Chocolate is the most popular sweet treat in the world. People around the globe consume more than 3 million tons of cocoa beans a year, according to the World Cocoa Foundation.

Eating chocolate does not only make you feel better, but it is also good for the heart and brain.

It is satisfying to create your delicious chocolate at home, but for beginners, it will not be easy.

When you’re new to the world of chocolate-making, you might discover that getting the chocolate out of the molds is a tough thing to do. Some people have a hard time removing it from the molds without breaking.

If you are experiencing something like this, then here are a few tips that you can consider resolving the issue. Read this article and learn how to make chocolate without any cracks.

Try a Different Mold

Plastic molds are usually based on historical designs and made of metal. As time passes by, the inventors have made way for the new plastic designs to boom the market.

Metal molds will make the cooling longer because it absorbs heat. I won’t recommend using this type of mold if you want the process to be faster.

Some mold pans are better in making chocolate than others, and the problem you are experiencing may be because of the pan you are using.

Remove Chocolates from Molds

If you are using molds made explicitly for other types of baking, then they might not be well suited for the task. It might cause the chocolate to stick more.

Chocolate molds can now be found in most decent cookware shops or on the internet. You can also find them in stores that sell cooking equipment.

When purchasing chocolate molds, look for strong plastic with deep designs. These will produce a more elegant product than the ones shallow, less detailed molds do.

If you want to be comfortable with the type of mold you are using, then look for the mold that is the most suitable for you.

Do Not Wash Molds

The molds should never be washed. Soap residue can mare the taste of the chocolate if not removed.

Some people use plastic molds to let it cool properly.

Chocolates can be flaked off with a soft cloth. Using a dry and soft fabric or pure cotton can wipe out the cavities after each use.

Chocolate removed from the mold leaves a light film of cocoa butter. You can polish it with a soft cloth to make the next chocolate shine more.

Getting the Chocolate Out Carefully

Literally, after making chocolate, you will need to get it out of the mold. By doing it, you must be very extra careful.

Most people are using tools like a knife to get the chocolates out from the mold. You can also use a thin tool to squeeze on both sides and then slowly lift the residue out.

Chocolates Molds

This method seems easy to say, but you need a deep understanding to do it successfully. Do not rush in making chocolate.

I do not recommend this method if your chocolate is thin and does not have enough quantity to fill the mold.

Later on, you will discover more methods on getting the chocolate out of the molds without breaking it.

Do It with Passion

Another issue that needs more emphasis is the quality of your work.

If you don’t like what you are doing, or you’re not in the mood, then don’t make your chocolate.

It is proven and tested that if you are happy doing something, you will produce positive results.

Make adjustments on the ways you are making the chocolate. You have to check everything before getting started.

Be passionate, consider thinking about advance solutions should you encounter any issues in the future.

You need to love what you are doing. Put everything under your control, and rest assured, you have the answer to your problems.

This method is the best way to get chocolates out from molds because it only needs proper discipline.

Let It Cool Before Removing

You don’t need to get things done immediately without checking if the chocolate is already cold.

Don’t try to remove them from molds while they’re still hot. Waiting until it cools down will make it easier for you.

Leave the mold in a cool place. It will only consume less time if the area is cool. If you are in a hurry to reuse the mold, you can put it to a refrigerator to freeze for a few moments.

Don’t leave the molds in the refrigerator for too long as condensation will occur, and your chocolate will be hard to release.

You will know when the chocolates are ready to be released by looking at the backside of the mold. The chocolate will slightly pull away from it, and the cavity will appear to be gray.

As everybody says, patience is a virtue. Everything will go harmoniously if you are forbearing.

Tapping the Mold

This method could also work out well. You might think that you should get the chocolate out of the mold like how you remove ice cubes from the ice tray, and gently tap the chocolate out.

In that case, thinking that the chocolates are not sticking is possible, but maybe you are just using the wrong technique.

Lay something soft down on your table or countertop before attempting this. It will help the chocolate to land safely without cracking.

Gently tap the bottom of the mold to try to get the chocolates pop out. If it is not sticking, then it will fall out immediately.

You have successfully made it if all the steps work out, and the chocolate did not break.

Try this method to see if your problem is solved.

Using Disposable Pastry Bag

An alternative way is using a spoon, but sometimes it leaves a little excess chocolate on the edges which is messy.

Use 12-inch disposable pastry bag to fill chocolate molds. It helps things look neat and makes it easy to clean up.

The advantage of this way is that you can reuse your mold immediately after.

Watch Tutorial Videos

If you are not fond of reading articles, you can search for tutorial videos on the internet to get chocolates out of the molds.

People stick to a convenient way to solve their problems. They look for a quick response to every trouble.

Several videos or blogs are now widespread on online platforms to guide you in every aspect of life.

Do not focus on one video, watch at least three contents, then take note of the procedures.

Follow every step on the clip and compare it. Lastly, select the one that seems best.

Final Thoughts

Now, you have a much better idea about getting chocolate out of the molds without breaking them.

It might not be easy, but you can have more reliable results if you use the tips mentioned above.

This guide will help you make presentable chocolate with a perfect taste. Chocolate is best for gifts on special occasions.

You may apply what you have learned on any form of baking that is related to chocolate making.