So, you too think your dishes are simply incomplete without involving a fine piece of butter? Guess what? Chef legends have been using butter in their dishes since thousands of years. The aroma, the flavor, makes you want to go ‘ummm’.

There’s no doubt that we can’t pull off that amazing ancient flavor now. But what if we say you can get a lot closer to that just with the right amount of cream and the best butter churn? Now the question is, where are you going to get that?

Well, we’re not asking you to try all churners you see in the market. Why are we here for then? Let us have the honor to lead you to that.

Comparison Table

Product Capacity Processing Time Material Type
Kilner Manual Butter Churner 33.8 Oz. 15 Min. Glass, wood, and stainless steel, BPA-free Silicone Manual
Chef’n Buttercup Butter Maker 10 Oz. 3 Min. Plastic Manual
Wisemen Trading Buttermeister Butter Churn 1 Gallon 20-30 Min. Plastic, stainless steel, glass Electric
Paderno Butter Maker 50 Oz. 3-8 Min. Plastic, stainless steel, glass Manual
Tamarack Hand Butter Churn 1 Gallon 25 Min. Steel, wood, and glass Manual
Homeplace Butter Churn 4 Gallon 20-60 Min. BPA-free plastic and stainless steel Manual/Electric
Aeaker Butter Churn 32 Oz. 20-25 Min. Stainless steel, glass, wood, and plastic Manual
Martinez Pottery Hand-Turned Butter Churner 2 and 3 Gallons 20-60 Min. Stoneware clay and wood Manual/Electric
Wisemen Trading Buttermeister Butter Churn 2.5 Gallon 20-30 Min. Plastic, stainless steel, glass Electric
The Butter Brewer 1 Gallon Adjustable Plastic Electric

Top Choice
Kilner Vintage Glass Butter Churn; Delicious Homemade Butter in as Little as Ten Minutes; Large 34-Fluid Ounce Capacity Butter Churner, 1 EA
Best Value
Chef'n 102-567-017 Buttercup Butter Maker, One Size, Lemon/Meringue
Runner up
Buttermeister Butter Churn (1 Gallon)
Kilner Vintage Glass Butter Churn; Delicious Homemade Butter in as Little as Ten Minutes; Large 34-Fluid Ounce Capacity Butter Churner, 1 EA
Chef'n 102-567-017 Buttercup Butter Maker, One Size, Lemon/Meringue
Buttermeister Butter Churn (1 Gallon)
Top Choice
Kilner Vintage Glass Butter Churn; Delicious Homemade Butter in as Little as Ten Minutes; Large 34-Fluid Ounce Capacity Butter Churner, 1 EA
Kilner Vintage Glass Butter Churn; Delicious Homemade Butter in as Little as Ten Minutes; Large 34-Fluid Ounce Capacity Butter Churner, 1 EA
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Best Value
Chef'n 102-567-017 Buttercup Butter Maker, One Size, Lemon/Meringue
Chef'n 102-567-017 Buttercup Butter Maker, One Size, Lemon/Meringue
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Runner up
Buttermeister Butter Churn (1 Gallon)
Buttermeister Butter Churn (1 Gallon)
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10 Best Butter Churn Reviews

We always believe that rather than sticking to one or two options, ten is more of an ideal number for making a list. After all, that way, you’ll get to think a bit more elaborately before making a decision. So, you’re ready to meet the top 10 butter churn? We’re taking that as a YES.

1. Kilner Manual Butter Churner

Let us ask you something first. How long does it take to make the arm ache while getting a cup of butter from a churner? If your answer is 30 minutes, then the good news is team Kilner has just made it possible to make the butter just within 10 minutes with their Small Manual Butter Churner.

The makers of this churner know what keeps you away from getting some fresh home-made butter is the hassling process. But guess what? Team Kilner has got rid of that once and for all with their ergonomic design and geared paddles. All you need to do is just turn the handle right after adding some whipping cream.

So, how much butter do you need this time? Well, though we don’t know the amount, we’re quite sure that the visible jar you’re seeing can hold up to one entire liter of cream and turn it into fresh butter. And when you are done, just pick this 900-gram churner and put it in a corner or cupboard.

