It’s one hard-cold morning of winter. Suddenly you thought of treating yourself with a glass of warm milk, the way you like – fat-free. But right after pouring it in your mouth, you had to spit it out right there. Damn! This milk ain’t fat-free! But you just separated the cream yesterday, didn’t you?

Oops! Looks like what you thought was the best cream separator wasn’t something good with the separating after all. So, what are you planning to do? Keep taking the sip of your fatty milk, or bring a cream separator that can actually pull the job off?

Well, if you’ve just agreed to the second option, then we’ve got some suggestions for you that might help you out. Would you like to have a check? We bet you do!

Top Choice
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Minneer Electric Milk Cream Centrifugal Separator Plug 21Gal/H 80L/H 110V USA/Canada Make Cream Butter Milkshake Separator for Goats Cows Milk All Metal Parts
Runner up
SlavicBeauty Electric Cream Separator All Metal Parts 26Gal/H 100L/H 120V USA
Minneer Electric Milk Cream Centrifugal Separator Plug 21Gal/H 80L/H 110V USA/Canada Make Cream Butter Milkshake Separator for Goats Cows Milk All Metal Parts
SlavicBeauty Electric Cream Separator All Metal Parts 26Gal/H 100L/H 120V USA
Top Choice
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Best Value
Minneer Electric Milk Cream Centrifugal Separator Plug 21Gal/H 80L/H 110V USA/Canada Make Cream Butter Milkshake Separator for Goats Cows Milk All Metal Parts
Minneer Electric Milk Cream Centrifugal Separator Plug 21Gal/H 80L/H 110V USA/Canada Make Cream Butter Milkshake Separator for Goats Cows Milk All Metal Parts
More Information
Runner up
SlavicBeauty Electric Cream Separator All Metal Parts 26Gal/H 100L/H 120V USA
SlavicBeauty Electric Cream Separator All Metal Parts 26Gal/H 100L/H 120V USA
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10 Best Cream Separator Reviews

Clearly, you’re going to need the right machine to free the milk from the cream. Well, let us bring that in for you, and we’re quite confident that our top 10 cream separators can get the job done the way you want. Here comes the first one –

1. 1000 Melochey 100-80

It’s nothing hard to understand the essentiality of a milk cream separator. But we can’t say the same thing for recognizing a reliable brand for the machine. Don’t worry, 1000 Melochey is here with their 100-80 to fill in that gap.

For getting it a stronger construction, the makers have involved two perfect materials – Polycarbonate and Aluminum. So, you better not worry about it breaking apart any sooner.

But what matters the most here is the output. Thankfully, this one won’t take more than an hour to get you 80 liter of skim milk. And guess what else they’ve eased up? Yes, the installation. It won’t take a ton of time to put its 6 parts together and turn it into a fully functional milk cream separator.

By the way, this piece of tech is fully electric. So, if you were planning to make your hand ache in the process, that ain’t going to happen for sure. Just don’t forget to turn on that switch you see in the middle bottom.

One more thing! This 220V machine comes with a European standard plug. So, if you need to use it in the USA, Canada, or Japan, you can easily do it with a voltage converter.


  • Comes with stronger construction
  • Installation process requires less time
  • Capable of delivering 80L per hour
  • Highly convenient to operate


  • Requires voltage converter for different countries

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2. Minneer Milk Cream Centrifugal Separator

You can’t buy a separator for every kind of dairy product you come in touch with, can you? So, it’s better to bring in something as versatile as Milk Cream Centrifugal Separator from Minneer.

The SUS304 stainless steel construction is not only perfect for durability but also standard food grade. This means, when the milk is touching the material, you’ve got no chance of ending up with any unhealthy output. And for installation, just 10 easy steps are what you have to follow. Yes, just 10!

Rather than taking you to the old days, this one is made with an electrical mechanism within. If we say it more simply, you’re just a switch away from starting it for the separation process.

And the output? You’re going to get a total of 21 Gallons of skim milk just in an hour. If you convert the number into liters, then it’ll be 80. Besides, if so far you’ve only seen the face of thick cream, you can fix it up with this one. Just don’t forget to adjust a screw that’s mentioned in the instruction.


  • Made of strong SUS304 stainless steel
  • Construction material is of food-grade
  • Keeps the output 21 gallons per hour
  • Comes with an easy 10-step installation process


  • A little difficult to clean the main separator

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3. SlavicBeauty Cream Separator

It’s time to have a glance over a milk cream separator that keeps the output level so high that the others might sound like toys in front of it. Yes, we are talking about the cream separator from SlavicBeauty.

