Cooking pizza on the grill? Well, it’s a big no-no.

Let’s be frank here when summer rolls nobody wants to stick into the kitchen or even go outside for pizza treats. They would rather order it online and just have it.

But trust me if you are into crunchy-crust pizzas then cooking it on the grill can serve you the best pizza you’ve ever experienced.

I am sure you’re worried about the stones. Like how are you gonna manage it? No worries. Today I am gonna share how to cook pizza​​​​ on the grill without a stone. Follow me through this article!

Cooking Accessories You Need

Here, we will tell you about the accessories you’ll need.

Grill Grate: Well, pretty obvious you’ll need a grill grate and some coals to heat the grill up. Also, cooking pizza on the grill doesn’t follow the same procedures as ordinary pizzas. So, you better be ready to experience something new.

Cook Pizza On The Grill Without A Stone

A Cooking Brush: It’s really important to have a cooking brush to give some moisture and buttery texture on the grill grate and also on the dough. Otherwise, your pizza might be very dry and boring.

A Metal Spatula: Basically, grilled pizza is different because it’s cooked on both sides and has that amazing crunchy yet juicy crust. Hence, a metal spatula is necessary to toss it over safely. Otherwise, you might mess up trying to flip it.

A Fork: It’s not compulsory, but if you poke with a fork on the dough sides, the smoky flavor and aroma can easily get infused within the toppings and the obviously the dough!

A Pizza Tray or Stainless-Steel Pan or A Baking Tray: Honestly, I don’t feel right putting my pizza dough directly on the grill. I just feel like it’s gonna be brutal to that innocent dough.

So, it would be very gentle and safe to use a pizza tray or stainless-steel pan or a baking tray to carry the dough while cooking on the grill.

Alright! If you already have these, then your grilled pizza is just 2 steps away.


Now, choosing the ingredients depends on your preference. What kind of pizza topping are you thinking of? However, whenever it comes to grilled pizza, simplicity is the key. Just keep your toppings mild yet delicious. For example, you can choose a pizza with basil leaves topping or sausages or even meat.

Let me share my go-to ingredients here:

  1. 17-19 ounces pizza dough
  2. Tomato puree or pizza sauce
  3. Mashed garlic cloves or garlic powder
  4. Minced basil
  5. 7/8 mozzarella cheese slices or you can use ground mozzarella cheese
  6. Black pepper and oregano for the crust
  7. Butter/olive oil/ sesame oil (any of them you prefer)


Now, as you have all the equipment and ingredients, it’s time to proceed to the cooking process.

Step 1: Time to Heat the Grill

It would be better and easy to cook your pizza on the grill if you pre-heat the grill at 350-400 degree F.

Here use your senses and trust your nostrils to spot the smell of a tempting “Ready-grill.” If your grill is ready, then it’s time to put your pizza dough on it.

Step 2: Moon-Shaped Pizzas Are the Best

You might prefer rectangular pizza but trust me an oval moon-shaped pizza would be much better for grilling. So, spool out the dough in the moon-shaped figure.

Step 3: Do Some Gentle Brushing on The Grates & Dough

Well, for tossing the pizza dough easily, you need to brush the grate with olive oil or butter. Because it might stick to the grate and your entire dough can tatter into pieces while flipping. Moreover, brush some olive oil on to the pizza dough as well to keep it moist. Because crusty is crazy, but juicy crusts are crazier.

Note: Don’t think of putting the toppings on the dough just after you put it on the grill. Because the dough needs some space to absorb the coal heat all over and get that crunchy crust.

Now, let the dough get ready. Close the grill with using a lid for 5 to 6 minutes. You can also notice the bottom crust getting golden-brownish when it’s supposedly ready.

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Pro Tip: Remember, I told you about using a fork? You can use it here to make some tiny holes on the dough to prevent air bubbles coming out from the dough. It would be easier to absorb the heat and toppings then.

Step 4: Flip the Dough Crust

Well, now you gotta be very gentle and careful while tossing over the dough. Here, use a metal spatula to flip the crust. It would be more easy and handy then.

Step 5: Pour in The Sauce and Sprinkle The Toppings

Mildly, coat the crust with pasta sauce or tomato puree and afterward sprinkle your preferred toppings, black pepper and oregano (sprinkle it all over) or you can follow my topping ingredient mentioned in the ingredient section.

Now it’s time to get that cheesy flavor. Add 7/8 fresh mozzarella slices and close the lid again. Wait till it starts melting.

I can already fantasize the mouth-watering taste and cheesy-smoky aroma.

Step 6: Serving Time

Your pizza is ready to get served. Slice it with a knife or pizza slicer when it’s cool (cooler than the grilling temperature).

You can enjoy it with chili sauce and mustard sauce as well.

Raise the Beer, call your pals and amaze them with your new cooking skill.

Wish You A Happy Tummy!

Honestly, the grilling technique isn’t anything new. In fact, your grandma will surely suggest this method as it has come from the old kitchen nostalgia.

So why not you? After all, delicious crunchy crust is all you need to please your tummy.

I hope you can now easily cook your favorite pizza on the grill without using a pizza stone. Happy grilling!