Haven’t we all tried to be versatile and all creative while cooking our favorite dishes? I mean, even if it’s about making a new blend of spices or adding a sauce that you made out of herbs or a bowl full of seasoned veggies, we just can’t help our obsession to try anything new!

So, when it comes to chicken tortilla soup, why you subsist on the light and bland flavor?

What if I tell you that your boring chicken tortilla soup can turn into a savory dish once you start serving it with an apposite supplementary?

Well, let’s see what to serve with chicken tortilla soup in the upcoming segments!

A Quick Sneak Peek To The Authentic Chicken Tortilla Soup

So, as the name suggests, we already got an insight that this soup is a Mexican savory dish as it somehow coordinates tortillas into it. If you ever been to a restaurant and ordered Mexican cuisine, the chef either deep fries some tortilla chips for decoration or as a gesture of greeting.

And in most cases, tortillas are the primary ingredient. However, when it comes to chicken tortilla soup, the main element here is the chicken, and the tortilla is incorporated later after the soup is ready.

Here the question is whether we have to dip the tortillas into it after the soup is done or use readymade tortilla chips?

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Well, when I was scouring through different recipes, I’ve mostly seen that the few stacks of tortillas are cut into a medium length and sunk into the soup when it’s ready. However, you can also make corn tortillas at home with a competent tortilla press and make baked tortilla chips for a crispy yet juicy flavor.

Now, if we talk about authentic chicken tortilla soup, then the recipe is pretty basic, and it doesn’t demand a whole lot of time either.

You need rotisserie chicken, tomato paste, and certain Mexican spices to add the traditional Mexican flavor and aroma.

Well, some people will still prefer having chicken tortilla soup without including any supplementary food, salad, or beverage. Because it’s still delicious enough to retain the cravings you have. But there’s no downside if you can intensify the flavor and experience a whole new facet of this ordinary meal.

And lastly, if deep down, you are a prepper like me, then making a hot luscious chicken tortilla soup with the fair share of another composite can be your delight!

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Things You Can Serve with Chicken Tortilla Soup

There are numerous salad dressings, veggies, and beverages that you can serve with your chicken tortilla soup. You can be an independent host of your kitchen when it comes to personalizing your meal.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Hence, you can include your desired entrees to your Mexican inspired dishes like chicken tortilla soup and enhance the taste wholly.

Now with that being said, lets glance over a few underrated suggestions that you wish you had known earlier.

A Complimentary Garnishing

If you are expecting something to be tasty as well as nutritious, then dropping a few slices of avocado will make sure that your soup yields a vibrant and strong flavor. With every scoop of your soup, you can take a bite from the chopped avocado, which instantly melts into your mouth and conveys a delectable taste.

In addition, you can mix sour cream as a garnishing for a tender and sufficiently thick textured flavor.

Beans and Mix Veggies

Personally, I am not a bean lover. In fact, I can barely stand beans into my meal, but one of my chef friends insisted me to try non-fat, boiled beans with my chicken tortilla soup.

And guess what?

My reaction after salivating one big spoon was surprising as I wasn’t ready for the impeccable taste. For improvising a little bit, I later tried sautéed beans that I instantly fried in low heat sprinkling a pinch of salt and black pepper. And no wonder it responded really well as the sautéed beans nurtured the flavor into the next level.

Besides, you can also chop off all the seasonal veggies you have, for instance, cilantro, which is basically coriander leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers, baby corns, carrots, minced garlic, and pulverized lime juice also can be added.

Cheese and Parmesan

Well, there’s not a single species who doesn’t crave cheesy meals.

Moreover, if you want to make a fusion food as in Italian and Mexican themed dish in one bowl, then including cheese into your Mexican tortilla soup will win your heart.

Although when you add cheese or sour crème in your soup, it’s prone to relinquish the authentic flavor and adapt a different vibe.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Hence if you want to seize the authentic taste, then grip on your lust and add as less cheese as possible. Because you really don’t want to compromise the organic taste.

Now, why I’ve mentioned parmesan is because recently, when I was making my favorite mac cheese pasta, I added chopped parmesan into it, and the outcome was unbeatable.

So just in case you have made your mind into serving your soup with sliced or melted cheese, don’t skip parmesan. Trust me; it’s a weird yet amazing combination.

Beverage and Sweets

Now, here we need to have a conversation where we might agree to disagree. While having soup, which is itself a fluid item, why would we prefer a drink or beverage?

We aren’t supposed to declare a competition between them, right? Now, here is my piece of suggestion, which is to try Mexican beer or light and slightly sour tasted wine with your chicken tortilla soup.

Make sure that the taste is relatively simmered than the soup, and on the contrary, if you are not into alcohol consumption and you prioritize your religious credence, then you should go for a pineapple or grape juice or a shot of cumin water.

Lastly, when referring to sweets, only dry fruits are suggested; otherwise, too much sweet consumption can trigger your bowel movements and cause food poisoning. So! Stick with raw fruits!


To conclude, I will say it again that you can be the king of your kitchen and literally try anything you like with your chicken tortilla soup. Except for the suggested additions, there are undoubtedly some other ingredients that might provide you an astonishing result.

Stay versatile when it comes to food and create your own recipe to streamline your regular plain meals.

Also, on an important note, when you are adding the tortilla strips into the soup, make sure it’s hot as well as soft. To retain the moisture and warmth of your tortilla strips, you can try a tortilla warmer to evade the hassle of constant heating.

Bon appetite!