Are you a do-it-yourselfer who loves to take on adventurous tasks?

There are people who want to eat their pizza laying back in their living room with all the comfort in the world. Does it sound like you?

Also, you might be one of those folks who like to have it fresh and hot from the home kitchen. If that’s the case, then we are here to help you prepare a delicious plate of pizza.

Read on to know how you should season your pizza stone. Rest assured, once you are done with the article, the whole thing is going to seem as simple as it can be.

After that, with little practice, you will be able to do it like a pro. It won’t be a thing for you to bake the perfect pizza day in and day out.

The Pizza Stone: What Is It About? 

Season a Pizza Stone

Firstly, get a pizza stone. For it will provide the crunch for the pizza. You know, making a yummy pizza doesn’t require appropriate ingredients only. It also needs a pizza stone.

Now, if you are thinking, “well, let’s just buy this thing and get it over with,” then that only won’t do the job for you. You have to learn the ways of using it properly.

Why is Seasoning the Pizza Stone So Important?

Let’s start with a secret. If you manage to season the pizza stone properly from the early uses, it will only get better as time goes by. Cool, isn’t it?

Now, what’s this thing we are talking about? Well, it is an oval shaped disc made of ceramic, stone, etc. You might be wondering, “What’s going on with this pizza stone staff? Why give it so much emphasis?”

To put it simply, it is the reason behind your pizza being crispy. What it does is it absorbs any extra moisture. It does that through its porous surface.

A pizza stone is not only used for baking pizza, but also it is used in preparing cookies, and biscuits. See how a single tool can do all these cooking stuff?

How to Start Using the Pizza Stone

In order to have your pizza stone do its job perfectly, you need to preheat the thing to the right temperature. Here’s a note. Try to avoid the stones that glaze. For a stone like this contains lead. In higher temperature, lead could be injurious to your health. So, go for the stones that are porous instead.

Keep in mind; you do not wash a pizza stone using detergent, period. Just wash it with the water and then wait for it to get dry. Then pre-heat it. Let’s talk about how to season it step by step.

Step 1: Adjust the temperature for the pizza stone and oven at the room temperature. That’s why you need to wait after washing it. Otherwise, it might get cracked once it gets exposed to high temperatures.

Step 2: After putting it in the oven, you will have to pre-heat it. The temperature for preheating should be 500 degrees F. This way the pizza stone absorbs and distributes the heat equally.

Step 3: Let the oven heat up. Meanwhile, prepare the ingredients and pizza dough. Sometimes, pizzas get stuck with the stone. So, I prefer to sprinkle a little bit of cornmeal on the pizza stone. Then you can place the pizza. This way, you will be able to get the desired crust.

Step 4: Once the pizza gets ready, take a pizza peel to get the pizza out. Do not ever use the oven glove for this purpose. For, despite you wearing the glove, the extremely high temperature of the stone might burn your hand.

Step 5: For extra safety, you might want to leave the stone inside the oven for a while. Once both of these cool down, you can take the stone out. Do not rush and use water for cooling it down. For that will produce cracks.

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It is really easy to take care of your pizza stone. You won’t need much time or any specific product to clean it. Here’s how you do it.

  • Once you are done with the pizza, use a material like a metal spatula in taking off the left over.
  • Clean it with cold water. Use a sponge. The oils you see on the stone, do not try to remove these. For they will be useful in seasoning the stone next time. Also, they will prevent excess food from sticking on the stone.
  • Leave the stains on. They are developed normally. There’s no benefit in removing these.
  • Keep the stone away from people, so that there’s no accident.


There you go with learning the secrets of becoming a qualified pizza chef. If you follow the instructions given above, you are going to master the thing in no time.

You can see that this not so expensive tool is easy to use and maintain. Let me know if there’s any query. I will try to get back to you real quick.