With a total metallic construction, you can count this one as one of the sturdiest pieces in the world of its class. But what will make your jaw drop more is its 26-gallon output per hour.

And guess what the capacity of this one is? 12 Liters. Yup! Thanks to its huge bowl of 365 mm diameter for not creating any restrictions there. Besides, due to being fully electric, you can simply hit the start button and say goodbye to your ‘manual’ days. So, calling it an easier tech to use won’t be a mistake for sure.

By the way, what breaks sweat out of you the most when it comes to using a milk separator? We guess it’s the installation you’re pointing to. Well, you might feel like the Flash while assembling and disassembling it – now imagine how easy and quick the process is!?


  • Full metallic construction for supreme durability
  • Can provide 26-gallon output per hour
  • Offers an easier usage process
  • Possible to assemble and disassemble quickly


  • The cleaning process is a bit arduous

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4. Penzmesh Cream Separator

If you really want to go back to the old-time, we ain’t going to stop you. As you want it so badly, we thought of putting something on our list that’ll give you a perfect creamy performance. Well, it’s none other than the Cream Separator from Penzmesh.

The first thing that’ll come to your mind right after looking at it is – is it actually simple to use or just looks like that? Well, to be honest, it does come with the easiest and simplest usage process. Plus, it can literally process 50 liters of milk per hour. If you don’t call it adequate, then we don’t know what it is.

By the way, don’t think just because it comes at a low price, the makers have messed with quality. You can be sure that you won’t have to let the cream separator go any sooner due to the durability issue, at least.

And if you’re asking for a level of performance, then be ready to receive a highly effective one. Once you pour whole milk in it, the next thing you’ll get to see within minutes is perfect cream with skim milk. In case you want to see a liter of cream, you won’t have to give it more than 12 minutes.


  • Made of durable material
  • Makes 1-liter cream within 12 minutes
  • Ensures an efficient processing
  • Simple and easier usage process


  • Instructions need improvement

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5. Motor Sich Milk Cream Separator

All these days, we’ve always seen plastic made cream separators being underestimated. But it looks like team Motor Sich has decided to change that with their Milk Cream Separator.

This electric cream separator is made of food-grade polycarbonate, which is also impact-resistant at the same time. And what else will literally awestruck you are the level of enhanced electrical safety the makers have put in this one. And don’t you worry about the tank capacity. It can easily take 12 liters of milk in.

Guess what else you’ll get the chance to say goodbye to? Yes, the corrosion. On top of that, this awesome-looking Motor Sich tech is super easy to clean. Looks like you won’t have to break a sweat again to see the cream separator clean again.

Usually, we get to see that separators only separate the cream from the milk. But this one added a new feather to that by ensuring the removal of contaminants. And if you’re planning to get effective results with less labor, then this is what you’re looking for. Its 80 liters/hour output at least says so.


  • Made of impact-resistant polycarbonate
  • Effective and easy to use
  • Ensures output up to 80L/H
  • Huge tank capacity of 12L


  • Comparatively heavy for a polycarbonate structure

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6. Hottoby Electric Cream Separator

It’s time to get back to the world of metals again. But this one on our list is not just good with solid construction but also can generate humongous speed. After all, it’s the Electric Cream Separator from Hottoby.

As we started with the speed, let’s reveal that one first. It’s 11500 RPM. Now, a thorough separation of cream from milk is something that you won’t have to struggle for, like ever! And fat content in the skimmed milk? Not even 0.03%!

For building this one, the makers have used SUS304 stainless steel and brass. So, it’s kind of clear that they’ve left no scope to question the durability here. And it doesn’t matter if you’re living in the USA or Canada, the plug won’t cause you any trouble as you won’t need any converter.

But you haven’t got the number on output yet, have you? Well, it’s 21 gallons per hour. Do you still think you won’t have enough milk for you right there? By the way, don’t forget to wash the drum’s plates after every 10-15 liters of milk.


  • Capable of generating huge speed
  • Ensures thorough separation of cream and milk
  • Keeps fat content under 0.03%
  • Can reach up to 21 gallons within an hour


  • Requires a converter except for the USA and Canada

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7. Milk model 100-18 Cream Milk Separator

Who doesn’t love to have a cream separator that will push the output higher than expected? We bet you do too. If so, then you’re probably going to count the Cream Milk Separator from Milk model 100-18 a tech worth buying.

