Close your eyes. Imagine the first three things of your childhood ‘food’ memories that come to mind. Is cotton candy on that list too? We bet it does. But it’s not that you or your kid will get the craving only when you’ll hit the park. Sometimes an idle afternoon is more than enough to turn the ‘craving’ button on.

What to do then? Well, we’ve got a solution. Want to hear? It’s making your own cotton candy, not in any random machines but in the best cotton candy machine. That’s because we don’t want it to go messy on the first shot.

We know you frequently step into that circle of confusion on picking up ‘the one,’ right? Don’t worry; we’ve got that covered for you. Want to know how? Just scroll a little down.

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Nostalgia PCM405RETRORED Retro Series Hard & Sugar Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker ;JM#54574-4565467/341176770
Best Value
Cotton Candy Maker, Cotton Candy Machine for Home Birthday Family Party Christmas Gift - Includes 10 Cones And Sugar Scoop (Blue)
Nostalgia PCM405RETRORED Retro Series Hard & Sugar Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker ;JM#54574-4565467/341176770
Cotton Candy Maker, Cotton Candy Machine for Home Birthday Family Party Christmas Gift - Includes 10 Cones And Sugar Scoop (Blue)
Top Choice
Nostalgia PCM405RETRORED Retro Series Hard & Sugar Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker ;JM#54574-4565467/341176770
Nostalgia PCM405RETRORED Retro Series Hard & Sugar Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker ;JM#54574-4565467/341176770
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Best Value
Cotton Candy Maker, Cotton Candy Machine for Home Birthday Family Party Christmas Gift - Includes 10 Cones And Sugar Scoop (Blue)
Cotton Candy Maker, Cotton Candy Machine for Home Birthday Family Party Christmas Gift - Includes 10 Cones And Sugar Scoop (Blue)
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10 Best Cotton Candy Machine Reviews

When it comes to cotton candy makers, it’s nothing hard to understand an easy and simple theory – the better you pick, the better you get. But we didn’t think of putting in a pile of better only. We wanted the finest cotton candy machines on our list, and that’s what we’ve got – not one or two but 10 of them.

Get ready to check out the first one –

1. Nostalgia PCM405RETRORED

The first word that hits our head right after seeing cotton candy is that nostalgic feeling, doesn’t it? Looks like team Nostalgia has named themselves to take us to that old Imaginarium. But this time, they’ve used their PCM405RETRORED candy maker to pull that off.

So, what you have in mind this time – some super sweet sugar floss or that classic hard candy? Well, none of them are going to be a problem for this one as it’s good at making both of them. By the way, if you’re planning to keep some of the hard candies sugar-free, then this one won’t be standing on your way for sure.

And you know how much time it’s going to need to get you the candy? Only a few minutes! Plus, its super easy 3-step process is going to blow your mind. We bet you’re going to regret why you didn’t bring it in the first place if making them was this easy. Besides, the clear rim guard won’t let you miss the view as well.

Don’t worry; team Nostalgia ain’t going to let you waste some extra bucks on the kits as they’ll get you what you need. Yes, we’re talking about the Cotton Candy Flossing Sugar and Hard Candy Party Kit.

But what’s going to take you directly to the early ’90s is its Retro design. You might feel like watching a time-traveling machine that has come in 2021 just to give you a touch of the classic sweetness.


  • Can make floss and hard candy
  • Equipped with required kits for the process
  • Capable of making candies within a short time
  • Comes with an easier process
  • Boasts a beautiful retro design


  • Comparatively big in size

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2. Sushelp Cotton Candy Maker

Get ready to check out a cotton candy machine that might look cute, but in the race of efficiency, it can give a hard time to some high-end machines. But to be honest, we weren’t expecting anything less from the Cotton Candy Maker of Sushelp.

On ease of usage, you just can’t give it anything less than full marks. It’s so easy that right after following four simple steps, all you’ll have on your hand is the candy. And guess how much time you need to complete the whole process? Just 8-10 minutes!