But what if the gears break apart? We wouldn’t have worried much about that as the stainless steel construction ain’t going to let that happen. Plus, if you need to get yourself introduced to some new recipes, the recipe booklet will help you out. And, of course, the maker didn’t try any additives or anything artificial on it.


  • Takes only 10 minutes to do the job
  • Ergonomic design eased up the process
  • Comes with a decent 1-liter capacity
  • Stainless steel made gears are quite durable
  • Contains no additives or anything artificial


  • Not dishwasher safe

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2. Chef’n Buttercup Butter Maker

So you’re looking for a butter maker that your kid can use too? Well, we can’t say every manufacturer thinks of making a children-friendly butter maker, but Chef’n does, and their Buttercup Butter Maker is the proof of so.

If we had an award to give for the simplest process, then probably we would’ve given it to this one. The process is so easy that it gets done in just three simple steps – pour, shake, and collect the butter. Do you still think any other butter maker can keep things that easy?

And Capacity? Don’t get fooled by its small size as it still can take in 10 oz. of whipping cream and turn it into the finest butter with a quantity of 3 oz.

And when you’re done cleaning, it will feel like a piece of cake as that’s how easy it is. Though it’s dishwasher safe, nobody will stop you from giving it a hand wash too.

If you love compact kitchen stuff, then there’s good news waiting for you as this mini butter churn comes with a size of 5.59″ x 3.19″ x 3.19″. So rather than eating up too much of your kitchen space, it’ll fit into almost any cupboard. By the way, in case you get puzzled with the process, it has clear instructions for that too.


  • Offers a convenient butter making process
  • Can contain up to 10 oz. of cream
  • The compact size eased up the storing
  • Makes butter up to 3 oz.
  • Comes with dishwasher safe feature


  • A bit higher durability was expected

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3. Wisement Trading Buttermeister Butter Churn

So far, all we’ve told you about butter churners that are good enough to fulfill smaller needs. What if we say the third one on our list is capable of taking the output to a ‘humongous’ level? Yes, we’re talking about the Buttermeister Butter Churn from Wisemen Trading.

If you don’t have all the time in the world to do it manually, then this electric churner is here to back you up. The motor will do all the churning with the help of the paddle agitator, which is made of stainless steel. So, it won’t eat up all of your energy, at least.

And guess what? It doesn’t even let the cream or butter come in contact with anything but stainless steel and glass. So, there’s no need for you to worry about having any harmful chemicals getting mixed with the butter. And with an easy setup, you won’t have to invest any extra drop of effort in installing it.

But how good is it in taking enough cream in? Well, the jar itself has a capacity of 1 gallon. So, there’s no chance that you’ll run short of butter even if it turns one-third of the cream into butter. Just give it 20-30 minutes, and your butter will be ready to get served before you know it.

And what to say about the sturdiness? Like the capacity, this one is high on that too. No matter what kind of rough application you’ve got in mind, this one can keep up like taking a walk in the park. Plus, it’ ain’t going to suck up too much power. All you need to do is just plug it into any 110V outlet.


  • Makes the process hands-free
  • Won’t let the butter touch plastic/aluminum parts
  • Boasts a huge capacity of 1-gallon
  • Comes with a sturdy construction
  • Doesn’t need too much power


  • A bit tough to clean”]

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4. Paderno Butter Maker

Are you ready for getting back to that ancient taste of butter making but in more of an easier way? Well, we’ve got something that can do it just like that, and you’ll know it all just by looking at it. It’s the Fresh Butter maker from Paderno we’re pointing at.

The first thing that’ll hit on your head’s ‘wow’ button is its shiny design. Its comfortable wooden handle, high-quality and durable stainless steel made gears and crank, impenetrable lid all of these speak in favor of its external excellence.

Just the way you would’ve got from the best butter churner, this one is also super easy to use. You ain’t going to need any extra tool to pull the finest butter out of it. Just pour some cream in there, keep rotating and see when the cream is getting stiffened. What else can be easier than this?