With the output of 100L per hour, you’ll get nothing but a flood of milk and cream with this one. And when you are pouring your favorite white liquid in there, nothing is going to restrict you there as the bowl diameter is 36 cm big. And the bowl capacity? It’s 12 Liter! Big numbers everywhere, right?

But what amount of fat content will the milk contain, especially when you want to keep it to the minimum? Well, it’s 0.05%. Now, don’t say it’s the biggest number you’ve seen so far because not all the separators can reach this number that easily.

And don’t plan to stop any sooner because this one can keep the process going for 1 long hour without taking a break. Just don’t forget to heat the milk to 35-40 degrees Celsius before doing so.


  • Generates a huge output of 100L/H
  • Decently big bowl diameter and bowl capacity
  • The remaining fat content is just 0.05%
  • Offers 1-hour continuous operation mode


  • A little heavy

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8. YJINGRUI Milk Cream Centrifugal Separator

Have you ever tried visiting any big dairy lately? Then, we don’t think you’ve overlooked the amount of money they spend every month in just demulsification. But nobody said you’ll have to walk in that way. You can easily cut it short with a Milk Cream Centrifugal Separator from YJINGRUI.

Doesn’t matter if your firm is filled with cows, goats, or camels; it can do its job with equal efficiency every time you put your hands on it. And the output? Like any of the finest machines, this son of a gun can push that up to 80 to 100L/Hour. Moreover, the process is so easy that you’re going to love doing it more often.

But can the bowl actually hold enough milk to take the output to that level? Well, the capacity is 3 gallons. If you convert it into liters, then it’ll be 12. Do you still think you’ve got anything to worry about there?

To keep the milk in a safer state, the makers have used aluminum and alloys of food-grade. But that’s not what we call the only ‘wow-factor’ of this piece of tech. It’s the speed control knob that allows you to take the speed anywhere between 5000 to 11000 RPM.


  • Compatible with cow, goat, and camel milk
  • Delivers output up to 80 to 100-Liter/Hour
  • Comes with a speed control knob
  • Made of food-grade materials


  • Can’t exceed 11000 RPM

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9. WNSC Cream Separator

Often we see manufactures focusing on differentiating between products that are used for commercial purposes and domestic purposes. But team WNSC has come up with their Cream Separator that’ll make you forget about that differentiation we were talking about.

If anything can get a separator the tag of durability, then it’s the high-quality materials. Seems team WNSC is well-aware of that. Otherwise, why would they’ve given the construction a solid shape with Aluminum alloy, ABS, and Silicone? Plus, the tech is highly stable during the operation as well.

But the ‘ease’ part just doesn’t take a break here. From installation to usage, you’re going to get a touch of convenience and efficiency everywhere. So, where are you planning to put this one – your farm or home? Don’t worry; it suits perfectly in both places.

And you don’t have to stick to a certain milk type as you’re free to make it useful for both cow and goat milk. All you need for separating the milk and ghee is just putting it on a higher speed. Guess what else you won’t have to take a headache on? Yup! The cleaning; the whole thing is just too easy.


  • Built with high-quality materials
  • Stays stable during the operation
  • Perfect for both commercial and domestic use
  • Compatible with both cow and goat milk


  • Not the lightest separator

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10. JIE JIN Electric Milk Cream Separator

We’re on the last slot of our list. But like all the other separators we’ve so far reviewed, this one is also made to deliver some superb performance. Want to know the name? It’s the Electric Milk Cream Separator from JIE JIN.

Its SUS304 Stainless Steel made construction might make you remember the shiny armor you see in the museum. But it doesn’t only shine like armor but kind of last like one as well. And, of course, it’s food-grade material. So, there’s no reason for you to doubt the safety level of the milk or cream that’ll come out of it.

The 11500 RPM kind of says everything about the level of efficiency it holds within. And with an output level of 21 gallons, all you’re going to see is perfect milk after thorough separation.

And don’t take a step back if you were looking for a cream separator for your family. Just because it looks like a commercial one doesn’t mean you can’t have it on your kitchen’s countertop.


  • Boasts a shiny and long-lasting construction
  • The material is of food-grade
  • Can take the speed up to 11500 RPM
  • Useful in both farms and homes


  • Requires a converter for countries except for certain countries

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What to Look for Before Buying a Cream Separator?

You’ve already seen the price tags, haven’t you? Then, it’s kind of clear that you can throw such kind of money with closed eyes. Well, bringing one in without knowing much is kind of the same thing as well.

