Indeed, Baby Blues BBQ restaurant’s sudden closure left every BBQ lover in West Hollywood into despair.

Well, let me drive you to some flashbacks from the past! So, Baby Blues BBQ marched its first opening in 2004 with its gloomy and hardly enticing decoration.

Gradually, it started to dilate its chain by launching different outlets from Venice to Philadelphia. Also, places like San Francisco and, needless to say, west Hollywood has its existence.

Baby Blues BBQ

However, if you have ever been to this restaurant, I can bet that it always drove you to ponder or rather speculate about the funky decoration and its old furniture.

Yet, this never happened to bother even if you were paying a big wage for a single dinner, which is nearly 25$ to 27$.

Because maybe that was the thing about Baby Blues BBQ restaurant, which was so addictive that the moment you entered, a smoky aroma and its good ol’ decoration would conjure an affection for this place.

Hence, even when you see customers being naggy about the overpriced food, they actually never stopped visiting as the food was really luscious.

Baby Blues BBQ

For instance, pulled pork sandwich, Texas-style beef ribs, suicide king, smoked mary’s chicken, fried green tomatoes, mac n cheese, and Memphis style ribs along with the scrumptious dessert banana pudding was some of their specials and mostly ordered cuisines.

There were also food sidings such as the sautéed okra, which is basically sautéed with vinegar, olive oil, garlic, and fresh tomatoes. Initially, they had the ability to transform any traditional cuisine into an eccentric one!

Baby Blues BBQ

Now, over these courses of time, many controversies have been made.

For example, some say that the sole reason for its end might have aroused from financial influence from the richer. But there is still a possibility for redemption.

None can be neglected neither believed as there’s no such concrete proof that can rationalize either narrative. Yet, when you ask any regular customer of Baby Blues regarding this fact, they will come up with either the parking problems of the street or the overpriced food.

Still, neither of them seems to be problematic when it comes to real BBQ lovers who would drive miles after miles just to get here and take a heap of their favorite mac n cheese or beef ribs.

Baby Blues BBQ

Here allow me to add more tea into this.

So! Baby Blues BBQ restaurant has called its end with just a “closed” postcard hanging on its entrance door.

Well, many people were expecting an overwhelming goodbye note or a last ‘free feast’ for all the beloved customers with some plausible reason for such a decision or anything that would be just. But nothing like that ever happened.

So, the only probable and sane verdict that we all can come up with is ‘perhaps it will reopen with some better embellishments, or a relatively more enticing project will take place.

Baby Blues BBQ

With that being said, there are also rumors about opening Downtown’s Hotel Figueroa with the authorization OF DUSHAN ZARIC with the help of his employees and team in the same places where Baby Blues were located.

And here another tea is yet to spill! A whole different project named “The Townsend” also has the possibility to replace Baby Blues.

Now, what else can we do rather than longing for the bubble to pop or just keeping up with the raveling events!