Did you ever felt curious enough to know about jasmine rice?

Let me tell you that jasmine rice is widely known for its floral fragrance and nutty flavor. Also, it has a slightly chewy texture so that it doesn’t require extra oil. Undoubtedly these qualities make jasmine rice an ideal and authentic choice rather than your regular white rice.

Surprisingly, you can prepare it using your rice cooker!

Why Use Your Rice Cooker, Right?

Cook Jasmine Rice

Cooking jasmine rice in a rice cooker ensures the sticky texture and fluffiness. Also, it requires less effort and time. You don’t need to stress yourself for washing dishes and stand for hours near your gas stove.

So doesn’t it make sense to use your rice cooker anyway?

Before You Buy Jasmine Rice

To begin the main cooking, you have to buy Jasmine rice from the market. Herein, to judge the best jasmine rice, you need to follow four individual criteria;

  1. Length of the Rice: Before buying jasmine rice, make sure about its length. Long and thin rice ensures the best texture.
  2. Packaging and Appearance: Best brands ensure better packaging and clean, dirt-free rice.
  3. Fragrance: You have already known that jasmine rice is cherished for its floral aroma. So, it’s compulsory to distinguish about the aromatic properties.
  4. Wateriness: The moisture of the rice guarantees better texture and appearance before and after cooking.
 Jasmine Rice

Things You Need

Stuffs you need to approach to start the cooking procedure;

  1. Measuring Cup
  2. 2 Cups of Jasmine Rice
  3. Approximate 3 Cups of Clean Purified Cold Water
  4. Salt
  5. Strainer

Tip: You can use “Hom Mali” Thailand jasmine rice as it is the best fragrance rice amongst all.

Jasmine Rice Cooking Steps

Now let’s come closer to the steps about the whole cooking procedure. The cooking of jasmine rice in a rice cooker includes 4 basic methods. Below you have the details discussed.

Cook Jasmine Rice In A Rice Cooker

Step One – Washing the Rice

Firstly, you need to put out the rice cooker pot from the cooker and pour it with 2 cups of jasmine rice. After that, rinse the rice with cold pure water and use your hands upside down to wash them thoroughly.

Repeat that for exact 3 times. Keep changing the water until the rice looks crystal clear. Now, use a strainer to free the rice from water.

Make sure wiping the rice cooker pot before placing it back into the rice cooker. After placing the cooker pot into the rice cooker, add 3 cups of pure water and salt.

Step Two – Setting the Timer

Close the rice cooker using the lid and set the timer for exact 30 minutes. Although it depends on the rice cooker brand and its capacity of boiling.

The standard time is 30 minutes to 45 minutes. So after setting the timer, turn on the “cook” button and wait till it turns into “warm”. When the “warm” light button is visible, turn off the rice cooker or unplug it from electric connection.

Your kitchen will surely smell like jasmine flower garden as it has rich aromatic properties.

Step Three – Stirring It Right

Halfway of the cooking procedure, open the lid carefully and stir the rice to avoid sticking it with the surface of the cooker pot.

Step Four – Done, Time to Serve!

When you are done with your cooking procedure, put out the cooker pot from the rice cooker and serve it in a glass jar or bowl.

So, now you have fluffy puffed rice to enjoy with your preferable meal. Cool and relaxing, isn’t it?


Usually, all rice cooker brands provide a guideline on how to use them. Make sure you have checked the guideline before using. Nevertheless, I will tell you about the cautions down below anyway.

  • Before buying a rice cooker, make sure about the brand, its customer reviews and most wanted features.
  • While washing your rice cooker, check if your cooker plug is out of the electric connection.
  • If you are busy doing other household chores, then set the timer for sure and recheck until it’s ready.
  • Avoid keeping the rice cooker where inflammable house items such as curtains, cottons or any clothing materials are kept.
  • Make sure your rice cooker is dry after using.


We cannot deny the fact that rice cooker has made our life easier. With proper acknowledgments about easy cooking tricks, we can delight ourselves with different meals; just like cooking jasmine rice.

You just need to follow the given direction and precautions for happy cooking. And like I always say, have patience while cooking because who doesn’t want perfection?

Also, check out the reviews about jasmine rice brands before buying yours. Because we aren’t supposed to compromise quality. Happy cooking!