If you’re wondering whether it’s a good idea to stop by your favorite fast-food restaurant for some crunching when you’re on weight watchers, the answer is YES.

We all know that fast foods contain sugars, oils, sodium, etc., which you don’t want to take every day when you’re on a wellness journey. But what happens if you’re on a long weekend trip with your family or crave fast food?

You just freely walk into the fast-food chain and pick some fast food?

But which fast food do you pick?

With the help of the Weight Watchers App and the website, we were able to search for various fast food joints and check the food items on their menus with smart points under 10.

Check our ultimate list below for the fast foods with smart points below ten at various fast-food chains.

Things To Keep in Mind:

Before we outline our ultimate list, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Things like fruit or raw veggies on the side of all the above-mentioned fast foods are accessible on the smart point points program, making them a great addition to your meal.
  • Unless stated otherwise, the smart points indicated in this list are for a single serving for each food item.
  • We got all the information for these fast foods from Weight Watchers App and website, so you can rest assured we’ll offer you 100% accurate information.



If McDonald’s is your go-to fast food joint, then this is the weight watchers fast food point list for various items on their menu:

  • Hamburger: 8 smart points
  • Small fries: 7 smart points
  • Medium fries: 10 smart points
  • Egg McMuffin: 7 smart points
  • Yogurt parfait: 6 smart points
  • Fruit and yogurt parfait: 7 smart points
  • 6-piece chicken nuggets: 7 smart points
  • Southwest dressing: 4 smart points
  • Artisan grilled chicken sandwich: 8 smart points
  • Southwest grilled chicken salad: 6 smart points
  • 2 breakfast scrambled eggs: 1 smart point
  • Bacon ranch salad with grilled chicken (no dressing): 5 smart points
  • 4pc McNuggets: 5 smart points
  • Egg white delight McMuffin: 7 smart points
  • One sausage burrito: 8 smart points
  • Hash browns: 5 smart points
  • Side salad (no dressing): 0 smart points
  • Large sweet tea: 9 smart points



Everyone is a fan of Subway, no doubt! But if you’re on weight watchers, these are the items on the subway menu to eat at this food joint.

  • Bacon (2 strips): 3 smart points
  • Fresh fit 6-in turkey on wheat: 6 smart points
  • Fresh fit 6-in subway club on wheat: 7 smart points
  • Fresh fit rotisserie-style chicken salad (no dressing): 0 smart points
  • 6-inch turkey and black forest ham: 7 smart points
  • Mayo or cheese for a 6-inch: 2 smart points
  • A veggie delite chopped salad: 1 smart point
  • 1 club chopped salad (no dressing): 2 smart points
  • Low-fat balsamic vinaigrette dressing: 1 smart point
  • Sweet onion chicken teriyaki chopped salad: 6 smart points
  • 6-inch veggie delite on 9-inch grain wheat subway: 6 smart points

Taco Bell

Taco Bell

For Mexican-inspired foods, Taco Bell is the place to go. But what exactly should you eat there when on weight watchers?

Here are the items to order and their corresponding value points:

  • Seasoned rice: 3 smart points
  • Soft taco with chicken: 5 smart points
  • Fresco soft taco with shredded chicken: 4 smart points
  • Grilled steak soft taco: 4 smart points
  • Shredded chicken mini quesadilla: 6 smart points
  • Fresco crunchy taco & beef: 4 smart points
  • Beef soft taco supreme: 7 smart points
  • Chicken gordita supreme: 7 smart points
  • Crunchy taco supreme: 6 smart points
  • Pinto’s N’ Cheese: 3 smart points
  • Crunchy taco: 5 smart points
  • Spicy tostada: 4 smart points
  • Bean burrito: 8 smart points



Surprised? Don’t be. KFC has a reputation for serving an unhealthy menu, but it still has some options for you if you’re on weight watcher.

These options include:

  • Mashed potatoes (with gravy): 4 smart points
  • Mashed potatoes without any topping: 3 smart points
  • Potato wedges: 8 smart points
  • Green beans: 0 smart points
  • Corn on the comb: 0 smart points
  • Sweet kernel corn: 0 smart points
  • Large popcorn nuggets: 18 smart points
  • Grilled drumstick or chicken wing: 2 smart points
  • Grilled chicken breast: 3 smart points
  • Grilled chicken thigh: 4 smart points
  • Original recipe chicken drumstick: 3 smart points
  • Macaroni and cheese: 5 smart points
  • Summertime BBQ sauce: 2 smart points
  • Creamy buffalo dipping sauce: 2 smart points
  • House side salad: 0 smart points
  • Caesar side salad (without dressing): 1 smart points



Chipotle will make an excellent joint for getting some weight-watcher-friendly fast foods when on that long road trip.

