Rice is quite often the main ingredient for fantastic dishes. It offers plenty of benefits that every age group can enjoy, whether children, teenagers, adults, or even the elderly.

However, sometimes picking the correct type of rice is complicated. It is tough if we have family members with particular conditions that require special attention and healthier food.

Fortunately, we have a specific type of rice that most people can consume without issues: basmati rice.

The best basmati rice provides fantastic benefits that we will talk about in a bit. After we read them, we will do our very own top ten picks review.

Top Choice
Dunar - Elonga Basmati Rice Premium 1121 Long Grain, 10 Lb
Best Value
Royal White Basmati Rice, 20 Pound (Pack of 1)
Pride Of India - Extra Long Indian Premium White Basmati Rice, 10 Pound (4.54 Kilo) Reclosable Bag - Naturally Aromatic, Aged, Flavorful, Slender, Non Sticky Grains - Great Value for Money
Dunar - Elonga Basmati Rice Premium 1121 Long Grain, 10 Lb
Royal White Basmati Rice, 20 Pound (Pack of 1)
Pride Of India - Extra Long Indian Premium White Basmati Rice, 10 Pound (4.54 Kilo) Reclosable Bag - Naturally Aromatic, Aged, Flavorful, Slender, Non Sticky Grains - Great Value for Money
Top Choice
Dunar - Elonga Basmati Rice Premium 1121 Long Grain, 10 Lb
Dunar - Elonga Basmati Rice Premium 1121 Long Grain, 10 Lb
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Best Value
Royal White Basmati Rice, 20 Pound (Pack of 1)
Royal White Basmati Rice, 20 Pound (Pack of 1)
More information
Pride Of India - Extra Long Indian Premium White Basmati Rice, 10 Pound (4.54 Kilo) Reclosable Bag - Naturally Aromatic, Aged, Flavorful, Slender, Non Sticky Grains - Great Value for Money
Pride Of India - Extra Long Indian Premium White Basmati Rice, 10 Pound (4.54 Kilo) Reclosable Bag - Naturally Aromatic, Aged, Flavorful, Slender, Non Sticky Grains - Great Value for Money
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Benefits of Basmati Rice

The basmati rice offers a diversity of benefits that we’re going to go through next. These benefits are:

It Helps You Follow Your Diet

We can find a high amount of amylose in this rice. Amylose is a carbohydrate that most people need when they follow a diet. It is thanks to the amylose that you will have more control over your appetite. This product is an excellent ally if you need to go through a diet avoiding snacks.

Good For The Heart

Furthermore, Basmati rice contains reduced saturated fats, something that other rice food cannot offer. If that wasn’t enough, it also provides fiber in a significant amount allowing you to have a healthier cardiovascular system.

The unsaturated fats are the most significant benefit we get from this rice. It successfully provides enough attention and care to your health, especially if you have health problems involving the heart or the arteries.

It Topples Digestive Issues

Because it also adds soluble fiber, the rice is capable of assisting you with your digestive system. It helps your body to have better digestion and deal better with constipation issues.

There are plenty of other benefits like preventing the formation of cancer cells, lowering blood pressure. It also helps you have healthier brain function, among other things.

Great for Diabetics

Basmati rice has a low glycemic index in comparison to other types of rice. Because of that, diabetics won’t have to worry about their condition getting worse.

Best Basmati Rice Reviews

After checking out its multiple benefits, it is time we go through our review to tell you which ones we consider are the best options for you.

Let’s take a look!

1. Daawat Traditional Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is preferred by plenty of people because it offers different types of benefits. It is rice that cares about your health and puts its attention into taking care of your well-being, providing a great source of carbohydrates and fiber.

Daawat Traditional continues to follow that path as well. Often marketed as the connoisseur’s choice, this rice takes all the advantages and benefits only the best basmati rice can offer for anyone.

It offers a superb flavor that makes the rice great for adults and children alike. Everyone in the house will have the opportunity to consume delicious and healthy rice. Because of its flavor, you can use it for different dishes. This rice allows you to try new things while protecting your health.