Unlike some of the low-end cotton candy makers, it doesn’t take all the time in the world to heat itself up. Just give it 2 minutes, and that’ll be just enough. But don’t forget to turn it off after running for 40 minutes in a row as you don’t want it to get overheated. Don’t worry; you can turn it on again after a 5-minute break.

One more thing! Team Sushelp has made this out of high-quality stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. So, no matter whatever you make in it, it’ll be totally safe. Plus, the durability you’re asking for won’t be compromised as well.

Assembling and cleaning – two synonyms of hassles, aren’t they? Well, not for this Sushelp tech. Wiping, rinsing, and drying – does it sound like a hard task to pull off? We don’t think so. And assembling? Even your kid can assemble it.


  • Highly convenient to use
  • Takes only 2 minutes to heat up
  • Made of BPA-free materials
  • Easy assembling and cleaning process
  • Requires only 8-10 minutes to complete processing


  • A little noisy

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3. The Candery Cotton Candy Machine

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Let’s move on to the third one on our cotton candy machine reviews. But rather than calling it a machine, we love calling it a compact source of sweetness. Any guess on the name? Well, it’s the Cotton Candy Machine from The Candery.

Once you add this amazing-looking cotton candy maker to your kitchen, the only thing that’ll be standing between you and delicious candies is a few minutes. So, what you want to make for your kids this time – cotton candy cones, hard candies, sugar floss? No worries! It can make them all.

And once you put it on your countertop, its kitchen-friendly décor style surely will add some extra appeal to your kitchen. But what you’re going to love the most about it is making candies on it is so easy that from elders to kids, it’ll be nothing but a piece of cake.

But what if you’ve arranged a party in the garden and kids suddenly start demanding some cotton candy? Don’t worry; this one weighs only 3.98 pounds. So, taking this compact and portable candy maker won’t take a ton of energy.

By the way, don’t think you’re going to need another one in a couple of years after bringing this one in. That’s because the high-quality construction is made not to fall apart any sooner.


  • Prepares candies within a few minutes
  • Can make hard candies, cotton candy, and sugar floss
  • Easy to use for both kids and elders
  • Comes in a lucrative, décor style design
  • Compact and lightweight


  • A bit pricey

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4. ANCROWN Cotton Candy Machine

Not all the things we use in our kitchen can turn into a pure attention snatcher. But this one, the Cotton Candy Machine from ANCROWN, has resisted being on the ‘boring’ side with its unique but classy design.

Right after you assemble within a few minutes, this piece of tech will need just two minutes to make one candy. Thanks to its quartz tube heating for helping out with that super speed productivity. All you need to do is just hit that on/off button once.

And guess what the makers have used to turn it into a sturdy piece of construction? Yes! High-quality stainless steel and, of course, aluminum.  Like a cherry on the top, it doesn’t even need tons of power to run. Plus, the Teflon coated surface keeps the ‘non-stick’ title intact from beginning to end.

But there’s a common problem you might see in regular cotton candy makers. It all gets a bit shaky during the operation. But this ANCROWN tech is something you can’t count among them. That’s because the anti-slip rubber feet ain’t going to give it a chance to lose the stability.

So, are you planning to get it for yourself or planning to give it as a gift? Well, in both situations, it’s going to be perfect. Besides, its lightweight and portable nature make it compatible with almost any place. So, if you’re planning to surprise everyone with it at a party, holiday, or birthday, nobody will be stopping you.


  • Super easy to assemble
  • Strong construction ensures better durability
  • Takes 2 minutes to make one candy
  • Anti-slip rubber feet ensure stability
  • Perfect as a gift item


  • Comes with no dome/cover

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5. The Candery Cotton Candy Machine

Guess what has made a comeback to our cotton candy machine reviews? An old name that has an awesome reputation for making perfect sweet clouds. Yes, we’re talking about the Cotton Candy Machine from The Candery.

