Well, before knowing how many types of rice cooker are there, we need to know what a rice cooker is. It is a compressed kitchen appliance used to cook rice with minimum vision.

This is really simple to use which consist of a non-stick bowl, indoor regulator control, and warming component.

What Is A Rice Cooker?

It is a kitchen appliance used to make a large amount of rice with the minimum inspection. This also helps us to cook rice very simply in a minimum time with less effort.

A Rice Cooker

The Invention

Rice cooker was first approved on the year 1937 by the Imperial Japanese Army. But it was highly risked with electrocution. Thus was not applicable for house usage.

Later on the year 1945, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation was the first to produce an electric rice cooker for commercial use. But it had no automatic turn-off facility which demands constant monitoring during cooking.

The year 1956, Toshiba Corporation successfully placed the first rice cooker on the market for commercial use. They used the automatic turn-off facility which prevented the cooked rice from burning and captured the market.

Types Of Rice Cooker Explained

On the present day, more people are adding rice on their diets chart. But people find it hard to cook. And this is the reason why people are buying rice cooker nowadays.

Automatic rice cookers can be both gas or electrical. But electric type is mostly used in the houses. On the other hand, large gas or electric cookers are used commercially or in industries. Those are also known as rice boilers.

I had overviewed different types of rice cooker below which are out in the market for sale.

1. Standard Rice Cooker

  • Just add water and rice, then press the button. Very simple to use.
  • They switch to warming mode once the cooking is done.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes in different sizes.
  • Detachable power cord.

They are on the cheaper side to buy for home usage and tend to do a better cooking while using.

Standard Rice Cooker

2. Improved Rice Cooker

They have the same characteristics as the standard rice cooker with some extra features.

  • Separate settings for brown rice, adding steam and warming.
  • Feature delay timers with digital readouts and countdown.
  • This improved rice cooker gives us a few choices in cooking rice.

This one has a slight upgrade over standard rice cookers. Which helps you to cook a bit better than the standard one. It is as well on the cheaper side of the basket.

Improved Rice Cooker

3. Multifunction Rice Cooker

Same as the standard rice cooker and improved rice cooker, it has some identical characteristics. Not only white rice but this can cook varieties of rice like sushi rice, brown rice, mixed rice, and cereals. They cook different rice with the multipurpose settings they have.

  • Micro computer technology.
  • Retractable power cord.
  • LCD control panel with the timer functions.
  • Detachable lid.

The inventive fact is that, with the detachable lid and the retractable power cord, we can use it as a rice bowl after cooking. Isn’t it great?

Without observing, this cooker helps us cook different others types of rice with a better quality. They also have a mid-range price which helps you to buy it without hesitation.

Multifunction Rice Cooker

4. Induction Heat Rice Cooker

So, here comes the best rice cookers of all; “THE INDUCTION HEAT” rice cooker. You can call them the best in the class for rice cooking.

They have numerous rice cooking settings as well as they can completely host other cooking tasks as well.

A standard rice cooker works by exchanging heat to the inward pot through warm acceptance; which will deliver a lower and less steady temperature.

On the other hand, an induction rice cooker creates an attractive field around the cooking pot which rapidly super warms it. Hence, it improves rice on a stable state as it has a higher more steady warmth.

  • Higher and more stable warmth than ordinary rice cookers.
  • Cooks perfect rice every time.
  • Most of these have an extra setting for jasmine rice, brown rice, sushi rice and many more.
  • Advanced/Multi-work control pads.
  • Warming and expanded warming features.

The downsides with induction warming rice cookers are they utilize more energy and they are costlier than other rice cookers. Despite their downsides, they became extremely popular around the world.

Induction Heat Rice Cooker

Which One Will You Choose For Your Daily Usage?

No doubt choosing the best one of all. Just close your eyes and go for the induction warming rice cooker. You will definitely own the best one in the market. Although it’s a little expensive, why not choose this one?

It’s compatibly the best one with many features among all. You can do multiple off work with this one at ease, which also leads you to perfect rice cooking. Cooking varieties of rice without even monitoring.

And if you think of the higher price, go for the multifunction rice cooker with a mid-range price. You will have a very good product in your hand.

The essential purpose of a rice cooker is to cook ideal rice for your fulfillment. The genuine inquiry will be about the expense.

On the off chance that if you cook rice a ton and adore it, then the top of the line models will be more idealized to cook the perfect rice.