Now, the question is, how are you going to figure out if the one you’re swiping your card for is worth it? If you’re asking for help here, then all we can say check the following things out in it. Once you do that, we bet you won’t have to regret your decision.


Probably 9 out 10 physical product buying guide starts with or contains the material part. After all, this is the part that ensures how long it’s going to stay in your kitchen or farm.

Usually, cream separators are never made of a single material. That’s because not all parts can operate with the same kind of construction. But what you need to look at is basically two aspects. One, is it sturdy enough? Two, is the material food-grade standard or not?

Cream Separator Machine

For sturdiness, it’s better to go with metal made cream separators. We suggest getting aluminum or stainless steel as both of them can turn into a super solid construction. Lately, some plastic made cream separators are giving a promising performance as well.

Ease of Assembling and Disassembling

No manufacturer is going to send you the machine in one piece. It’s you who’ll have to assemble it. But how will you possibly do that if the machine eats up half of your time and will give you the feeling of assembling a jet engine?

That’s why you need to grab one that’ll be easy enough for you to assemble and disassemble. We are talking about the disassembling because you’re not going to keep it that way forever, and sooner or later, you’ll have to open it up for cleaning. So, we don’t want you to break some sweat while doing that.


You’ve put it together, started the machine, poured the milk, but the output was less than half of what’s written on the box. Want to know when that’s going to happen? When you’ll put the high voltage machine into your low voltage power supply.

Cream Separator Machine

So, if you’re thinking about picking up any random voltage without matching it with the area’s voltage rate, then get ready for some underperformance. Know one more thing! If you put the machine in an outlet with a higher voltage, then it can cause a real danger to you.


Always go for the one with a bigger capacity. It’s not that picking up the one with your required output is a bad idea, but the thing is, they can vary a bit. So, rather than roaming confused, it’s better if you grab the one with a higher capacity. Moreover, it takes down the chances of a repetitive process.

Ease of Maintenance

By the end of the day, it’s still a machine, and that’s going to need maintenance too. What you have to do is make sure it’s not making you take it to the mechanic every one or two months and make you lose some extra bucks. Some of them come with clear instructions and easy maintenance too. Try to grab one of them.

Cream Separator Machine


You might be thinking – it’s a cream separator, so obviously, it’s going to be heavy. Well, can’t say you’re totally wrong, but what if it gets so heavy that you’ll have to disassemble it every time you try to move it? Not sounding so pleasing anymore, is it? This is where you need to go for something a bit lighter.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a cream separator work?

Though the process might look like a complicated one, it actually is not. With the centrifugal motion, it separates the cream from the milk. There are holes in the disk that take it in, and after processing through two different spouts, it lets the cream and milk go to two separate bowls.

2. How do you separate goat cream?

The process is quite the same. You need to get the milk to a certain temperature, turn on the machine and place the jars right under the spout. Right after a few minutes, you’ll see the cream and milk going to the separate jars.

3. How do you use a manual cream separator?

At first, assemble all the parts in the right synchronization, including the handle. But make sure they all have been properly cleaned. Keep the milk flow closed till you pour water in there. Then, ensure stability so that the separator doesn’t move during the process.

Now, after pouring some hot water into this bowl, start rotating the handle in a clockwise direction. To reach the full speed, rotate it for 40 seconds. Once it reaches there, open the valve. Let the warm water run through the separator before pouring milk.

Then, stop rotating the handle and get ready to pour some milk in there. But make sure the milk temperature is at 40 – 50°C at least. Close the milk flow again and make the separator reach full speed.

Now, rotate the handle again after pouring the milk in there. After reaching full speed, open the flow and let the cream get separated.

4. How much is a cream separator worth?

Usually, a quality cream separator costs within a couple of hundred bucks. It’s not that you can’t get one under that, but the efficiency might not be up to the mark like you need.

5. Why is milk preheated to 40 to 50°C before milk separation?

Heating up the milk from 40 to 50°C makes the separation faster, as it makes the milk less viscous.

6. What is the process of separating cream from milk called?

The process of separating cream from milk is called demulsification.

7. How many discs are in a cream separator?

A cream separator contains 12 discs, and after they’re stacked, all their holes line up except the bottom one as it’s different.

Final Words

Indeed demulsification is a hypnotizing process to watch, isn’t it? But remember, you’re not spending your bucks just for the view because the view is not going to get the finest milk and cream.

So, you better think of nothing but the best cream separator, which by the way, you’ve already got from our list, we guess. So, are you ready for some creamy action then? We bet you are!