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5 Best Copper Tea Kettles 2021 – Reviews and Beginners guide

Don’t you want to make a statement on your kitchen counter or stovetop with a copper tea kettle? Of course, you want to. Copper kettles have an elegant and antique look that adds style to your kitchen.

But there’s more to it. Copper is also an excellent heat conductor and will boil your water faster than other materials. It’s a time-saver if you’re in a hurry and need to brew some tea.

We have analyzed over 3,500 previous user reviews to find the best copper tea kettle for your kitchen. Below are our top 5 highly recommended copper kettles.

Top Choice
Barista Warrior Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee & Tea Kettle with Thermometer for Exact Temperature - Gooseneck Spout Pots - Kitchen Appliances & Dorm Essentials (Copper Coated, 1.2 Liter, 40 fl oz)
Best Value
Copco Copper Plated Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, 2.5-Quart
Runner up
Fellow Stagg Stovetop Pour-Over Coffee and Tea Kettle - Gooseneck Teapot with Precision Pour Spout, Built-In Thermometer, Matte Black, 1 Liter
Barista Warrior Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee & Tea Kettle with Thermometer for Exact Temperature - Gooseneck Spout Pots - Kitchen Appliances & Dorm Essentials (Copper Coated, 1.2 Liter, 40 fl oz)
Copco Copper Plated Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, 2.5-Quart
Fellow Stagg Stovetop Pour-Over Coffee and Tea Kettle - Gooseneck Teapot with Precision Pour Spout, Built-In Thermometer, Matte Black, 1 Liter
Top Choice
Barista Warrior Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee & Tea Kettle with Thermometer for Exact Temperature - Gooseneck Spout Pots - Kitchen Appliances & Dorm Essentials (Copper Coated, 1.2 Liter, 40 fl oz)
Barista Warrior Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee & Tea Kettle with Thermometer for Exact Temperature - Gooseneck Spout Pots - Kitchen Appliances & Dorm Essentials (Copper Coated, 1.2 Liter, 40 fl oz)
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Best Value
Copco Copper Plated Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, 2.5-Quart
Copco Copper Plated Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, 2.5-Quart
More Information
Runner up
Fellow Stagg Stovetop Pour-Over Coffee and Tea Kettle - Gooseneck Teapot with Precision Pour Spout, Built-In Thermometer, Matte Black, 1 Liter
Fellow Stagg Stovetop Pour-Over Coffee and Tea Kettle - Gooseneck Teapot with Precision Pour Spout, Built-In Thermometer, Matte Black, 1 Liter
More Information

Our Best Copper Tea Kettle Picks:

1. Barista Warrior Drip Copper Kettle

Opening our list is this solid copper tea kettle from Barista Warrior. True to its name, this top-quality kettle can brew your pour-over coffee like a barista!

The kettle features a barista-quality construction to enable you to make the best coffee in the comfort of your kitchen. It boasts premium surgical-grade stainless with a quality copper coating. The copper coating allows the kettle to boil your water in just minutes under medium heat.

Most users are crazy about the kettle’s integrated thermometer because of its high accuracy. The thermometer enables you to bring your water to boil at the optimum temperature for preparing coffee.

The kettle has a total capacity of 1.2L, which is enough for 2-3 cups. However, we suggest that you boil 1L of water as filling up the kettle can lead to overflow during boiling. The lid on this kettle is airtight and will prevent potential spills.

Thanks to its easy to pour gooseneck spout, this kettle promises precise water flow every time. It lets you run the right amount of water at the right speed, ensuring consistent coffee extraction. The easy-to-hold ergonomic and heat-resistant handle will make this kettle easy for you to handle.

Highlighted Features:

  • Holds 1.2liters at total capacity
  • Features integrated thermometer
  • Gooseneck spout for smooth flow
  • Ergonomic handle
  • The airtight lid prevents accidental spills
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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2. Copco 5226114 Copper Plated Tea Kettle

Have you ever heard of the whistling copper tea kettles? Well, this Copco is one such model. Its pleasant audible whistle sound alerts you whenever the water reaches boiling point, ensuring you only use temperature-ready water for brewing your tea or coffee.