On top of that, this rice is available at a low price. You will have access to it even when you are working on a low budget.

It is healthy, delicious, and available at a low price. It is not much else we can ask from it.


  • Delicious aroma and taste
  • Long grain
  • Low price
  • Good for family reunions and even parties


  • There are other basmati rice with higher quality

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2. Banyan Botanicals Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is one of those food products that are highly popular in specific cuisines and cultures. In this case, we are talking about India. Families from India have this rice as their favorite because it is suitable for everyone. It mixes well with plenty of recipes to improve the quality of their diet.

The Banyan Botanical has different nicknames, like the queen of fragrance and sometimes even the scented one. That is because people have used long-grain rice for many years. People are familiar with the great flavor this product offers.

It is easy to prepare and digest. You only have to follow the regular instructions to prepare rice, taking up to 20 minutes, and you will have rice ready to serve and have the best time with your family or friends.

USDA’s certificate approves this rice. It uses organic herbs of good quality to ensure your health won’t be in danger.

If you are looking for the best basmati rice brand, Banyan Botanicals is an option to consider.


  • Organic and aromatic rice
  • Light grains
  • You can quickly cook it and serve
  • It mixes with plenty of food, different spices, and sauces too


  • High price

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3. Pride of India Basmati Rice

When you are called Pride of India, there is a high expectation of what you have to offer. Fortunately, this product meets all of our expectations and even surpasses them satisfyingly.

It is raw aromatic rice that you can mix with different food. If you enjoy trying new recipes, the Pride of India works excellent as the main base for other recipes. The rice maintains its good quality, adding that extra flavor that we all love from our rice.

Part of its success is because of its aging process. It goes through an aging period of 2 years which only improves the rice’s benefits, good quality, and its final taste. This rice is one hundred percent natural and uses quality ingredients to keep you and your loved ones healthy.

It comes in a beautiful package and is easy to open. Overall, you can tell this product is attractive when you lay your eyes on it, mainly because of its particular and beautiful packaging design.


  • Aromatic rice that you can smell from all around the house
  • One hundred percent natural rice
  • It offers extra-long as well as thin grain size


  • The flavor is not the best
  • Cooking instructions are not clear

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4. Iberia Basmati Rice

Sometimes choosing your rice is a difficult task. After all, there are multiple considerations to keep in mind.

You have to look for a healthy product that provides versatility for different dishes and everyone likes. It is challenging when we have to look for something that everyone enjoys.

Over the years, Iberia has focused on meeting all of those requirements. The product successfully meets the needs of being a healthy product while also providing versatility to use differently.

This rice is a highly versatile ingredient that mixes well with other products. You can use it on main dishes to satisfy every person who enjoys good food, and it is also excellent for side dishes.

It offers a pleasant and very natural fragrance that improves the presentation and flavor of every meal you cook. This rice is rich in carbohydrates, has a buttery flavor, and it’s easy to cook. Cooking multiple dishes is not a problem because this rice does not require special attention.

Additionally, we have to mention the bag’s carrying handle. It might seem like a silly little thing, but it is great for transport.


  • Versatile ingredient good for different types of dishes
  • Natural fragrance
  • The bag comes with a zipper and a handle for higher comfort
  • Buttery flavor


  • The grains are not the best and plenty of them come broken

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5. Royal White Basmati Rice

This product has a reputation that no other brand can match easily.

It is a premium and authentic product, directly from the Himalayan Mountains. Herein, the local growers take care of providing an incredible product. They are responsible for the rice’s growth and harvesting, which is a process that often defines the quality of a product.

Ultimately, they are very successful at what they do. What we get on our shelf is quality rice suitable for different types of dishes. These dishes are curries, stir-fries, among others. It is versatile rice that you can cook quickly from 15 to 20 minutes, and it improves the quality of your diet.

It is a product aged for over 12 months, which improves its quality. Because of this, the rice delivers a sweet flavor that everyone can enjoy. Furthermore, the aging process makes sure you won’t have a sticky texture every time you prepare it.

In general, this product goes through a thoughtful process from the moment of cultivation. Those processes have the only mission to give you the most delicious food you can get.