We don’t know what you expect from a commercial cotton candy machine. But if you ask us, we’d say this one got almost everything one can ask for, and it all starts with a highly convenient assembly process. The only tool you’re going to need for this is your hand.

Let us ask you something first. How much time does it take to run to the store and come back with sugar floss on your hand? If it’s 20 minutes, then give this machine 10-15 minutes, and it’ll make the same sugar floss for you right at your home.

Like always, the makers have made sure that what you’re going to take home will be durable in nature. Thanks to its durable bowl backed by stainless steel base for making it a solid candy maker. And you won’t even have to see sugar flying here and there. After all, the protective safety shield is here to save the day.

So, how many flavors have you tasted so far in cotton candy? Because this time, Team Candery didn’t come just with the machine alone. They’ve brought 5 different flavors of sugar floss with them – strawberry, blueberry, grape, vanilla pink, and cherry. Already feeling like your mouth is getting filled with water?


  • Requires no tools for assembly
  • Equipped with a protective safety shield
  • Sports a durable construction
  • Takes 10/15 minutes at most in processing
  • Comes with 5 flavors of sugar floss


  • A bit heavy

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6. VITAVELAAA Cotton Candy Machine

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You don’t need to spend thick bucks on the best commercial cotton candy machine just because you’ve promised your kid to make the candy at home. Just bring in the Cotton Candy Machine from VITAVELAAA, and you’ll get to keep your promise without breaking the bank.

Well, when the material is of poor quality, then it’s nothing but useless to expect better performance out of a machine. But team VITAVELAAA didn’t want to walk on that road. So, they’ve built this one with nothing but high-quality materials. Now, you can rely on it for both food safety and better performance.

But that’s not the end! For accelerating the heating part, the makers have used quartz-heating double tubes. So, you won’t have to wait too long to see it hitting the right temperature. And to ease up the operation, they’ve given it everything you need, including the one-button switch for turning it on and off.

Maybe you’ve seen candy-making machines that make so much noise at times that you feel like they can easily replace a generator with the sound. But we’ll have to disagree, at least for this one. It simply takes the noise down by reducing the vibration, and the only thing that deserves thanks for that is its plastic suction cup.

We thought there’s nothing else in its arsenal to offer except the ones we’ve mentioned above. But the convenience of cleaning and maintaining was still on the waiting list to come up. By the way, are you planning to buy some bamboo sticks for the candy? Don’t, because you’re going to get 10 of them right in this package.


  • Ensures a significant reduction in noise
  • Made of food-grade materials
  • Gets heated very quickly
  • Highly convenient to operate
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • The output quantity is not humongous

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7. Clevr Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

If you’re lately having dreams of sitting on a cotton candy mountain, then there’s one machine that probably can make that dream come true. No, we’re not saying it out of the blue. But after seeing the Commercial Cotton Candy Machine from Clevr, we couldn’t help saying it.

With the word ‘commercial,’ you’ve already got an idea that this one is among the big shots. Well, you’re right, and its output level says it all. You just give it one minute and what you’re going to see is approximately 2-4 candies right on your hand in the next minute. Now, if that’s not fast, then we don’t know what is.

But what we think is more amazing is the size. Though the dimension is only 22”x22”x18”, it still can deliver a huge amount of candy within a short time. One more thing! Just because it comes with the ‘commercial’ tag on it, don’t think it’s going to be tons of work to maintain. Actually, it’s quite the opposite.

As it’s made to give superior performance, the construction had to be strong. So, wherever you’ll put your hand, you’re going to get the touch of sturdy, high-quality materials, and of course, of food-grade standard. And worrying about the cleaning? Well, it ain’t going to be a problem as you can remove the bowl anytime.


