Cupcakes, just like any other baked goodies, are such a treat to the eyes.

If you are still new in the baking world, I know for sure that you will always add cupcakes to your must-try baking recipes.

When you make cupcakes, one of the most exciting parts is when you do the decoration. Nothing feels better than frosting your masterpieces.

The common question that comes to mind is how to frost cupcakes without a tip?

Accordingly, you can make beautifully-frosted cupcakes using a complete set of tips. 

However, if you don’t have such a baking item, there are some substitutes that you can try using.

In this content, I can share with you the other means of frosting cupcakes successfully. Check this out.

Creative Ways to Frost Cupcakes without Piping Tips

You cannot help admiring cupcakes when you see them in local stores!

The perfect shape and attractive frosting on top are the two main reasons why these baked goodies hold our eyes captivated.

While many stores produce a variety of cupcake delights, not everyone is into the use of piping tips.

Creative Ways to Frost Cupcakes without Piping Tips

Hence, when you are among those bakers who love doing cupcakes but don’t have that piping set in hand? Worry no more! Frosting cupcakes can be made easy with some sorts of creativity!

Pipe It with a Ziploc Bag

As we know, Ziploc bags are used for food storage. To keep foods intact inside the fridge, this bag is always the best solution.

But little did you know, these bags are good alternatives for piping sets, too?

Yes, you read it right! As a baker, you can be resourceful and creative as you do the cupcake frosting.

You don’t need to purchase expensive piping sets; instead, do the frosting with a Ziploc bag! One of its benefits is that the alternative is straightforward to use.

Pipe Frost Cupcakes with a Ziploc Bag

While some bakers find piping sets inconvenient, you can use these bags since these are cheap, readily available, and can be used fast for frosting.

Although at some point you’ll get messy with the icing mixes, no one does it perfectly anyway!

You can always come up with an ideal solution to make your baking corner as less mucky as possible.

How to Use Ziploc Bags

  1. Prepare the Ziploc bags for frosting your cupcakes. Holding this bag open, place the frosting inside the bag using a spatula.
  2. Push the entire frosting in one corner of the Ziploc bag. Next, using a scissor, cut open the corner of the bag with the appropriate size of the tip you want to achieve.
  3. To start frosting, point the cut portion of the Ziploc bag on top of the cupcakes.
  4. You can begin to squeeze it out in a circular form.
  5. Make sure to continually press the frosting toward the corner of the bag so it will be easy for you to squeeze as you create beautiful circles on top of the cupcakes!

Pipe It with a Knife

Not everyone knows that a knife can do wonders with cupcake frosting, too!

If you are looking for a ready-to-use baking tool for frosting, then a knife will do you a favor.

Pipe Frost Cupcakes with a Knife

Apart from being always available in the kitchen, knives are also the most accessible tools to use for frosting cupcakes.

Though it may require your patience and a little bit of time, using a knife assures you to make frosting easy and possible.

How to Use Knife for Frosting

  1. Using a knife, get the desired amount of frosting you wish to design on top of the cupcake.
  2. Spread the frosting evenly on top of the dome of the cupcake. Using its edges, you smooth out every side of the cake.
  3. You can also form swirl shapes on top of the cupcake. I bet knives can perform a much better effect!
  4. As you point the knife vertically, you can also achieve a perfectly-shaped frost for your goodies.
  5. Make sure to move the blade around the cupcakes to flatten all its edges.

Piping by Dipping

If you are looking for the most comfortable means of frosting a cupcake, dip it out!

This method is ideal, especially when you are using a thin frosting. You can expect less mess even without the use of any other baking equipment.

Steps to Do It

  1. Prepare the baked cupcakes in the baking tray.
  2. On a separate container, set your frosting aside as you prepare everything for dipping.
  3. Take your cupcakes one by one and dip them into the frosting mixture.
  4. Make sure to hold them firmly to ensure that the cake dome is well-covered by the frosting.
  5. To coat the cupcake thoroughly, you can swirl each cupcake around. Follow that swirling motion until all cupcakes are finally frosted.

Pipe It up with a Cookie Scoop

This is another piping method you can follow if you don’t have a piping set at home.

Just like the use of a knife, a cookie scooper can be a bit messy when used for frosting. However, it is also the easiest and fastest option to make use of when you do the frosting.

Pipe Frost Cupcakes with a Cookie Scoop

Without the use of any baking item, frosting your cupcakes is possible with cookie dough scooper. Here are the steps to do it.

  1. Scoop out the desired amount of frosting and release it on top of the cupcake.
  2. You can also use a knife to smooth out the frosting and spread it evenly on the cake dome.
  3. Using this method is similar to how you do it when you use a knife for piping.

As for the question ‘how to frost cupcakes without a tip?’, I bet the answers are finally right within your fingertips!

At some point, frosting is an inconvenient stage in baking cupcakes. It is natural if you get messy before you do everything correctly.

Nevertheless, everything that is mentioned above is worth a try. You can choose the method which you think is more convenient for you!

Baking and frosting cupcakes need you to be more patient and creative at the same time. You don’t need fancy baking pieces of equipment to be able to achieve a fancy finished product.

A simple tool like Ziploc bags, knives, and cookie scooper will make a massive difference with your cookie frosting experience.

Final Tips when Using Piping Tool Alternatives

Frosting can be made easy with these final quick tips!

  • When you use Ziploc bags for piping, make sure to be consistent with the pressure you apply to it.
  • Avoid doing the frosting too thick as it won’t quickly come out of the piping bag.
  • Make sure to be consistent not only with the frosting mixture but also with the application.
  • Never overfill the Ziploc bag as it will be difficult for you to press down the frosting in the cut-open corner of the pack otherwise.
  • When you use a knife, dip it into hot to warm water first to ensure that frosting will not stick on its edges.
  • A warm knife helps you do cupcake frosting a lot more easily and smoothly.


It is never impossible to create your piping tool. With all the alternatives mentioned above, not having about a piping set is no longer a problem.

If you follow all these tips, it will be more comfortable for you to indulge with frosting and decorating cupcakes!

I hope I have given you enough suggestions to help you with your baking and frosting journey.

When you are new in the baking world, there are things that you find hard to do. However, you can always start making small steps every day until you achieve your goal.

The same is true when it comes to frosting a cupcake without a tip. When it comes to frosting cupcakes without a tip- well, anything can be made possible!