  • Great for different dishes
  • Suitable to prepare through different mediums, whether it is stovetop, microwave, or electric cooker
  • A good choice for vegans
  • Gluten-free and a healthy product in general


  • Bad packaging quality

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6. Aahu Barah Basmati Rice

Aahu Barah delivers a reliable product capable of working well with different dishes. You can use the rice to prepare fantastic recipes and surprise your family members or friends.

Of course, it is healthy rice as well. The primary purpose of this type of rice is to offer you quality, good flavor, and an excellent ingredient for your diet. Fortunately, this product meets all of those requirements successfully.

It has a good flavor that most people can enjoy. It’s possible because its grains are all-natural and do not use chemicals at all. Instead, this rice ensures you have a healthy ingredient to keep up with your diet and maintains your health in a good state.

To sum up, this product improves the quality of your food; it is healthy and comes at an accessible price. Because of that, it is a brand worth considering if you want to try new things.


  • Great for different types of dishes
  • Good flavor
  • Low price


  • While it is true that it offers quality, there are better options available

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7. Lundberg Family Farms Organic Basmati Rice

This rice brand offers an incredible fragrance only the best Indian basmati rice can provide. If you’re familiar with their culture, this rice will help you create typical dishes from Indian cuisine with quality, good flavor, and fragrance.

Its grains are eco-farmed, which means you will have all the benefits natural ingredients provide. It allows you to prepare multiple and diverse dishes, but it will maintain its natural qualities, giving you an element that cares about your health.

In addition to that, we can find that this product is gluten-free. Because of its gluten-free qualities, most people will have the opportunity to prepare their dishes without worrying about any gluten getting into their system.

Most basmati rice products are indeed gluten-free, but we still have to give them credit for it. This brand focuses on providing a healthy product suitable for everyone, even if you enjoy your vegetarian food.

This rice is a worthy product that meets all of our expectations nicely.


  • Eco-farmed grains
  • Healthy product
  • Amazing flavor
  • The grains are surprisingly clean right out of the bag


  • Requires special attention during its cooking. It can take longer than expected.

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8. Tasty Bite Organic Basmati Rice

No products found.

Tasty Bite’s rice is a fantastic addition to your diet. It is an ingredient you can prepare easily using different cooking mediums. You can have it fully cooked or put it in a microwave. Either way, you’re going to get a product worth its value and perfect for your dishes overall.

It only requires you to put the packet inside the microwave for an estimated amount of 90 seconds and nothing more. When all it needs is an automated process for its preparation, there is not much to complain about this product.

After a couple of seconds, you will have the rice ready to serve or mix with other ingredients, sauces, and spices. Regardless of how you use it, this rice offers high versatility that makes this basmati rice worth considering if you are looking to try out new recipes.

While it is true that using a microwave is not as satisfying as preparing it by your hand, sometimes we don’t have the time for that. In those scenarios, the Tasty Bite basmati rice becomes an excellent ally for quick meals.


  • Great for multiple dishes
  • Quick preparation
  • Comfortable package
  • Good price


  • The flavor is hit or miss. You either like it, or you don’t

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9. Tilda Legendary Basmati Rice

This basmati rice is another excellent example of a product that requires barely any time for its preparation. It takes about 10 minutes to prepare, which means your dishes will have perfect rice and their main ingredient very quickly.

For its production, the Tilda Legendary has its products grown at the foothills of the famous Himalaya Mountains. They go through unique treatments that make the natural ingredients suitable for every type of person.

It keeps its natural qualities to help you have a better diet, good health, and it does all of this while offering a good flavor. For that reason, every member of the house will enjoy it immensely, from adults to children. It is excellent because children are often the most demanding audiences to satisfy.

Naturally, it is excellent for vegetarians as well. Its gluten-free quality ensures plenty of people can consume it regardless of their preferences, medical conditions, and diets.

Another essential benefit that contributes to that is the fact that this rice does not contain artificial flavors. The grains are all-natural to give you the best rice possible.


