You cannot start a day without a good cup of coffee. Coffee not only makes you energized and fresh but also burns fat and improves physical performance. However, the early morning coffee runs can be taxing for most.

Bedtime coffee is a luxury to enjoy. Hence, if brewing coffee by yourself is not your forte and waiting leaves you jittery, the only best alternative you have is to purchase a coffee maker.

It might be considered an expensive alternative, but surely it will save your everyday expenditure on coffee from a café. Since 1970 Mr. Coffee has been providing splendid tasting brew to people that too within the comfort of their home. Mr. Coffee’s coffee-making machines provide impeccable results that too in style.

Here is all you need to know about the best Mr. Coffee’s coffee makers.

Top Choice
Mr. Coffee Black Coffee Maker, 12 Cups, with Auto Pause and Glass Carafe, Perfect for Home and Office Use
Best Value
Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker, Programmable Coffee Machine with Auto Pause, 10 Cups, Stainless Steel
Runner up
Mr. Coffee Advanced Brew 5 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Black/Chrome
Mr. Coffee Black Coffee Maker, 12 Cups, with Auto Pause and Glass Carafe, Perfect for Home and Office Use
Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker, Programmable Coffee Machine with Auto Pause, 10 Cups, Stainless Steel
Mr. Coffee Advanced Brew 5 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Black/Chrome
Top Choice
Mr. Coffee Black Coffee Maker, 12 Cups, with Auto Pause and Glass Carafe, Perfect for Home and Office Use
Mr. Coffee Black Coffee Maker, 12 Cups, with Auto Pause and Glass Carafe, Perfect for Home and Office Use
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Best Value
Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker, Programmable Coffee Machine with Auto Pause, 10 Cups, Stainless Steel
Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker, Programmable Coffee Machine with Auto Pause, 10 Cups, Stainless Steel
More Information
Runner up
Mr. Coffee Advanced Brew 5 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Black/Chrome
Mr. Coffee Advanced Brew 5 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Black/Chrome
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Best Mr. Coffee Maker: Product Reviews 

If you start checking online for coffee maker devices, you might get overwhelmed by the options. Below is a list of the top coffee makers currently available in the market to help you get started.

1. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker (Black)

The Mr.Coffee 12 cup coffee maker lets you enjoy rich and creamy coffee without fuss. Just set it up, and it’ll start brewing excellent coffee in no time. This easy-to-use coffee machine has a unique grab a cup feature. This lets you pick up your cup before the machine has completed its brewing cycle. Just pour your tasty cup of coffee, and place the carafe back in the machine to continue the brewing process.

It has a dual water window that allows you to see the water level while making your coffee. This 12 cups programmable coffee maker makes brewing coffee so much fun! Furthermore, the removable filter basket underneath makes cleaning the machine very convenient.

Plus, there is sufficient space for cord storage within the coffee machine. So, you don’t have to worry about your cords lying around and mess up your kitchen.

Key Features 

  • On/ Off indicator lets you know if the status of the coffee machine
  • Grab a cup auto-pause feature
  • Cord length – 26 inches
  • Filter basket for cleaning


  • Convenient and straightforward to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Ample cord storage reduces clutter on the kitchen countertop
  • Dual water window prevents overflows


  • On/ Off switch doesn’t work correctly sometimes

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2. Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Coffee Maker | Optimal Brew Thermal System  

This is one of the best Mr. Coffee maker machines out there in the market. Designed to extract the complete flavor from your coffee roast, its fast brew speed and high brew temperature makes every pot of coffee ready in minutes. The thermal carafe made of stainless steel maintains the temperature as well as your flavor. Be it one or 10 cups; you’ll always get the best coffee with a rich taste.

Love stronger tasting coffee? This coffee maker has it all. Its Strong Brew selector allows you to prepare a stronger cup of coffee. You’ll also love the grab a cup feature which lets you take your cup of coffee and start sipping before the machine is done with brewing.

And that’s not all! There’s a freshness timer that tells you how much time has passed since you brew your cup of coffee. So, you are always presented with fresh cups of coffee with your preferred brew.


  • Removable water reservoir for simple refilling
  • Advanced water filtration removes excess chlorine from the water used for coffee.
  • Double-walled thermal carafe
  • Programmable brew cycle


  • The Gold Tone permanent filter reduces waste and paper filter expenses
  • Delay brew feature lets you wake up to fresh coffee
  • Faster brewing than other coffee makers
  • Easy to clean using the removable water filtration system


  • The thermal carafe may leak from time to time

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3. Mr. Coffee Advanced Brew Programmable 5 Cup Coffee Maker Black/Chrome 

This 5 cups programmable coffee maker is designed for the coffee addict who wants to enjoy his coffee in style! The array of programmable features offer you the best-brewed coffee ever. It has a Delay brew timer that allows you to set a specific brewing time so you can always get a fresh cup of coffee. So, set it up when you go to sleep and wake up to a full pot of the best coffee you’ve ever had!

