Here is a new and unique cookie dough recipe that you need to add to your bucket list!

You can always give this idea of eating frozen cookie butter cookie dough with a spoon a try.

I bet you’ll love the unique look and taste that this kind of cookie recipe has.

With a little magic of cookie butter, you will be able to stir up this unique cookie dough recipe. 

But is it possible for a frozen cookie butter to be eaten with a spoon? I guess it is!

To get started with this unique recipe, you only need the essential baking ingredients.

These include flour, softened butter, cookie butter, vanilla, sea salt, brown sugar, cocoa powder, milk chocolate chips, almond milk, and white chocolate chips!

If you can follow this content, I’ll show you how easy it is to follow through this unique cookie dough recipe in just a snap!

Frozen Cookie Butter Cookie Dough – Baking Recipe Revealed

With all those ingredients mentioned above, you also have to make the appropriate tools ready for baking.

Prepare a medium-sized mixing bowl and combine the cookie butter, butter, and brown sugar together. Make sure to mix them thoroughly.

To give you that enhanced taste of butter, you can look for high protein cookie butter in local stores.

Frozen Cookie Butter Cookie Dough

That is an ideal kind of butter to be used in this kind of cookie dough recipe if you aim to give it an instant taste!

The next thing to do is to mix vanilla and sea salt. After mixing, pour the flour into the mixture, then add the cocoa powder next.

To complete the mixture, add the almond milk and add more of it whenever needed. Make sure that the dough is wet enough, but make sure not to overdo it.

Should you find the dough becoming too wet, add more flour to fix the mixture. 

When the mixture is ready, throw all the chocolate and white chips in the mixing bowl before you fold the dough.

Frozen Cookie Butter Cookie Dough

Set it aside and place it inside the freezer for some time. And voila! When everything is ready, you can finally serve and give it a fantastic bite!

As you can see, it is always possible to eat frozen cookie butter cookie dough with a spoon. It is one of the best desserts to serve your family soon!

Also, freezing is not a necessity when you do this cookie dough recipe. You can also opt to roll the dough out and create some bite-size balls ready for tasting.

Final Words

Did you find this such recipe to be an amazing one? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Have your kitchen ready and shop the much-needed ingredients now!

It doesn’t take you the entire household to create such a fantastic recipe like this!

Just follow the steps and tips I mentioned above, and there will be nothing you cannot do in your first-ever cooking dough masterpiece!

Baking is a whole lot of fun! You can keep learning and trying until you make a recipe perfect!