If you just started your weight loss journey with Weight Watchers, taking small size snacks is part of the process. These foods will help you stay full and satisfied without comprising your diet plan.

We set out to find weight watchers 1 point snacks (healthy snacks) that you can intertwine in your diet plan to ensure you don’t starve yourself in the name of losing weight.

We used the Weight Watchers App and website to come up with this list, so you can rest assured the info provided is 100% accurate.

Let’s discover these healthy snacks…

How we chose the Weight watchers 1 Point Snacks

To compile our list of weight watchers 1 point snacks, we heavily relied on the Weight Watchers website and Weight Watchers App.

The app alone features an easy to use, highly useful search function to make it easy for you to get the points for various foods.

What exact process did we use to get point 1 snacks?

It’s simple…

We simply keyed in various foods, and the app would then display the points for the food as well as the portion sizes. We then went ahead and adjusted the food portion until the app said it’s point 1.

See, it’s soo easy to use the App to calculate these points, and you can do it yourself too.

We also use the Weight Watchers to create our list if point 1 foods— where we directly picked snacks that the website displays as WW 1 point foods.

Quick TIP: If you wish to calculate Weight Watchers point 1 snacks for the foods that you desire to eat and don’t have the WW App or subscription, then you can use the Weight Watchers smart points calculator.

This will help you track all your daily points and even track the remaining points for the day. Keep in mind that you don’t need to become a member of Weight Watchers to start using this app.

Our list of weight watchers 1 point foods:

Now it’s time to roll our complete list of weight watchers 1 point snacks, according to the Weight Watchers App and the official website:

½ cup puffed rice cereal

½ Colby jack cheese stick

1 cup strawberries (0 smart points)

1 cup raspberries (0 smart points

1 cup baby carrots w/1tbspn fat-free ranch dressing

1 cup air-popped popcorn

½ cup nonfat cottage cheese and a piece of fruit

Grapes and 1-ounce low fat cubed cheese

Mini baybel light semisoft cheese and a fruit

Celery and 1 tbsp. yogurt cream cheese

Watermelon pops

7 almonds

Almond milk, unsweetened, plain (8oz glass)

1 weight watchers string stick

1 wedge laughing cow cheese

Buffalo-style stuffed celery

Cherry tomatoes stuffed with bacon and blue cheese

2 jalapeno poppers

20 pretzel sticks

Tuscan tortilla chips

Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus

Backed chocolate, cranberry wontons, and almond

Cinnamon apple crisps

Parmesan-pepper twists

16 food should taste good pesto pita puffs

Sweet potato banana mini muffins

No baked peanut buttery cookie dough balls

4-ingredient flourless peanut butter cookies

Fat-free flour tortilla

1oz Applegate uncured turkey pepperoni

Pepperoni pizza mini muffins

2 tbsp. Fat-free cool whip

Grilled shrimp w/1tsp olive oil

2 egg omelet with veggies & 1/8 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

4oz Oscar Mayer oven-roasted turkey breast

2oz Dannon light and fit yogurt

1 cup Progresso light soups

1pc WASA crisp and light cracker bread

2 Multigrain crackers

1 square graham crackers

4 saltine crackers

1 Oreo thins cookie

1 portion Light mozzarella string cheese

Why eat one point weight watchers snacks?

If you’re on weight watchers, then it goes without saying that you’re ready to watch your diet to help you achieve your fitness goals. And this means you should stop taking just any type of snacks and rely on healthy ones.

This is where the weight watchers 1 point foods come in. They help ensure you take care of your cravings for various foods—while confining yourself to healthy eating and avoiding foods containing fats and calories.

As a weight watcher member, eating these healthy snacks will save you from drastically setting back on your daily or weekly points. They help you stay full and focused without having to sacrifice tons of points.

So, when is the right time to take these snacks? You might wonder…

We’d recommend you to take them between meals. For instance, you can consider taking one in the mid-morning, a few hours before lunch. Then you can take another one between lunch and dinner. And then, you can take another weight watchers one point snack after dinner and a few hours before going to bed.

However, keep in mind that this plan or might not work for you, depending on the number of points you have left on your daily allowance.

Tips for choosing weight watchers freestyle 1 point foods:

If you want to create your list of ww 1 point foods or snacks, but you’re not sure where to start, you’ll find the following tips quite helpful…

  • Buy already calculated weight watchers freestyle 1 point foods. This is doubtlessly an easier way to get healthy snacks for your weight loss journey. The foods are already accurately calculated, so you just pick and go.
  • Stick to real foods and not the highly processed manufactured snacks. When purchasing already made snacks, remember you’re on a wellness journey.
  • Choose foods that keep you feeling full. Include some proteins and/or fiber in your snacks as they help keep you full for longer than carbs and fats
  • Avoid snacking if you’re not hungry. As we have mentioned above, the best way to work in these snacks into your diet is in between meals.
  • And remember to portion your meals ahead of time. This will not only help you save time to prepare the snacks when hungry but also help you avoid the temptation of eating more than required.

Just snack it!

So that’s it for our complete weight watchers 1 point food list. You don’t have to starve yourself to death because you just joined Weight watchers and want to lose weight. You can take these healthy snacks to help you feel full, satisfied, and stay focused on your weight loss journey.

As we have mentioned above, we heavily relied on the Weight Watchers official website plus the Weight Watchers App to enable us to accurately calculate the snacks we have recommended in this guide and ensure they’re genuinely 1 point snacks.

If it’s a Weight Watchers 1 point snack, it’s a healthy snack…just snack it!