen 8 year old for a smaller kid because they’ll eventually grow into it too.

Not to mention these sets also make it easier for multiple kids to play with them at the same time. As for counter height, getting one that is level with their hips is ideal.

A play kitchen for 7 year old will not be too different compared to, say, a play kitchen for 4 year old. So, you have some flexibility there when choosing the size.

Color and Design

This will be a more personal preference than something completely objective. The thing to remember here is to pick one that has a color your kids prefer. There are natural wood finishes, dark brown finishes, and also espresso colors. Some are even black.

You have the design and graphics next. High-quality graphics make the playtime more immersive and fun. Design plays an important role too. Go for ones that are well thought out, like extra storage space.

Extra Features

Additional features are important too. Features like doors that open, turning knobs, lights and sound features. All these together add to the play experience. Not to mention it’s seriously fun the more realistic the set is.

Play Kitchen Sets for Older Kids

All of the ones we mentioned here have those features, more or less. There are some additional bits like chalkboards, metal accessories, and more.


Speaking of accessories, you’ll get pots, pans, ovens, freezers, etc. The more accessories a set has, the merrier. You’ll give your kid more ways to play with the set that way.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are play kitchens safe?

Child-friendly features are important. That’s especially true when you’re buying toys for your kid. All the sets we mentioned here are made from safe materials and have no dangerous features.

2. Can boys play with kitchen sets?

Of course, they can. You’ll find countless gender-neutral kitchen sets that are suitable for both boys and girls. If you have a future Gordon Ramsay in the house, give them a kitchen set and watch their eyes light up.

3. What is the best age to give my kids a play kitchen set?

You can give your kids a playset as early as 2 years old. Most of the sets will work great for kids at that age. What’s great about it is they will continue playing with it as they grow older. So, your purchase will see more use compared to other toys you might have gotten for them.

4. Is my kid too old to play with a play kitchen?

Kids can play with a kitchen set for quite a while. That’s because of the amount of stimulation these sets provide your kids. As they grow older, their play can also develop with them.

It can get more complex. They can add more varieties into their play with more interesting twists.

Usually, a kid will outgrow their set when they’re around 11 years old. Before that, they will most definitely enjoy a good-quality playset.

5. Do play kitchen sets come ready to go outside the box?

The nature of the toy requires some assembly before your kid can hop on and play. There are different parts and pieces that need to go together. The assembly isn’t much trouble, though. You’ll get instructions in the set that are easy to follow. It shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours to get up and going.

Final Words

These were the best play kitchen sets for older kids you can buy right now. You don’t need to sift through hundreds of different models to pick the right one. Get the one from our list that matches your kid’s needs and preferences, and you’re good to go. Also, keep in mind do you have the space for the set you’re getting.