Then there’s the amazing Grab a cup feature that lets you fetch cups of coffee even if the brewing process isn’t over. If you’re a busybody, this product is for you. Apart from all that, this coffee maker has a water window which lets you know how much water has been filled. So, no more worrying about overflowing while preparing your favorite pot of coffee.

The removable water filtration basket makes cleaning the coffee maker a simple task. As you don’t have to stress about the dirt, you can focus on getting the best pot of coffee you’ve ever tasted.


  • Delay coffee brew timer
  • 1 Hour auto-shutoff feature switches the coffee maker automatically
  • Programmable coffee brewing
  • Lift and clean filter basket


  • Simple and quick cleaning facility
  • Light-weight, tough and durable design
  • Water window prevents spillage and ensures a hassle-free coffee brewing experience
  • Grab a cup feature for busy coffee drinkers on the go


  • Doesn’t have a thermal carafe or sufficient cord storage

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4. Mr. Coffee Simple Brew Coffee Maker | 4 Cup Coffee Machine | Drip Coffee Maker (Black)

Yet another amazing coffee maker that’ll make all your brewing dreams come true, Mr. Coffee’s 4 cup coffee maker is here for you. It is designed to give you the best-brewed coffee in minutes with its efficient technology. One of the cutest drip coffee makers you’ll find, the power on/ off indicator makes it easy for you to check out the coffee maker’s status. This light also reminds you to shut it off so you don’t get your coffee spilled all over your countertop.

Do you have the habit of overflowing your coffee machine? Don’t worry, as Mr. Coffee has got your back. This machine has a useful feature called the Dual Water Window, which lets you keep an eye out for the water level while brewing coffee.

It’s also great when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The removable water filter basket which you can easily take out and remove the dirt and dry sediments. Then, you can put it back in its place after cleaning it.


  • Comes with a stain-resistant warming plate that is easy to clean
  • Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause feature
  • Water level viewing window
  • Power indicator


  • Easy for cleaning and maintenance
  • Warming plate enhances the brewing process
  • Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause functionality lets you pick your coffee cup while pausing the brewing cycle
  • Convenient for all users


  • Doesn’t have the auto-shutoff feature

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5. Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte Maker 

Latte lovers, it’s time to rejoice! The Mr. Coffee Maker latte maker machine is here to spoil you all. With just a simple click, you’ll get a delicious cup of creamy latte ready in minutes. This is a wonderful machine allows offers you brewed coffee and espresso very quickly. Moreover, it has simple controls along with an automatic latte cycle, which lets you brew a complete latte in simple steps.

Are you a hot chocolate fan? Then, this coffee maker will do that for you too. Just add milk and hot chocolate to the latte jar, then select the heat and froth function to get started. So, within minutes your milk will be frothed without starting the brewing process. So, coffee drinkers can now enjoy hot chocolate with their friends and family members!

It’s simple to clean too. You can just use a damp cloth to clean the latte pitcher after pouring out the container’s remains. Then, clean the exterior of the coffee maker with the cloth. However, the coffee brew basket is dishwater safe, so you can put it in the dishwasher to make it squeaky clean.


  • 24 oz. capacity, which lets you serve many drinks at a time
  • Auto shutoff after brewing coffee is over
  • Efficient milk frother
  • Compact design


  • Make a latte, espresso, hot chocolate, or froth milk in minutes
  • Comes with a recipe book consisting of 20 varieties of latte and other simple drinks
  • The automatic switch-off feature lets you relax while you brew coffee
  • Trouble-free cleaning facility


  • The price is on the higher side

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6. Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse Espresso Maker and Cappuccino Machine

This coffee maker will make you forget all the nice and expensive cafes you’ve ever visited. Why not enjoy the same coffee at home? With this outstanding machine, you can make lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos right from the comfort of your kitchen. The unique design has simple controls evenly distributed to make your cup of coffee just the way you like it.

The coffee maker has a simple one-touch panel that lets you choose between single and double shots of latte, espresso, or cappuccino. There’s an automatic milk frother that lets you turn your milk into a soft and airy foam. As a result, your cup of coffee becomes more delicious. Furthermore, the milk reservoir is removable, so you can easily clean and refill it.

Overall, this product will be a great buy for coffee fanatics who want to ditch those cafes and impress others with their coffee-making skills.


