Tired of your regular rice and want to get rid of its boring taste?

Then undeniably, making sushi can lighten up your mood and mollify your tummy too. Now the question is how to make it without putting too much exertion and time.

Here, I am going to tell you the perks of having a rice cooker in your kitchen and how to delight yourself with a perfect sushi.

What is Sushi?

Sushi is basically a Japanese food which is now cherished by all over the world. The main ingredient of sushi is rice. It is generally coated with raw fish and seasoned with soy sauce and wasabi.

A perfectly cooked rice ensures an impeccable sushi. As you can perceive that rice is the basic factor, you need to make it appropriately.

What is Sushi

How To Make It In A Rice Cooker?

Okay, I am going to tell you how you can use your conventional rice cooker for making sushi rice. Here are the instructions below:

Prep Time

Before I take you to the main steps, you better take some knowledge on the Prep from here.

Picking Rice for Your Sushi: First and foremost, you need to choose the perfect sushi rice. You might have heard about Japanese style rice. It safeguards talc or powdered starch to keep it puffed and dry.

However, you can also use half brown rice, organic rice or Nishiki rice. Nishiki rice is claimed as best quality rice for sushi.

Getting Rice Vinegar: Secondly, you have to approach some seasoned rice vinegar. As we all know, Japanese claim making sushi as an art. It says, making sushi entails 10 years of involvement such as knife skills, rolling, sorting of fish and seafood, molding etc.

Sushi rice is habitually combined with fish which needs skill to attain the right consistency. That is why you have to grab rice vinegar to balance the fishy smell, taste, acidity and preferable flavor.

Generally, rice vinegar consists of sugar and salt in it which ensures the perfect taste and make sushi flavorful.

Having A Handy Fan: Thirdly, you need to get a handy fan to make sure that your sushi rice is dried up.

Gathering Basic Ingredients:

  1. 2 cups of uncooked white or brown rice such as Nishiki rice (perfect for sushi). You can add more rice depending on your requirement.
  2. 3 cups of water (perfect portion). Though, it depends on your rice ration.
  3. 1 tablespoon vegetable oil (optional).
  4. ½ cup rice vinegar (includes sugar and salt).

Fact: Japanese chefs suggest to use exact 18 grams salt because it is really important, otherwise you might mess up your rice using too much salt or too less.

Apart from using rice vinegar which includes salt and sugar, they use more brown sugar to boost the flavor and enhance the textures.

The Making

Making sushi rice includes some basic methods such as washing, adding vinegar, stirring etc. Check out the details below:

Sushi Rice In a Rice Cooker

Washing: If you are aiming to make perfect sushi rice, you need to put much sweat on this washing procedure. Make sure you wash the rice until the rice water looks crystal clear.

Keep changing the water multiple times for seamless sushi rice. Let it rest for exact 30 minutes for better texture. Use a strainer to free the water from rice.

Cooking Rice: Take the rice from the strainer into the rice cooker pan and pour it with approximate water which is 3 cups generally. Now, set the pan into the rice cooker and turn on the “on” switch to accelerate the cooking process.

Timing: You have to wait for an exact 45 minutes or more. Timing the rice cooker will help you to avoid blunders or any kind of fuss.

Cooling: Put out the rice into a container or a glass bowl and start using you the handy fan to avoid the steaming hot rice and ensure consistency.

Adding Vinegar: Add the rice vinegar and start mixing gently without any roughness and rush. It actually absorbs the moisture from your rice.

Stirring: You need to make sure that you are not intending to mash the rice or break the rice. So go with the flow mixing the rice with a flat stirring spoon. You need to assure that the rice is coated with vinegar properly.

Because you don’t want a strong taste and completely tasteless flavor at a time with each bite. So make sure about the consistency. Now, add salt and sugar or you can prepare a mixture using salt and sugar along with the rice vinegar, then add it with the steamed rice.

let it rest for a while. Your sushi rice is ready for stuffing fish or seafood.

Safety Precautions

  • Read the instructions properly before using the rice cooker.
  • As it is an electrical appliance, try not to keep it near inflammable properties.
  • Make sure turning off the rice cooker after you are done using it.
  • Don’t plug your rice cooker until it is ready for cooking.
  • Disconnect when it’s out of use.


You can’t achieve perfection without experience. Making sushi is no different as it requires proficiency. Nonetheless, there is nothing like taking 10 years to master yourself for making sushi.

You just have to know the effective tricks, guideline and patience. Just like rice cooker relieves you from putting too much effort and time!

Doesn’t it make sense to use your ordinary rice cooker for some extraordinary cooking method?