By the way, any guess on how much time it might need for the churning? Get ready for a surprising number, then. It’s 3-8 minutes only! The time is determined by the quality of the cream. So, if you’re in a hurry and still can’t wait for some butter, then you better grab this churner ASAP!

And don’t show any mercy while using it, as the thick glass is here to make sure it stays with you for a long period of time. Plus, it can easily occupy 1.6L of cream, which we believe is perfect for you.


  • Lucrative and shiny design
  • Comes with a comfortable wooden handle
  • Gears and crank is made of durable material
  • Boasts a capacity of 1.6L
  • Takes only 3-8 minutes for churning


  • Requires thorough cleaning

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5. Tamarack Hand Butter Churn

Still, there’s a lot of us who like it in the old fashioned way, even if it’s about making butter. For them, team Tamarack has brought the amazing Hand Butter Churn that’ll take you to a new level of quality and quantity, but with a nostalgic vibe.

What was most surprising in this one is the amount of focus the makers have given to its design. It’s like watching perfection in the shape of a butter churn. Name anything, and it’s got it all like machine-cut gears made of stainless steel, nylon bearings, oak handle, and of course, Anchor-Hocking glass jar.

Don’t think we’re telling you about the parts because you’ll have to assemble them. To be honest, you don’t need to waste even a second of your valuable time in assembling as this one comes fully assembled.

Now tell us how much butter you’re planning to make this time and how much time do you have? Well, if you’ve got 1 hour, then you can turn 2.5-quarts of cream into butter twice as it takes around 25 minutes only. Thanks to its 4-to-1 gear ratio for speeding up the time.

Thinking about capacity? You can put in 1-gallon of cream, and it still won’t get flooded. Plus, as everything is made of steel, it’s ain’t going to fall apart any sooner for sure.


  • Comes in an efficient design
  • Doesn’t require any assembling
  • Can make up to 2.5-quartz butter
  • Capable of holding 1-gallon of cream
  • Sports a durable construction


  • The lid’s screw is a bit flimsy

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6. Homeplace Butter Churn

You’ve got a huge party ahead to throw and your favorite butter brand is just not coming with enough stock. Wait a minute! What if you make the butter on your own. Don’t worry; the Butter Churn from Homeplace is here to be your assistant.

With the huge capacity of carrying 4 gallons of cream, we bet you ain’t going to have any problem in covering a whole party. Besides, if you want to store some extra butter for yourself, you can do that as well.

So, how does it work? The makers have made some exceptions here, too, but without compromising the ease. Just bring in your electric drill, add the paddle like a bit on it and start. By the way, if you need some proper instructions for that, the package got that covered too, along with the recipes, of course.

In case you’ve got any problem with plastic products, this one ain’t going cause you any health issues as it’s made of BPA-free plastic. Plus, the stainless steel made paddle is so strong and resilient that nothing can stop you from making the finest butter.


  • Comes with a huge capacity
  • Highly convenient to use
  • Made of BPA-free plastic
  • Boasts a strong and resilient paddle
  • Equipped with clear instructions and recipes


  • Requires a drilling machine

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7. Aeaker Butter Churn

Come on! Admit it! You know the amount of credit you can get from making the butter with the manual one ain’t going to be the same as using the electrical butter churner machine. So, what about trying your hand once again with something as unique as the Manual Butter Churner from Aeaker?

Its eye-pleasing design contains everything that you would’ve asked from an ideal butter churner. The 1-quart glass jar can take in enough cream and convert it into butter that’ll be more than enough to meet all your butter cravings just in 20-25 minutes.

But we can’t give all the credit for structural strength to its jar alone, especially when there’re stainless steel shafts, brackets, and lid playing their part too. But what has given its durability the tag of ‘perfection’ is its Acetal precision gears. It looks like your buttery days ain’t going to end very soon.

Now comes the stability. We know while churning butter, the churner giving a bit shaky feeling ain’t anything unusual. So, to handle that part, the makers have added a comfortable grip to its ergonomic design. Just make sure you’re holding it tight enough.