  • Quick to prepare
  • Gluten-free
  • Good choice for vegetarian diets
  • No artificial flavor


  • You have to be careful while washing to get it properly clean

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10. 365 Everyday Value Basmati Rice

This brand sits at our tenth position does not mean we should take anything away from it. It is as good as some of the other products listed higher in this review.

It is a product with trusted quality and a solid reputation to back it up. It offers all the benefits this type of rice offers while meeting the stringent and necessary quality standards.

To achieve that quality, it removes chemicals and other harmful elements that could damage your health. Instead, we receive a product with natural and very organic grains that we can use daily.

This rice comes from a region with unique weather conditions. These climatic and soil conditions make the grains have better flavor. It also adds a light aroma that is very pleasant, especially when you’re preparing your dishes in the house.


  • Natural and organic grains
  • Does not use any type of chemicals
  • Healthy product for everyone in the house
  • Low price


  • The texture is not the best

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What To Look For Before Buying?

As you can probably tell, there is a wide variety of rice available in the market. It isn’t straightforward to tell which one is the best basmati rice globally, but certain elements help you have a better idea before buying. These elements are:

Magnesium and Potassium

Multiple basmati rice brands put a high amount of effort into creating healthy products. Basmati rice includes magnesium and potassium, which are two significant elements to reduce problems like blood pressure. Naturally, it will require you to consume it regularly.

Both potassium and magnesium have a similar working process in the human body. The two stimulate blood vessels and help the blood vessels to relax. By doing that, your blood pressure successfully decreases over time.

You might not particularly need it, but it will not cause you any harm. Instead, it will prevent issues from happening in the first place.


Most basmati rice includes thiamine. This vitamin is popularly known as the brain vitamin because it effectively helps the nervous system function better and increases your mental passivity.

Thiamine helps you have better concentration and better memory capacities. Additionally, it contributes to fighting off problems like Alzheimer’s, which sadly is a condition many people face.

Undoubtedly, the basmati rice that includes thiamine is suitable for your system overall.

A High Amount of Carbohydrates

Basmati rice with a higher amount of carbohydrates is worth considering too. The human body requires carb intake because it is a necessary element that our bodies use to continue working correctly.

In fact, with more carbohydrates, the basmati rice transforms into a reliable energy source. It provides plenty of what the nervous system needs to have good functioning, and it also assists the brain in having better performance.


Every person is a world, and that is true in every aspect, especially regarding personal preferences over what we like and enjoy the most.

There are detailed textures that people like better than others. We have different types of surfaces; we have long and slender grains, while others are thick and short.

In the end, it is a matter of personal preferences and which one you like the most. Of course, if you already have an individual favorite texture, the best thing to do is find the basmati rice that best suits your liking.

Low Fat and Gluten

Two hundred grams of rice barely contains 1 gram of fat. In some cases, it is even less than that. Basmati rice is a product that uses unsaturated fats, making it consumable for different types of people without worrying about gluten.

Fortunately, these elements are not difficult to find in these products. The best basmati rice brands make sure they deliver the healthiest products for everyone to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy this rice?

Basmati rice provides plenty of benefits that we cannot dismiss. It is a product that maintains its good flavor by using natural ingredients. These ingredients are good for our health, and they also help us follow our diets more strictly.

How long do I have to cook it?

The estimated cooking time is 15 to 20 minutes. If it is through microwave, some brands offer basmati rice that you can prepare at 90 seconds. In reality, the cooking time depends on the brand and personal preferences.

Is basmati rice healthy?

Yes. Basmati rice doesn’t use chemicals or any other element that could harm your health, like gluten, among others. It is a healthy food product that most people can enjoy.

Is this product natural?

Most brands use their methods to produce a quality result. They put special effort into maintaining the rice’s natural qualities and ensure more people will have access to it and the option to consume it.

Is this rice vegan-friendly?

Yes. The majority of these products have higher versatility when it comes to their applications. They make the products with multiple consumers in mind, and that includes vegetarians.

Final Verdict

Now that we have gone through our top ten picks, you should better understand why these products are incredible to buy. If you want to try new recipes or new food in general, you should consider purchasing and testing the best basmati rice.