So you’ve made some delicious cake pops, carefully crafting the center and dipped it the coating of your choice. Now you’re faced with some difficulty in that you don’t know how to store them properly without having them melt or get ruined.

Fortunately, there are several easy methods that you can use to make sure that all your hard work behind the cake pops don’t go to waste.

For this reason, this article will tell you how to store cake pops in the easiest methods.

How to Store Cake Pops Different Methods

Let’s see the methods you can use to store your cake pops.

Store Cake Pops

Using Wax Paper

Wax paper is a good tool to store your cake pops with. This method is great if you want to store your cake pops at room temperature as well as make it presentable and easy to serve. The wax paper helps prevent your cake pops from getting soggy.

Using Wax Paper

Wrapping your cake pops in wax paper, you can then either have them on display or gift them to your recipients or guests.

Required Items

Wax Paper

This is an essential item. Wax paper is good for wrapping your cake pops with and making it airtight. They also tend to be cheap. If you lack wax paper, small plastic bags are a good alternative.

Tray or Basket

Once you have wrapped a suitable amount of cake pops with this method, you will want to place them in either a basket or tray (whichever you find suitable).


Not essential, but you will want something to tie the wax paper with, and ribbons are both a suitable and aesthetic choice for that task. You can also make do with some small tape.


Step 1: Cut the Wax Paper

For wrapping the cake pops individually, you will want some small wax paper to cover the coated cake part with. Cut the wax paper as needed.

Step 2: Wrap the Wax Paper around the Cake Pop

Using wax paper bags can make this process much easier. Make sure to properly enclose and seal the cake pop so that it remains airtight and doesn’t grow soggy.

Step 3: Close off the Opened End of the Wax Paper Properly

If you want to add some decorative flair, you can use colored ribbons to tie up the wax paper while also making the wrapping look good.

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat the previous steps for the other cake pops you want to store using this method. It is a quick method that depends on how fast you can wrap the wax paper around the cake pop.

Step 5: Store Them

Once you’ve wrapped all the cake pops in wax paper, store them in a cool and dry place until you’re going to serve them. When storing them, be careful not to place them clumped all together as it can cause them to stick and damage them. Remember that this method will help your cake pops stay fresh for a week.

Refrigerating Cake Pops

The previous method is good for storing your cake pops for a week or so, but sometimes you need to store them for much longer. Refrigerating your cake pops can help you store them for a month or more, and you can simply retrieve one from the fridge whenever you are in the mood to eat one.

Refrigerating Cake Pops

Required Items

Plastic Container

You can’t simply throw your cake pops into the refrigerator, so you’ll need a good container for storing them. A plastic container is recommended with the size depending on how many cake pops you want to store in it.

Paper Towels

Moisture is the worst enemy for your cake pops as it can make your cake pops soggy and easily ruin them. The best option against them is using paper towels to soak the moisture.


Step 1: Line the Container Base

Open the plastic container and properly line the base of the container with a paper towel. This helps to absorb moisture and allows a good base to store the cake pops on.

Step 2: Place the Cake Pops

Once the base has been lined, you can place your cake pops one at a time, making sure they aren’t touching each other. If you want to place the cake pops side by side, alternate their direction so that the coated parts are not in contact with each other.

Step 3: Use Paper Towel

After placing them in the container, place another paper towel over them and tightly close the lid making sure it is properly sealed. Then put the container into the refrigerator.

If you need to serve them or want to eat them, it is recommended to take them out of the refrigerator draped in the paper towels and let them defrost for 30 minutes before consumption.

Freezing Cake Pops

Freezing your cake pops makes your cake pops last the longest for up to 3 months. If you want to store your cake pops for such a long time, your best method is to freeze them.

Freezing Cake Pops

Required Items

Wax Paper

You will need wax paper to wrap the cake pops with and make them airtight.

Bubble Wrap

You will need bubble wrap to prevent your cake pops from being damaged or to prevent cracking.

Plastic Bag/Container

A plastic bag or container is needed to store the cake pops in.


Step 1: Wrap the Coated Part of the Cake Pop Using Wax Paper

Make sure to seal it properly and twist off the part of the wax paper that reaches the stick in order to enclose the wrapping. You can enclose the wax paper with some tape if you want.

Step 2: Open up the Container You Will Store the Cake Pops in

For both, you will want to line the insides using bubble wrap for protection against cracking.

Step 3: Put the Cake Pops into the Container

Place the cake pops into the bag or container one by one, making sure that none of them come into contact and aren’t too clumped together.

Step 4: Put the Bag or Container into the Deep Freezer

If you’re using a bag, you can opt to put another sheet of bubble wrap over it before placing it into the freezer.

When you need to take it out, it is recommended to let it thaw out for at least an hour and then slowly unwrap the wax paper being careful not to damage cake pop.


Storing cake pops isn’t too difficult. But knowing how to store cake pops does help. Always remember to defrost them before you begin eating them.