  • Efficient thermocouple heating system
  • One button interface for preparing a variety of drinks
  • 19 Italian bar pump
  • Automatic milk frother


  • The heating system heats water evenly, offering a delicious cup of coffee
  • The milk reservoir can be used to keep leftover milk in the refrigerator
  • You can adjust the cup tray to fit small or larger mugs
  • The bar pump delivers adequate pressure to extract lip-smacking coffee flavors


  • It is a bit expensive

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7. Mr. Coffee 20 Oz. Frappe Maker

This is another exciting coffee maker that lets you prepare an array of amazing beverages right at home. Mr. Coffee Maker Frappe maker is a perfect combo of a coffee maker and a blender. Along with an awesome cup of joe, this coffee maker makes frappe and other blends with just a simple press of a button. So, frosty drinks and cafe-style beverages are made easy!

Apart from your freshly brewed cup of coffee, throw in some ingredients such as milk, chocolate, ice, whipped cream, or cocoa powder to prepare other drinks. The machine’s pulse blending button lets you control the consistency of the blend, making your pot of coffee just the way you want it. Be it iced coffee or hot coffee; the machine keeps your coffee under your control!

The machine offers variety and convenience at the same time. Apart from the numerous mouth-watering beverages you can prepare with it, its sleek jar is easy to hold and serve. So, you can serve rich coffee to your guests as soon as it’s done.


  • Brewing and blending with a just a button touch
  • Pulse button for controlling blending
  • Dishwasher safe blending jar
  • Modern design


  • The blending jar is easily cleanable using a dishwasher
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Tasty beverages in quick time
  • The jar allows easy serving


  • The machine might leak from the bottom at times

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8. Mr. Coffee 31160392 Easy Measure 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

This 12-cup programmable coffee maker is great for making delicious tasting coffee consistently. How do you do this exactly? As this machine has an easy-measure color-coded system, you can put the right amount of coffee grounds and water. Then, you just have to match the color code of the scoop, water window, and carafe. And then, you’re on your way to taste some terrific coffee!

Not only this, the coffee maker has a freshness indicator that will let you know how long you’re coffee has been brewed. Thus, you get a full pot of fresh coffee every time. To offer you the best coffee, the machine comes with an advanced water filter. This reduces the amount of chlorine and calcium in the water, allowing you to enjoy rich-tasting coffee.

This wonderful machine has a 4-hour automatic shut-off feature that keeps your coffee hot. Then, there’s an option of brew now and brew later that lets you brew coffee whenever your heart desires. As the brew basket is bigger than other Mr. Coffee machines, it holds 25 % more coffee grounds.


  • 12 programmable coffee maker with color-coded easy measuring
  • Advanced filtration system with 2 step filtration process
  • Grab a cup feature for those on the move
  • 4-hour Freshness indicator


  • Automatic technology lets you enjoy a hot cup of joe every single time
  • Blooming feature presoaks the coffee grounds before you brew coffee
  • The gold-tone filter basket which you can easily clean and reuse
  • The easy measure design ensures your cup of coffee is made to perfection


  • It’s a bit heavy

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9. Mr. Coffee SJX20 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker (White)

The Mr. Coffee SJX20 12 Cup Programmable Coffee maker is another great machine to brew coffee every day. It looks compact and stylish, with useful features making it very convenient for daily use. Made of tough stainless steel, this machine has a Delay Brew feature that lets you set a time for brewing your coffee grounds. So, you can sit back and relax while this coffee maker your delicious cup of coffee.

There is a great Brew n’ pause feature that lets you pour cups of coffee while the coffee maker is still brewing. It will help busy office goers or students, and anybody on the go who don’t have time to wait till the brewing is over. Then, there’s the 2-hour automatic shut-off feature which keeps your coffee for two hours. It then shuts itself down, saving you from any kind of mess and spillage.

What’s more? This coffee maker also comes with a space for storing its cord properly. This makes it hassle-free and keeps your countertop free from unnecessary clutter.


  • Brew n’ pause and Delay brew feature
  • Cord storage space within the coffee maker
  • 2-hour automatic shut off feature
  • Removable filter basket


  • Modern technology for convenient coffee preparation
  • The removable filter basket for easy cleaning
  • The automatic shut-off feature saves energy and time
  • The excess cord can be easily stored in the space provided


  • It’s not very easy to clean inside the coffee maker due to its sharp edges and rigid design

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10. Mr. Coffee DW13-RB 12 Cup Switch Coffeemaker (Black)

The last coffee maker device on our list, the Mr. Coffee DW13, makes coffee brewing effortless and simple. It is one of the best coffee maker devices in the market due to its efficiency and convenience. If you’re late for work or class, the machine offers you a Grab a cup feature. This is a lifesaving feature as it lets you pick up your cup before completion of the brew cycle.

Plus, there’s an indicator light that notifies you whether your coffee maker is on or off. This is great for people who want their coffee hot. Just pick up your cup of coffee when the machine is done brewing. In case you’re worried about overflowing, there is a dual water window that enables you to check it as you fill it. So, say goodbye to messy kitchen tables dripping with coffee!

