If you’re not familiar with the brand much, and asking, “which KitchenAid mixer is right for me?” Consider learning more about KitchenAid before you invest in their mixer.

To fully reap the benefits of owning a hand or a stand mixer, color isn’t the only thing you should look for, especially if you plan on using the mixer on a daily basis.

A stand mixer is a moderately huge financial investment, and you need to dedicate a certain spot on your kitchen counter for this large machine. Such a choice can often be overwhelming.

This article will help you determine what exactly you should look for in a personal KitchenAid mixer, depending on your personal cooking habits and needs.

Which Features Should You Consider?

There are certain features such as size, styles, and color that can highlight different aspects of the mixer. And depending on your cooking habits, you should weigh these features in a unit before investing in one yourself.

KitchenAid Mixer


There are two major types of stand mixers for KitchenAid; choosing either type will be determined by what recipes you tend to cook the most.

1. Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

This specific mixer is determined by its ability to tilt the head of the mixer back to help you access the ingredients in the bowl better.

Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

The bowl is attached to the base of the mixer, so you can easily move the whisk or hook by tilting its head back.


This type of mixer is usually much smaller in size and rather lightweight compared to the other types, and you can also lock the head onto place when you’re mixing the ingredients.

If you are looking to store your mixer in the cabinet instead of putting it in a dedicated spot in the kitchen, the tilt-head would be your best option.

The most popular tilt head models include the Classic series and the Artisan series.

The Classic Series

This series is also known as “The Entry Level” to highlight its simplicity and its ability to be the perfect fit for any novice or beginner.

  • Size

This line of mixer is perfect for cooking or baking in small batches, especially if you’re cooking for 1-2 people at most. It’s a perfect gift for any newly married couple.

  • Power

Although, this series is meant for those who bake or cook occasionally, yet it still features the same horsepower as any other large mixers. There are also over 12 attachments for the head that you can purchase separately.

This is certainly one of the most versatile appliances that you will buy for your kitchen.

  • Price

The series is also extremely budget-friendly, so if you’re looking to improve your cooking skills and save a couple of bucks, this is the best option for you. It’s one of the most sturdy stand mixers you can buy in this price range.

The Artisan Series

This series is also commonly known as “The Icon” as the mixer features incredible horsepower, and it’s able to make food in larger batches.

With a multitude of speed settings, any mixer from this series can easily help you whip up a meal for an entire family.

  • Power

Because of its overwhelming horsepower, this mixer can become overloaded and wear out if pushed too far.

Although the capacity of this machine is much higher than this frame can handle, it’s best not to overestimate its power as it might lead you to ultimately replacing the entire motor.

  • Size

Due to its head-tilt design, this Artisan Mixer is considerably small and lightweight. It can also easily fit into your standard cupboards and cabinets.

The bottom of the mixer also features rubber pads that can help you easily maneuver the machine to your liking.

  • Price

The colors of this series are one of its biggest highlights, as it gives it an extra shimmer and shine with its double coating.

There are different models of the Artisan series that are significantly more expensive because of the metal finish, which gives it a stunning chrome shine.

2. Bowl-lift Stand Mixer

This type of stand mixer is determined by its stationary head and a lever for the bowl to fit on. The design is much more professional and heavier, as it requires a specific spot on the counter.

Bowl-lift Stand Mixer

Also, this lineup is one of the most powerful mixers in the game, and it’s perfect for anyone who is looking to become professional or has more than enough experience in the kitchen.


The design features a very stable base, so it’s perfect for making large batches; the capacity of the bowl is much larger than all of its competitors.

This type is recommended for anyone looking to build a habit of creating massive batches of baked goods for their family and co-workers for a holiday.

It features a professional design and frame that easily makes a statement with its steel gears and full metal construction.

There are two famous series of mixers if you’re looking to buy bowl-lift, which are the Workhorse and the Next Level.

The Workhorse Series

This series is a best friend for any full-time home cook or chef, as it is the most professional and powerful models in the price range.

The massive collection of attachments features some of the most efficient and time-saving hook and beaters that you can find in the market.

  • Size

With its stable base and bow-lift design, this series of mixers are considerably large and difficult to store. So, if you don’t have enough space on your counter for a full-time mixer, then it’s best to go for another option.

These mixers usually weight about 31lbs and measures up to 16.5” tall, which means you should certainly consider the portability of this machine as it can be a chore to lift.

  • Power

The horsepower of this motor is certainly commendable, as it can easily mix and lift up approximately 14 cups of flour at a time.

It’s also considerably quiet for a motor capable of that kind of horsepower. Also, it can operate for longer without heating up because it includes a sensor that determines the correct control mixer speed and detects overload.

The Next Level

These mixers are generally commercially sold with a standard warranty of 1 year; it features one of the most powerful motors and the largest bowl capacity in the lineup.

  • Size

Although the size of the mixers in this series doesn’t vary much from the size of the Workhorse series mixers, this series features mixers that are significantly heavier than your average residential or even professional machines.

The bowl capacity can help you make approximately 14 dozen cookies at a time, effectively making this the perfect commercial mixer.

  • Power

With a 1.3HP DC motor, this series of mixer gives the professional lineup a run for its money. This mixer is all you need to meet all your cooking and baking needs, especially with its massive variety of attachments.

Although this machine won’t easily wear out with all of its automatic precautions and sensors in place, KitchenAid still provides the owner with a 5-year replacement limited warranty.


A lot of your choice of the right KitchenAid mixer depends on your personal cooking preference and baking habits. So, it’s best to know what you want before you buy your own KitchenAid Mixer!

With the help of our guideline, you now know the answer to your question, “which KitchenAid mixer is right for me?”