The kettle’s superior-quality stainless steel with a copper-plated finish will make it look good on your stovetop or kitchen counter.

The kettle features an even larger capacity of up to 2.5L, meaning it will allow you to make as many as 10 cups of hot water for preparing delicious tea in a matter of minutes. So, if you have many people in your home, this is the perfect kettle for you.

We like that this kettle comes with an ergonomic handle to promote easy handling. What’s more, the handle has a trigger mechanism that you can operate with one hand to let you lift the whistle for safety as well as easy pouring.

The kettle’s flat bottom feature means you can use this on electric, gas, glass, and even induction stovetops. Its tight-fitting stainless steel lid prevents spills while ensuring your water stays warm for your next cup. The kettle is also super-easy to clean with just soap and water.

Highlighted Features:

  • Copper coated stainless steel kettle
  • A tight-fitting lid prevents spills
  • Whistles when water reaches boiling point
  • Heat-resistant, ergonomic handle
  • Offer a large 2.5liter capacity
  • Compatible with nearly all heat sources

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3. Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle

Here’s another modern copper tea kettle that lets you heat and pour your coffee water in style. The beautiful-looking kettle presents you with a precision gooseneck spout that grants you unprecedented control over your pouring speed and placement—translating to a better and more balanced coffee!

Placed on the lid is a thermometer that helps display the optimal water temperature for brewing your coffee. No more guessing! You’ll know exactly when your water reaches the ideal temperature for making the perfect coffee that impresses your taste buds.

Another fantastic feature you’ll like in this kettle is its counterbalanced handle making pouring water feel more natural and comfortable.

Regarding the construction, this kettle comes with a tough and durable stainless steel body. On top of this, it features a beautiful copper finish that instantly adds elegance and style to your kitchen. This kettle is compatible with all stove types, including induction top, electric, and gas.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features precision pour spout
  • Built-in brew-range thermometer
  • 1liter boiling capacity
  • Tough stainless steel body
  • Visually stunning copper finish
  • Compatible with gas, electric & induction range

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4. OPUX Gooseneck Pour Over Coffee Kettle

Also appearing on our list of the best copper kettle reviews is this OPUX pour-over kettle. It comes as an upgraded version of its predecessor and features a better and stronger handle to ensure long-term use.

The redesigned pour-over kettle comes engineered with an ergonomic handle to make it feel comfortable in your hands when handling it. It also comes equipped with a gooseneck spout to give you total control of over-pouring, ensuring you create the perfect brew every time.

Like most top-rated copper tea kettles, this model also features a built-in temperature gauge that lets you know the exact water temperature, kicking out the guesswork from brewing your teas and coffees.

This kettle will not wear anytime soon. It features a high-quality stainless steel body with a triple-layer base that stays rust-free for maximum longevity. On top of this, it features a gorgeous glossy copper finish that’s sure to become a center of attraction in your kitchen.

Keep in mind that this is a copper stovetop kettle that works with all stovetops, including gas, electric, ceramic, and induction top. It’s 100% dishware safe, making it easy to clean and maintain. The included cleaning pipe brush makes cleaning effortless.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to use ergonomic handle
  • Built-in temperature gauge
  • Gooseneck spout promotes precise pour
  • Premium grade stainless steel
  • Compatible with all stovetops
  • Glossy copper finish
  • 40 fl. oz total capacity
  • Backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

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5. CopperBull Hammered Copper Tea Pot Kettle

Lastly, we have this CopperBull tea kettle, one of the most popular hammered copper tea kettles currently available on the market. It comes with a charming traditional appearance and will make an excellent gift for housewarming.

This one’s a pure copper tea kettle! Copper artisans in Turkey handcrafted this kettle from heavy-gauge (the thickest, hammered copper available). Easily noticeable is its weight. The lightweight only serves as further assurance that it’s a solid piece made from heavy-duty copper metal.