You’ll find this machine easy to clean and maintain. It’s because the removable filter basket lets you clean it up quickly and put it back in its place. Whether you have a need of 10 or 12 cups, making delicious tasting coffee is simple with Mr. Coffee Maker DW13.


  • Removable filter basket
  • Grab a cup feature
  • Dual water window
  • Space for cord storage


  • Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause allows convenience to coffee lovers on the go
  • Easy cleanup due to the removable filter basket
  • Cord storage space to store extra lengths of the machine’s cord
  • Simple, convenient, and affordable


  • It brews too fast, sometimes forcing the coffee grounds to over its filter

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What To Look For In A Coffee Maker?

Before you make your purchase, there are few parameters that you must analyze and consider. The wide range of configurations in a coffee maker can leave you baffled, but here is all you need to look.

Coffee preference

You must purchase a coffee maker depending on what type of coffee to prefer to drink. Coffee makers and espresso machines tend to be available as separate units. However, you can also purchase a hybrid machine that makes both.

Hybrid machines carry out the work of two separate units without occupying much of your shelf space.

Mr. Coffee Maker

Brew Size

Always consider your brewing requirement before purchasing the coffee machine. Different coffee machines produce different quantities of coffee. If you require a coffee machine to cater to your family, you will have to purchase a coffee maker with a much larger capacity and performance. Large brewers have the capacity label of 10 to 12 cups of coffee.

While a small coffee maker is perfect for individual needs. In case you need a coffee maker for your café or large parties, commercial-sized brewers are also available.


Convenience is an essential parameter to consider before purchasing any product. Coffee makers come with manual operation as well as programmed facilities. If you prefer automated machines, you will have to keep a liberal budget.

Mr. Coffee Maker

However, the convenience and ease of use automated coffee makers provide are much better than manual ones. Manual coffee makers require your utmost attention and take more time.

Hence, if convenience is of utmost priority for you, the automated coffee maker is the best option.

Extra Features

Another parameter that aids in your purchase decision is extra features. Coffee makers come with extra utility features to give added convenience to the users.

The extra features include time specification options, thermal carafe, and auto-shutoff feature. Some high-end coffee-making machines even have in-built milk frothing and bean grinding machinery.

Mr. Coffee Maker

Extra features may demand more money, but even within your budget, look for coffee makers that provide additional utility features.


1. What Is The Warranty On Mr. Coffee’s Appliances?

With every Mr. Coffee appliance, you receive a one-year limited warranty. Under the warranty period, in case your product shows a defect or malfunction, the company will replace the appliance for you.

 If the appliance is no longer available, then the replacement will be made a similar product that has equal or more value.

To enjoy the warranty facility, you will have to retain the original sales receipt. In case of normal wear and tear, negligent use, improper voltage consequence, disassembly, repair, and alteration, the warranty will not be applicable.

Also, damage due to a natural disaster, will not be covered under warranty.

2. How To Contact Mr. Coffee?

In case you have questions or wish to make comments, you can reach out via the form. You can also contact them through this number US 1-800-672-6333.

If you wish to contact MR. Coffee regarding the warranty and replacement, do not proceed with the contact form unless you have gone through its replacement partner link. Here is the link to the replacement partner.

It will be conducive if you provide them with an image of the product. That will enable the company to best support and solve your queries. MR. Coffee promises effective communication and contacting facility.

All your questions and troubles are answered diligently by the company.

3. How To Register The Product?

Post your purchase, make sure to register the product with the company. To do so, you have to fill a form available on the main website. To access the form, you will have to click here. For successfully registering the product you will have to abide by MR. Coffee’s terms and conditions along with a privacy statement.

The product registration is necessary to avail of the warranty benefits. The form demands general information such as name, contact information, and address. It also demands the date of purchase to determine the terms of the product’s warranty.


An ideal coffee-making machine will ensure the best results for you. With it, you can start your day with a fresh cup of coffee even while wearing your pajamas.

Mr. Coffee has become a household name because of its high-performance products. From iced tea to espresso and from cappuccino to pour-over coffee, its wide range of coffee-making machines, fulfill all your demands.

 Its easy at-home systems have made it a reputed brand name with wide-scale popularity even outside America. You can also purchase accessories to go along with your coffee maker for a more wholesome experience.

Hence, if you are looking for a coffee grinder, reusable coffee filter, or replaceable water filter, MR. Coffee is there is helps you too.

Not only this, its coffee makers have an easy operation system. You have the choice between a simple switch operation and a programmed coffee maker. You can even go overboard and purchase its specialty coffee makers.

All the products have been made to improve your quality of living as well as your coffee taste.

MR. Coffee is the best thing you can ask for. Hence, do not think too much and rush to your nearest store to your very own MR. Coffee’s spectacular coffee maker.