The WW fast food points at Chipotle include:

  • Brown rice: 6 smart points
  • White rice: 6 smart points
  • Barbocoa: 4 smart points
  • Pinto beans: 0 smart points
  • Fajita vegetables: 0 smart points
  • Romaine lettuce: 0 smart points
  • Floor tortilla (the burrito size): 9 smart points
  • Kid’s tortilla chips: 4 smart points
  • Cheese: 3 smart points
  • Chicken: 3 smart points
  • Steak: 3 smart points
  • Carnitas: 6 smart points
  • Vinaigrette dressing: 9 smart points
  • Tomatillo red-chili salsa: 0 smart points

Burger King

Burger King

The WW fast food points at Burger King are as follow:

  • Whopper Jr (no mayo): 7 smart points
  • Grilled chicken sandwich (with mayo): 9 smart points
  • Grilled chicken sandwich (without mayo): 7 smart points
  • 9piece chicken fries: 8 smart points
  • Cheeseburger: 9 smart points
  • Vale size onion rings: 5 smart points
  • French toast sticks: 8 smart points
  • French fries (small): 10 smart points
  • Bacon cheeseburger: 10 smart points
  • Bacon egg cheese crossanwich: 10 smart points
  • Veggie burger (without mayo): 7 smart points



Chick-fil-A also has a friendly menu for folks on weight watchers, including kids, as evident from the list below:

  • Small waffle flies: 9 freestyle points
  • Chicken noodle soup: 3 freestyle points
  • Chicken salad soup: 0 smart points
  • Side salad (no dressing): 0 freestyle points
  • Grilled chicken cool wrap: 7 smart points
  • Chicken and strips: 9 freestyle points
  • 8-piece breaded chicken nuggets: 6 smart points
  • 12-piece grilled chicken nuggets: 6 smart points
  • Large diet lemonade: 4 smart points
  • Grilled market salad (no toppings/dressings): 6 smart points
  • Cobb salad (no toppings/dressings): 5 smart points
  • Spicy southwest salad (w/toppings, no dressings): 7 smart points
  • Kid’s nuggets only (6 count): 4 smart points
  • Chick n strips (2 count): 6 smart points
  • Hash browns: 8 smart points
  • Breakfast egg white grill: 6 smart points

Panda Express

Panda Express

For American Chinese cuisine, Panda Express is your go-to fast food joint. Check their offers for the WW fast food items below:

  • Mixed veggies: 0 smart points
  • String bean chicken breast: 3 smart points
  • Broccoli beef: 4 smart points
  • Kung pao chicken: 8 smart points
  • Black pepper chicken: 8 smart points
  • Teriyaki Chicken (with rice and veggies): 8 smart points
  • Chicken and mushrooms: 6 smart points
  • Vegetable spring roll: 6 smart points
  • Kid’s Chow Mein: 8 smart points



From the weight watchers fast food point app data, we found these fast foods from Wendy’s are WW-friendly foods:

  • Plain baked potato: 8 smart points
  • Jr hamburger: 7 smart points
  • Jr cheeseburger: 9 smart points
  • Grilled chicken sandwich: 7 smart points
  • Ultimate grilled chicken sandwich: 6 smart points
  • Spicy chicken fillet: (no bun) 7 smart points
  • 4pc chicken nuggets: 5 smart points
  • Garden salad (no dressing): 0 smart points
  • Taco salad (full): 18 smart points



We also found a few WW points fast food at Popeye’s fast-food chain.

  • Bold BQ sauce: 2 smart points
  • Cole slaw: 5 smart points
  • Green beans: 1 smart point
  • Red beans and rice: 6 smart points
  • Mashed potatoes with gravy: 4 smart points
  • 5 blackened handcraft chicken tenders: 1 smart point
  • Biscuit: 8 smart points



Lastly, consider the following weight watchers-friendly fast food options from Arby’s fast-food joints:

  • Small curly fries: 13 points
  • 2 potato cakes: 8 points
  • Turkey and cheese slider: 5 points
  • Classic turkey sandwich: 7 smart points
  • Jr roast beef sandwich: 6 smart points
  • Roast beef and cheese slider: 7 freestyle points
  • Chopped farmhouse salad (with roasted turkey): 6 smart points
  • Chopped side salad: 2 smart points
  • Arby’s melt: 10 smart points
  • Ham and Swiss melt: 9 smart pints
  • Buffalo chicken slider: 8 smart points
  • Curly fries snack size: 8 smart point
  • 3-piece prime-cut chicken tenders: 9 smart points

PRO Tip:

When choosing fast food for weight watchers, we urge you to skip any deep-fried food. Instead, focus on any steamed, broiled, grilled, or baked options. Also, consider skipping sauces where possible and take water and fresh fruits as sides.

What’s your favorite fast food?

Remember, we put together this list with the help Weight Watchers App, so our information is unbiased and accurate.

If you have an upcoming road trip or you’re always busy at home and don’t have to cook, bookmark this list to help you quickly know weight watchers fast food smart points you earn for the fast foods to order at your favorite joint.