  • Can make 2-4 candies (approx.) per minute
  • Comes in a compact size
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Comes with a sturdy construction
  • Removable bowl is easy to clean


  • Requires to be placed on a solid, flat surface

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8. PartyHut Cotton Candy Machine

The best thing about commercial candy makers is they’re capable of taking the output to a level that you can’t even imagine with the regular ones. But when you’re bringing in something like the Cotton Candy Machine from PartyHut, then all you can do is get flooded with the sweet clouds.

Before we get started with its impressive features, let us tell you one thing first. It’s the most powerful cotton candy maker you’ve seen so far in our cotton candy machine review. With 1080W of power, the only thing you’re going to see is a performance curve running up for the peak.

And guess what else is going to help it with that? Yes, the 20.5″ huge stainless steel bowl and, of course, the high-performance belt-driven motor. Otherwise, how are you going to get those 2-4 cotton (approx.) candies per minute?

But do you know what actually makes it stand out among all those other commercial cotton candy makers? Its convenience? No! We’re not talking about its super-easy process but the 3-bin storage drawer. Now, you can put there all the required accessories you need for making candy.

On top of that, its safety latch keeps the bowl secured all the time. But the design based excellences just don’t get a full stop there. There’re tons of things on the front panel you’re going to find useful, like the power switch, the heat controller, and last but not least, the voltmeter.


  • Comes with a powerful motor
  • Offers a huge SS bowl of 20.5″
  • Makes 2-4 cotton candies (approx.)/minute
  • Equipped with a 3-bin storage drawer
  • Safety latch ensures the bowl’s secured position


  • A bit hard to clean

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9. Lacobos Cotton Candy Machine

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‘Cute’ – we bet it’ll be the first word that’ll come to your mind right after seeing this one. What to say about you, even we couldn’t help calling it cute. After all, it’s the Cotton Candy Machine from Lacobos.

We don’t believe cotton candy is a food, but it’s an emotion mixed with fun, and the fun doesn’t drop a bit when it comes to making one. The makers know that too. So, they’ve made the process simpler than ever with 4 steps only. This means not only you but even your kids too can turn sugars into delicious candy from now on.

By the way, isn’t it kind of common in cotton candy makers that they end up splashing all over? Well, that’s not going to happen in this one, at least. Thanks to its splash cover for taking care of that.

Each of the parts of this machine is BPA-free. So, you’ve got literally zero chances of getting unhealthy food. And for helping you out more with the recipe, the makers have filled the package with useful kits like cotton candy cones, sugar scoop, etc.

Once you’re done with the candy adventure, you won’t have to buckle up for tons of upcoming cleaning hassles. With the easy cleaning feature, you’ve nothing to worry about on that part. Moreover, unlike all those power-hungry techs, this one won’t bulk up your electricity bill by sucking up the power.


  • The process is highly convenient
  • Packs useful kits
  • Materials are BPA-free
  • Boasts a hassle-free cleaning process
  • Comes with a beautiful design


  • A bit bigger sugar bin would’ve been better

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10. Kacsoo Cotton Candy Machine

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It’s time to reveal the last one on our list. But before we utter the name, don’t underestimate its ability to get you the finest cotton candy. It’s the Cotton Candy Machine from Kacsoo that we’re talking about.

Unlike some cheap, low-end techs, the makers have paid their full attention to getting this one some high-quality materials. Splash plate, tray, sugar bin – you just name one part where they haven’t maintained higher quality by using food-grade ABS material.

And heating? Well, it comes with quartz double heating tubes. This means not only it’ll heat up faster but also won’t run short in safety and stability. Plus, for total convenience, it has the one-key operation feature. So, rather than running from one switch to another, hitting one will be enough to turn it on and off. But the most unique feature of this machine is its size. Well, with the 9.84-inch length and 7.67-inch width, it has become one of the most compact and portable cotton candy makers. Besides that, it has made the usage process easy – from assembling to making candies. Each of them doesn’t take more than a few minutes.