Hold on a second! Are you having any doubt about its speed or torque power? Then, we say cut that off of your list because its optimal transmission ratio not only ensures a good balance of speed but also more than enough torque power.

Plus, you won’t have to take a headache about maximizing the cream agitation, as the custom paddle made of stainless steel is here to handle that part.


  • 1-quart glass jar holds enough cream
  • Made with a durable and ergonomic design
  • Optimal transmission ratio ensures torque and speed
  • Provides maximum cream agitation
  • Takes only 20-25 minutes for the processing


  • Inadequate output for family use

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8. Martinez Pottery Hand-Turned Butter Churner

Want to see something out of the box this time? Well, this one on our list might get you a bit confused. But trust us, this unit literally doubles the fun of making butter out of cream. Yes, it’s the Hand-Turned Butter Churner from Martinez Pottery we’re talking about.

From the moment right after you put it in your kitchen, it will make you feel like putting a decorative piece there, though it’s more than that. Thanks to its natural stone color for making it lucrative in a different way. A fair share of applause is also deserved by the double blue stripe on it.

By the way, do you count churning as a job full of pleasure? Well, if you don’t, then you surely will from now on as the unfinished, smooth-sanded wooden dasher will make you add it to your list as a fun task.

But if you don’t love putting too much physical labor in the process, you can do it with a drill machine and right paddle.

Usually, we don’t see churn makers maintain much of a variation, but team Martinez Pottery thought of taking a different path. They’ve kept variation in size where the churner can take in up to 2 to 3 gallons of cream. And to make this handmade churn totally safe for you, they’ve built it lead-free.


  • Natural stone color delivers pure lucrativeness
  • Wooden dasher helps with traditional churning
  • Operable in manual and electric mode
  • Can contain 2-3 gallons of cream
  • Handmade and lead-free


  • No color variations

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9. Wisemen Trading Buttermeister Butter Churn

If you’ll ask us for a name that you rely on for electric butter churning, then the name that pops in our head first is Wisemen Trading. We know you’re not entirely unfamiliar with the name as they’ve taken another slot in our butter churner reviews earlier. Well, they’re back again with their Buttermeister Butter Churn.

So, you’re thinking, what’s so special about this one? After all, it’s also an electric churn and does the same thing. Well, the makers have changed the game this time from two aspects. One, the capacity, and two, the design.

Last time their churner could’ve only taken cream in up to 1-gallon. But this time, they’ve made the number 1.5 times higher. Yup, it’s 2.5 gallons now. Not only your entire family will have enough butter with it, but you can share some with your neighbors too.

The next thing we said was the design. Well, we won’t be surprised if you start calling it the ‘butter grenade’ because of its roundish shape. Plus, the design on the glass has added some extra feather to its appeal.

Like always, you’re just a plug away from a pile of tasty butter. All you have to do is pour the cream in this butter churner machine, find a 110V outlet, plug it in, and leave the rest on it. By the way, don’t think it’ll bulk up your electricity bill as the motor doesn’t suck much power.


  • Can contain up to 2.5 gallon
  • Sports a more of a stylish design
  • Doesn’t eat too much power
  • Requires only a 110V outlet to run
  • Keeps the making process easier


  • A bit hard to clean

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10. The Butter Brewer

It’s time to wrap up the search with something techy. Sounds cloudy? Okay, let us tell you that it’s a piece of tech that won’t only help you with the butter but also some other food items too like oil and cannabis. Yup! We’re talking about the Butter Brewer.

We bet you thought it was some kind of food pot right after seeing it. But that’s only when you don’t notice the blades with the lid. Plus, its black and gray color combination, more or less, has made it compatible with almost all kitchen décor.

Even some of the electric churners we’ve seen asked for assistance, but this one has simply made the use of hands useless. Yup, you’re going to need to use those fingers, but just to push the right button and relax later on.

Now, rather than struggling with room temperature, you can fix that on your own, between 90°F to 300°F, of course. And the same goes for the time too. So, stop staring at the stopwatch and let this brewer do the job for you.