Because copper can add an unpleasant taste to your tea or coffee, the manufacturer has lines the interior of this kettle with lead-free tin to keep it 100% food safe.

The kettle features a hinged handle that you can easily fold out of the way when the need be. Since the handle comes tightly fitted, you can also position it upright if you want to. Don’t forget that this is a wooden handle, so it’ll stay cool, even after boiling your water.

If you doubt whether this is a copper metal, the manufacturer offers you a 100% guarantee authenticity test. Feel free to drill a hole anywhere on the kettle’s body and check to see a 1mm thick copper hole. They’ll send you a replacement ASAP if you do this test (within seven days of purchase) and send them the photos.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1.6-quarts full capacity
  • 1mm thick handmade copper
  • Non-reactive food safe interior tin lining
  • Guaranteed 100% copper test authenticity test
  • Anti-hot wooden handle
  • Handle folds out of the way

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Is copper tea kettle safe to use?

Yes and no. Copper kettle might be or might not be safe, depending on the construction and the age of the kettle in question.

The vintage copper tea kettles were purely made from solid copper, without any protective lining on the inside. So they’re unsafe for use as they can cause copper poisoning if you use them to boil or store water. Copper tear/coffee poisoning is usually associated with stomach and digestive system issues.

If you have an old copper kettle, we suggest that you use it purely for decorative purposes.

The modern copper kettles are 100% safe to use because they feature a thin lining of a non-reactive metal, e.g., stainless steel, lead-free tin, or nickel on the inside. This lining plays a crucial role in keeping copper metal from interfering with the water you’re boiling in your kettle without the risk of copper poisoning.

Copper Tea Kettle

What to look for before buying?

Copper kettles come in an array style, with some made purely for decoration which explains why choosing the best copper tea kettle can be challenging for beginners.
Let’s take a look at the key factors to help you easily choose the suitable copper kettle:


You should first check the capacity of the copper kettle you want to buy. Ideally, the number of people you’ll be preparing coffee or tea will determine the perfect size of the kettle to buy.

If you’re looking for a copper kettle for use in your dorm or use, anything around 1 liter will meet your needs.

If you need a kettle for the entire family, however, you should look for anything from 2 liters to enable you to prepare for everyone at once.


The handle of a kettle is another crucial consideration when looking for a good copper kettle.
Ensure you get a handle that features an ergonomic design for a natural and more comfortable feel in your hands.
Also, make sure the handle is heat-free to keep your hands from getting burnt.


Additional features you’d want to look for in a copper kettle include a built-in thermometer, audible whistle, compatibility with all stovetops, easy cleaning, and maintenance. Some manufacturers also design their kettles in various styles for more options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use my copper tea kettle?

Using your copper kettle properly will ensure it serves you for an extended period. Always check that the kettle contains water before turning on the burner. Since water heats quickly in a copper kettle, permanently remove it from fire when it starts whistling. Medium heat is sufficient to bring water to a boil in your copper kettle.

Q: How do I keep my copper kettle from tarnishing?

It’s perfectly okay for copper to turning and turn into a dark, dull coating with time. Luckily, you can maintain the metal’s beautiful and shiny appearance by simply cleaning and buffing it.

To do this, you can use a lemon piece, sprinkle table salt over the fresh part, and then use it to rub the tarnished copper. If you can get a lemon, a mixture of vinegar plus salt can work too. You can also get a commercial copper cleaner for this job.

Next, rinse your kettle with warm water, dry it, and polish it with a dry cloth.

Q: How long do copper tea kettles and pots last?

A high-end copper kettle won’t rust and can serve you for up to 20 years without any signs of wear. Copper is a soft metal and might develop some dents and scratches if you don’t take good care of it.

Final Verdict

Copper, being an excellent conductor of heat, makes highly energy-efficient tea kettles. It lets you prepare your favorite teas or coffee in no time. With its elegant looks, it also beautifully displays in your kitchen, making your kitchen more stylish. Please choose one of the best copper tea kettle models we have outlined for you above and start making your tea in style.

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