  • Made of food-grade materials
  • One-key operation makes using easier
  • Compact and portable
  • Gets heated faster
  • Convenient to assemble


  • A bit loud

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What Makes a Good Cotton Candy Machine?

Okay! We admit this one’s going to be an exceptional buy. But if you don’t make it right, within a short time, it’ll turn into the “exceptionally-terrible” one too. So, what to do now? Well, what do you always do before buying anything else?

Exactly! Knowing what makes them better. There’s nothing different this time as well. All you need to do is make sure the one you’re getting has everything that you’d love to have in your next best cotton candy maker. So, you need to keep your eyes open to factslike –


There’re basically two types of cotton candy maker you’re going to see around – commercial and non-commercial. If you’ve got only to take care of small quantities, then you don’t need to go any closer to the commercial one, as the non-commercial one will be perfect.

Cotton Candy Machine

But when you’ve got a party or something like that going on, or you need it for your shop, don’t think of anything but a commercial cotton candy maker.

Ease of Installation

We wish everything would have come in an assembled way. But that doesn’t always happen, at least not for a cotton candy maker. So, it’s better if you can go with one that is easy on the assembly part. After all, that’s the one aspect where doing it wrongly can lead to malfunction, and we bet you don’t want that.

Ease of Use

Come on! You can’t have a professional degree in cotton candy making. So, don’t let your machine make you feel like you wish you had one. This is why you need to pick a machine that will be super easy to use and will cause you less irritation there.

Cotton Candy Machine


Nobody said that the desire to have candy is kids’ property alone. Sometimes the elders can wish for some as well, and that includes the diabetic ones too. So, rather than sticking with sugar floss alone, try to grab a machine that can help you make sugar-free hard candies too.

Ease of Storage, Cleaning, and Mobility

Never call a candy maker ideal if it’s asking a huge portion of your energy just on storing and mobility. So, rather than making it a new way to break some sweat, pick the one that you can move around with ease.

Cotton Candy Machine

And of course, don’t take the cleaning part for granted. You don’t want it to be sticky all over after using it, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I buy a cotton candy machine?

Well, you can go shopping both online and offline. But we suggest going online because this is where you’ll get to know what tons of other people are thinking of it. You even get to see the experiences of actual users, too, and that makes the buying decision far easier.

2. Can I use regular sugar in a cotton candy machine?

For that, you need to check out if the machine is compatible with it or not. There’s a chance of you being able to use options like granulated sugar, superfine, or caster sugar.

3. Can you put skittles in a cotton candy machine?

It might sound surprising, but it’s true that you can use skittles in a cotton candy machine. By the way, you can give it a shot with peppermints and cinnamon discs as well.

4. What candies can you put in a cotton candy machine?

If you’re looking for a great option for putting into your cotton candy machine, then you can go with hard candy. Not only them, but it doesn’t have any problem with breaking off larger candies too. If you’re looking for some names there, then the two that come to our mind first are lollipops and candy canes.

But make sure you’re not trying anything like the ball-shaped candies. Some other candies that we don’t think are right for your cotton candy maker are any candy with hard sugar shells, sugar pressed candies, and chewy or gummy candies.

5. Can you make cotton candy without a machine?

Yes, it’s possible, but without a machine, though, it’s kind of a tough job to pull off. But if you know the right techniques and use the right tool, it’s nothing impossible as well.

6. How much does it cost to rent a cotton candy machine?

You’ll be able to get a cotton candy machine on the rental if you’re ready to spend $60 per day. But the matter of fact is you can buy a non-commercial cotton candy making machine with a closer amount to this.

Final Words

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting your kids the taste of that classic sweetness in cotton candies that you’ve had while growing up. But for that, you need something that can literally duplicate the taste like the one you’ve had earlier.

If you ask for a suggestion on how to get that, then we’d say go for the best cotton candy machine. As you’ve already known almost everything about it and which ones are the finest, we don’t think you’ll have any problem getting what you’re looking for.