By the way, if you feel like you need to cancel the operation, then it’s got a button for that too. And due to being dishwasher-safe, there’s no reason left for you to struggle with the cleaning.


  • Keeps the operation hands-free
  • Offers options to control time
  • Fits right with any kitchen décor
  • Allows fixing the temperature between 90°F-300°F
  • Totally dishwasher-safe


  • The manual is a bit short

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What to Look for Before Buying a Butter Churner?

If someone says that making butter at home ain’t any hard nut to crack, then we can’t say she/he’s wrong. But we bet that won’t be the same statement if you ask someone who has tried it with the wrong butter churner.

We don’t want you to end up among them; rather, we want you to surprise everyone with your butter making skill. But for that, you’re going to need the right butter churner, and you can get that only when you learn to recognize one. Want to know how to do that? Just check out a few things like –


When you’re looking for the right butter churning machine for home, you just can’t take in anything written ‘butter maker’ on it. What you have to be sure of first is if the butter churner has adequate capacity against your need.

The interesting fact about butter churner is it comes with two capacities. Sounding like a puzzle already? One is the amount of cream that it can take in, and another is the amount of butter it can make. But the twist just doesn’t end there. The capacities are never the same as only one-third of the cream turns into butter.

Butter Churn

Now the question is how to decide how much you’re going to need. If you need the butter only for yourself, then getting one with a 30 oz. capacity will be enough for you. But if you need it for your entire family, then it’s better to go with the one that has a capacity like 1-4 gallon.


Want to know what makes a butter processor sustain longer? The construction. And that part is entirely dependent on the materials it’s made of. If it has gears, then make sure they’re of good metal like stainless steel, and the handles are made of quality woods.

And if the container is made of glass, then there’s nothing much to worry about for the health issues. But if it’s made of plastic, check out if it’s BPA-free or not.

Electric vs Manual

With the headlines, you’ve understood already what we’re going to say. The manual one will require more of your physical labor, where the electric one will get the job done with the help of electricity.

 Butter Churn

But the perk of the manual one is it’s easy to use and requires less maintenance. On the other hand, the electric one runs in the opposite direction there. Moreover, it’ll add some extra cost too. But when you have to take care of greater demands within a short time, then you’ve got no choice but to go with the electric one.

Ease of Usage

We don’t know how many butter churner reviews you’ve checked out so far, but all of them focused mostly on the ease of making it ergonomic. So, let’s just keep it that way. Don’t pick anything that’ll scare the hell out of you whenever someone takes the name of butter.

Butter Churn

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is a Dazey butter churn worth?

If any of the butter churners can give a classic vibe to a butter maker in the finest way, then it’s probably the Dazey butter churn. If the condition is excellent of this vintage product, the price can cross an amount of $2000. But as not all of them are in top condition, you’ll be able to get one within $150.

2. How long does it take to churn butter?

So far, we’ve seen most of the butter churners take around 20-25 minutes to churn butter. But if you pick the best butter churner, then there’s a high chance that you can get the job done within 10 minutes.

3. What happens if you over churn butter?

The right way to churn butter is by beating the cream for a certain amount of time. But if you over churn the butter for a long time, it starts melting and loses the creamy vibe that you’re looking for.

4. How do you make butter in a Dazey churn?

After cleaning the churn and lubricating the gears, put some heavy cream in. Now, shut the churn with the lid and start churning. Keep doing it for the next 15 – 45 minutes, as you’ll be able to see when the butter is getting ready. Once you’re done there, separate the buttermilk by pouring, and what will remain within is the butter.

5. What is the difference between churned butter and regular butter?

The churned butter is more of a complete butter compared to regular butter as they taste and look better than the regular one. The yellowish vibe gives a more pleasing look to the dishes.

Final Words

So, you’re ready to surprise your family with some freshly-made butter? Then, what are you waiting for? Just pick up the best butter churn and rock the table of your breakfast once again. As you’ve got everything you need to pull this off, we bet you’re going to amaze everyone this time. Happy Baking!