Over the last decade, pizza has become a hyped name for fast food lovers. There is nothing like the smell of melted cheese, crushed tomatoes, and a freshly baked crispy crust pizza. Imagine making it perfectly at your home and know that you don’t even need a pizza oven! A good alternative to a pizza oven is a pizza stone.

The pizza stone is basically a flat slab of stone or ceramic. It will make sure to achieve you a satisfying homemade pizza. So how do you do that? This is what we will be talking today. Let’s get your hand into it.

Why Use A Pizza Stone?

Unfortunately, the conventional ovens lack the high heat which is essential for making crispy crust pizza and leaves the toppings overcooked. Here, pizza stone acts like the game-changer as it works for high heat transfer inside the oven.

This stone has the ability to hold a high temperature. The high temperature assists the crust of pizza to cook promptly. When you are in a hurry but need to cook something- why not make a pizza using a pizza stone. With it, you can save a lot of time and of course, you are going to get a better crust.

How To Use Pizza Stone In Oven

It is very easy to use a pizza stone. But people often do mistakes while using it. So you just need to know what to do or what to avoid while using this. Remember one thing that not every pizza stone needs to be seasoned with oil. Your manufacturer’s guide will help you in this regard.

Pizza Stone In Oven

Without much ado here we begin to jot down the guideline of using a pizza stone-

Step 1: Firstly, keep your pizza stone in a conventional oven. Choosing the rack is an important factor here. For cookies or pizzas, the top rack of the center will be the best option.

Step 2: Do make sure that both the pizza stone and the oven have the same room temperature.

Step 3: Never put a cold stone inside the hot oven because it won’t be able to bear the thermal shock. Due to thermal shock, the stone may shatter easily. Even keeping a frozen pizza on the stone may cause cracks on it as well. So you must be very careful about the rapid changes in temperature.

If necessary pre-heat your oven with the pizza stone in it. When you are waiting for the oven to be heated fully, you can prepare your pizza and set the toppings.

Step 4: If the oven is heated, place the pizza on the stone. Be careful about the contact of your hand with the highly heated stone. Use a pizza paddle or peel. This will be ideal to prevent any kind of skin burn.

Step 5: Do not oil or grease the paddle, just use cornmeal dust to get easy removal of the pizza during transferring it to the stone. Do not have cornmeal? No worries, there’s always an alternative. You can go for the all-purpose flour if you want. Rice flour has been used for years to make any dough nonsticky.

Step 6: Leave your pizza on the pizza stone and bake for around 15 minutes. Once your pizza is baked, remove it using a pizza paddle or peel. Do not take out the pizza stone.

Step 7: Turn off the oven to cool down the pizza stone inside.

Step 8: Clean it only when it is cold.


  • Always heat up the stone gradually.
  • Never soak it into the water or dish washing liquid.
  • Use a brush to dust off the food crumbs.
  • If cheese or any food crumbs get stuck on it, put the stone on high heat and wait till the food burns and then gently brush off to clean.

Final Words

That will be all from us. We tried to clear the issues and some common mistakes regarding the use of pizza stone. I hope I have managed to clear out your confusions. Do let us know your experience in the comment section or if you have any further query leave it in the comments section below.

Enjoy a crispy crust homemade pizza from now on.