After having a hard time working during the day, no one wants to cook. You can simply order some food, but what about a pizza. The idea of having a pizza is hardly rejected. But sometimes you are too hungry to wait for the pizza delivery. So, there is a way that you can freeze your leftover pizza for such tiring days.

There is a long debate on whether a pizza should be frozen or not. Due to yeast present in it, many people think that keeping it for too long might cause bacterial and fungal diseases. But when you freeze your cooked pizza, the yeast activity in it retarded. As it is already cooked, so yeast activity has already been diminished.

How To Freeze A Cooked Pizza

There is another group of people who simply do not want to make a compromise on the quality and taste of pizza. They want to savor the same flavor of pizza every time as the original. It is thought that freezing lowers the quality of pizza as well as its taste. Some say it becomes soggy when reheating the pizza or the crust becomes too hard like a cracker.

Many people complain about its taste that the pizza does not taste the same as the original. All these things are true if your pizza is not preserved and frozen properly. The quality and taste of your leftover frozen pizza depend upon the way how you freeze it and how you defrost and reheat it. Reheating the frozen pizza in a microwave oven destroys its flavor.

Some Tips to Remember

  • Keep in mind that yeast activity has stopped in a frozen pizza, so it is not harmful to you at all.
  • Preserve your pizza in an air-tight container to prevent its quality from diminishing.
  • If you use good quality wraps, the better your leftover frozen pizza would be.
  • Once you take your pizza out of the freezer, give it some time to be defrosted, and then reheat it.
  • Never reheat your frozen cooked pizza in a microwave oven; use an air fryer instead.
  • A pizza, if well frozen, can be kept for 60 to 70 days.
  • If you reheat your cooked pizza well, nothing can deteriorate its quality.

So, instead of throwing the leftover pizza away, you must freeze it for later use; besides, who would throw a pizza out after spending money on it.

How To Freeze?

If you have ordered a pizza and do not have the time to eat it, or you changed the plan and went out. So, there are far better options to freeze and enjoy it later than popping the whole box into the freezer. Take a few minutes and save your pizza for the day.

Dividing Into Slices

If you keep the whole pizza box in the freezer, it will acquire a plastic or cardboard smell that the box has. Additionally, as the box is not air-tight, your pizza would not be safe to eat. The quality of your pizza is retained if you cover it well.

Dividing Into Slices

So, cut it into slices and then stack the slices over one another in an air-tight box, and then freeze; stack as many pizza slices as you can but take care of the size of the box.

A Large Pizza Container

A Large Pizza Container

If you have a larger air-tight box, you can simply place your pizza in it. Then cover your pizza with a plastic wrapping sheet and then freeze it all in one place instead of cutting it into slices.

Wrapping Sheets and Foil

Always use good quality wrapping sheets and foil to preserve your pizza. If you do not have an air-tight container, simply wrap your pizza in a plastic sheet and then a foil. It would seal your cooked pizza as an air-tight container.

Is a Frozen Pizza Good?

When you visit a grocery store, you can see an entire section devoted to frozen pizzas. Obviously, fresh pizzas taste good and are much better, but it does not mean that frozen is bad and does not taste good. Frozen foods that you purchase from the market are always a treat to have, so it is nothing bad in preserving a leftover cooked pizza. If it tastes the same, there is no reason why you would not freeze it.