If you’re on this page intentionally, then chances are that you’re either looking for a new stand mixer or don’t know what they are. Today we’re talking about stand mixers with attachments, which are just an upgrade from traditional stand mixers as a whole.

The sort of attachment you have equipped on your stand mixer makes all the difference in functionality and aesthetics. These mixers and their attachments come in a variety of configurations to choose from. Stay with us till the end if you’re keen on finding out which one suits you the best!

A Brief History of Stand Mixers

Many people believe that stand mixers aren’t even that old to have a ‘history’ in the first place. But that’s actually not true. These kitchen appliances have been around since roughly 1906-1908. This makes it over a century old.

Long ago, bakers used to separate and whisk/mix egg whites, yellows, and flour using their bare hands. While that wasn’t necessarily inefficient, it had a lot of limitations. Through the introduction of mechanical and electrical mixers, the mixing process started to become seamless and smoother.

Stand Mixers

Over time, modern chefs have slowly started to design their recipes based on the use of stand mixers. In the early days, using a lot of butter or fat meant that the mixing process was going to be very tiresome. But a mechanical mixer completely eliminates that issue, so butter proportion doesn’t affect mixing anymore.

Lesser limitations lead to more possibilities. Today, by dint of stand mixers and their attachments, we have unlocked countless variants of cakes, frostings, and other baked goods. As a result, these mixers have gradually become an integral part of modern baking recipes. 

Stand Mixers with Attachments and Their Uses

You already know what a stand mixer is. But in order for you to choose the right product, you must first understand how a stand mixer functions (paired with necessary attachments). Here are some of the best attachments for your mixers that expert bakers have found ultimately useful –

Stand Mixers with Attachments

The Hook

Hooks are essential for kneading large volumes of thicker dough. By dint of this adjunct, the kneading process becomes much more effortless. If you like to bake bread more than cakes, then a hook is the best attachment you can get for your mixer.

This attachment is not only beneficial for mixing but for saving you loads of arm-strength as well. Not to mention its uniform mixing capabilities that kneads a perfect dough every time.

The Ravioli Attachment

The fact that this attachment lets you control what goes inside your ravioli is the best thing it has to offer. In other words, you can now make your own ravioli from the fresh dough you rolled out using the hook attachment. All you need to do is spend a little time preparing your favorite stuffing.

This attachment is a people-pleaser. In other words, it’s quite popular among users who entertain a lot of guests on a frequent basis. Although the process is quite simple and easy, it’s a little time-consuming.

The Pasta Amenities

This amenity is a set of two attachments – the roller and extruder. While many people think that mixers are only for baking needs, that’s not the case. Professional pasta chefs often use mixers with attachments to dish out fine tasting pasta.

Are you looking for that Italian pasta experience in your kitchen? Get yourself this set to roll out an incredibly fine-tuned thickness.

The Pasta Amenities

Then cut it up with the extruder for uniform restaurant-style size and shape. Just in case you’re willing to use it for commercial purposes, this amenity comes in both counter-top and floor style.

Shredders and Grinders

A well shredded and ground meat mixed with the perfect amount of spices can make that perfect patty for gourmet burgers. Not just that, many non-vegetarian culinary dishes achieve completion through shredded-meat seasoned with the right combination of spices.

Shredders and Grinders

Ground meat is able to absorb and release more flavor than steaks and other whole pieces of meat. If you work with a lot of meat, then a shredder is going to benefit you manifold. Shredding and grinding attachments will definitely make your life a little easier.

Wired and Flat Edge Beaters

Wired beaters need no introduction, as we all have at least one of its handheld versions in our kitchen. These mixer attachments are great for whisking slightly softer materials such as cream or butter. You can also work on egg whites using this attachment.

The flat edge attachments are known as the kitchen all-rounders. You must be wondering why. Well, that’s because this thing is quite inexpensive and very easy to clean. Despite its ease of access and use, this thing is incredibly useful for preparing batters for cake, cookies, and other frosting/decorations.

Things You Should Know before Purchase

When purchasing a stand mixer, there are quite a lot of things to consider. It’s not possible for a baker to talk about all the aspects that make the perfect mixer. But don’t let that scare you, because we have compiled all the essential information you need to know before making your purchase.

Wattage Calibration

Did you know that the wattage mentioned on the mixer’s body or packaging isn’t exactly its wattage output? Yes, that’s right. This is mainly because a lion share of the wattage if pre-allotted for the motors and other equipment situated within the hardware of the machine.

Stand Mixer

So it’s a mistake to consider that more wattage will lead us to more power. Often, that’s not the case. A lot of bakers tend to make this mistake, leading them to become demotivated in baking. This is also the reason why we decided to mention this issue as the very first factor.


Aeration of butter and dairy products is very important for a perfect bake. Cold butter, when mixed, gives out better aeration. At the same time, warmer butter does not perform the same. But here’s the thing – colder butter is harder to mix by hand. So people normally resort to warmer butter, which doesn’t pay off equally.

A stand mixer with the right set of attachments completely eliminates this issue. As a result, the temperature problem is no more an obstacle. With the right attachments at hand, you can now confidently work with colder butter without worrying about tiring yourself. That, too, while maintaining the optimal aeration for your cakes!

Saves Time and Energy

This reason alone should be enough to convince a baker! Not only do mixers and their attachments make the mixing easier, but they also save your valuable time. As a result, it allows you to work on a larger amount of baking or invest the saved time on other important kitchen tasks.

Lastly, we want you to ask yourself if you really need a mixer or not. If you’re a baker with occasional to regular baking needs, then a mixer will benefit you a lot. If you’re slightly low on budget, then remember that there are countless inexpensive options out there in the market that offer similar benefits as the original.

Choose the Right One for Yourself Today!

Different stand mixers paired with different attachments perform differently. Which stand mixer will suit you the best depends on what you want out of it. Be it heavy, moderate, or light use, there’s a mixer for every need. 

A good stand mixer is always a beneficial investment! Some stand mixers with attachments offer a good bang for the buck, while others are for luxury baking. Choose the perfect one for you by keeping your baking style in mind. Best of luck and Happy Baking!