Who doesn’t like to get gifts on different occasions? We usually gift people the things they are fond of, or things they want to have in their life. Many of us like to take a further step to surprise someone with unexpectable and unique gifts. 

Almost all of us know someone who is a hardcore-baker, who has various instruments related to baking already in his kitchen. These people are very passionate about their baking-kits. 

Buying unique baking items for these bakers is a bit challenging. That’s why we’re going to share with you some unique gift ideas for bakers below. 

Unique Gifts for Bakers

There are too many unique items you’ll find both online and offline. We would like to share only a few of them in brief.

Unique Gifts for Bakers
  1. Digital Measuring Cup: One can easily measure both liquid and solid ingredients with this cup.
  2. Baking Digital Scale: If a baker wants 100 percent accuracy and precision of the ingredients, he/she should have it. 
  3. Retro Kitchen Timer: This vintage style kitchen timer brings both an ambiance and accuracy of timing in the kitchen. 
  4. Digital Clip Timer: This timer is a digital one. One can set and trace his/her time of baking with it.  
  5. Cake Flavored Chapstick: There are cake-flavored chapsticks available in the market; a baker must love it. 
  6. Edible Paper And Ink Printer: One can print anything on edible papers with this special printer to decorate cakes
  7. Flexible Silicone Baking Mold: A baker can make different shapes of baking items with these molds, which are very durable.
  8. Cookie Press: This is a device used for making pressed cookies. It has interchangeable perforated plates for creating different shapes.
  9. Creative Baking T-Shirts: T-shirts with baking related quotations or pictures – a baker will surely love it. 
  10. Creative Baking Aprons: Aprons are necessary for keeping the garments safe and clean; aprons with interesting pictures or writing will double the charm. 
  11. Cheatsheet Apron: On this apron, a baker will find all the important measurements necessary for baking written upside-down for easy reading. 
  12. Animal Oven Mitts: These creative mitts with the face-like shape of different animals, you can play with your kids and bake at the same time! 
  13. Creative Baker Coffee Mug: These mugs will bring inspiration to the baker with every sip of his/her coffee. 
  14. Creative Baking Mat: These mats help to keep the kitchen clean and, at the same time, change the environment of the room.
  15. Creative Baking Jewelry: You can give these interesting shaped jewelry to female baker friends and foes as a gift.
  16. Creative Baking Picture Frames: Frames and pictures change the overall look of a room, then why not put some baking-frames and pictures on the kitchen-wall? 
  17. Baking Keyring: Keyrings with baking quotations or animations will show everyone how “bakerecious” one is.
  18. Custom Chef Hat: A custom chef hat with the engraved name of the baker will bring joy to him/her for sure.
  19. Butane Torch: This torch is used by the baker to caramelize the sugar in cooking, but not every baker does have it. 
  20. Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit: This airbrush will increase the creativity of a baker and will take the decoration of his/her cakes to the next level. 
  21. Giant Cupcake Mold: It will enable the cupcake-lovers to make huge pieces of cupcakes. 
  22. Adjustable Cake Slicer: It helps to cut the cakes horizontally to make several layers. 
  23. Personalized Rolling Pin: You can customize rolling pins with the baker’s name, different shapes, and quotations. 
  24. Marble rolling pin: A bit heavy, but great rolling pin for rolling cool-sensitive doughs
  25. Marble Pastry Board: This elegant piece of board facilitates to make perfect pastries with less flour.  
  26. Baking Pan With Rolling Pin Holder: This wooden pan with a rolling pin nook is specifically designed by and for the bakers. 
  27. Adjustable Rolling Pin: This tool allows bakers to swap the measurements of it’s rolling pin. 
  28. Silicone Whisk: This heavy-duty, pretty, and decent whisk is good for nonstick cookware. 
  29. Whisk Wiper: Cleaning a whisk is a hassle. Whisk wiper helps to smoothly clean the whisk. 
  30. Cookie Shot Glass Mold: One can make glass shaped cakes with this mold.
  31. Copper Mixing Bowl: This copper made bowl will last for generations. Some expert also suggests that it’s good for health. 
  32. Maple Sugar Cube: It is a nutritious, healthy, natural, and one-ingredient product. And it will bring a sweet aroma to the baking items. 
  33. Edible gold: These edible golds are quite expensive. They are gold, after all, and mainly used for decoration. 
  34. Small Flour Grinder: One can easily make flour out of wheat or any other grain at home with this machine.
  35. Toolbox: This is a collection of regular baking tools, might come out handy or work as spare for the regular tools.
  36. Recipe Books: Bakers love to explore new recipes; these books will allow them to enhance their knowledge and try something new.
  37. Recipe Card Box: It is an old-fashion style of keeping recipes that you want to try, or for keeping your custom-made recipes.
  38. Cookbook Holder: This holder helps to keep the recipe books steady so that a baker can follow the instructions without any disturbance. 
  39. Cake stencils: One can make different shapes on a cake using these tools. 
  40. Nesting Bowl Set: A nesting bowl set can be very useful as a gift for the bakers.
  41. Measuring Cups: With the help of these cups, one can easily measure the ingredients while baking. 
  42. Complete Candy Making Kit: In this kit, you’ll have all the ingredients necessary for making candies. 
  43. Alphabet Cakepan: You can make alphabet shaped cookies or cakes with this pan.
  44. Junior BAKING SET: This is a very attractive gift for the children of your baker friend.
  45. Frosting deco pen: With this pen, you can decorate your baking items beautifully and also can show your creativity.
  46. Silicon Spatula Set: Spatulas are important for mixing, spreading, and lifting the dough or mixtures. This set is very handy. 
  47. Cookie-cutter set: You can make different shaped cookies with this set.
  48. Rotating Cake Stand: This stand allows the baker to decorate the cakes without having to rotate around it.
  49. Cake Tester: This pin-shaped thing helps to check the doneness of cakes.
  50. Pop Maker: You can easily make pops with this machine
  51. Fancy sprinkles: One can beautify his/her cakes or pastries by sprinkling these fancy sprinkles on it.
  52. Kitchen Conversation Chart: This chart includes all the necessary conversations required for baking.  
  53. Stand Mixer: Although almost all the bakers have a stand-mixer in their kitchen, you can still gift them another.
  54. Pie Cutter: With the help of this tool, one can smoothly cut pies in any shape. 
  55. Macron Making Kit: Make macrons effortlessly with this kit.
  56. Mason Jar Ceramic Cookie Jar: A very elegant piece of gift for the cookie-lover bakers, it will keep the cookies fresh for a long time.
  57. 3-Tier Cooling Rack: You can keep your freshly baked items for cooling down in these racks. 
  58. Egg Separator: This tool allows to separate the yolk from the white of an egg, because some recipes may require to omit any of them from the ingredients. 
  59. Mini Ice-Cream Sandwich Press: It is fun to make your ice-cream sandwiches with this tool. Just cut, scoop, cut, and press.
  60. Bread maker: This appliance allows one to make bread easily at home. 

Final Words

Baking is a passion for many people. Gifting them with any of the above listed unique items will make them delighted. Hopefully, you’ll keep this list of unique gifts for bakers in mind the next time you gift any baker. 

Thanks for reading.