If you ever wanted to make an ice cream cake at home but are worried that it would be difficult, this article will help you out.

Have a store-bought ice cream mix? Well, that is enough for you to make your ice cream cake if you follow the correct steps.

Cake Layers

An ice cream cake consists of mainly two layers, the ice cream layer and the cake layer. You can end up making a cake with two cake layers sandwiching the ice cream layer or a typical cake with an ice cream layer on top of it. You can then add a layer of frosting if you want.

Easy Ice Cream Cake

The cake layer is made like any regular cake, and it is recommended to choose a method you’re comfortable with. This article will focus on the ice cream layer and assembling the cake.


Here’s the preparation process for you.

1. Prepare the Cake Layer

Using your preferred cake mix, bake the cake layer in a suitable baking dish. Make sure to follow the instructions on your cake mix while making it. Once prepared, allow it to cool.

2. Prepare the Dishes

Depending on the number of ice cream layers or the form of your cake, you will need an equal number of baking dishes (same size as the cake layer). Make sure the baking dish is metal for the best results. Place some waxed paper or parchment inside the baking dishes making sure to cover the base.


Here’s the step-by-step procedure for you.

Add the Ice Cream to a Bowl

Add some milk and sugar and then proceed to mix them with a mixer. Make sure to avoid any air bubbles during mixing.

Easy Ice Cream Cake at Home

After mixing them, pour the mixture into one of the baking dishes you prepared. After you have poured it, use a spoon to smooth it out.

Freeze the Ice Cream Layer for about 12 Hours or More

Make sure it is properly frozen.

Take the Cake Layer (Freeze It for an Hour Beforehand If You Can)

Place the ice cream layer on top of the cake layer and using a knife cut and trim the excess ice cream.

Place a Plate on Top of the Cake and Slowly Flip It Over

Once flipped over, carefully remove the waxed paper. Use a knife or spoon to smooth out the sides.

Easy Ice Cream Cake at Home

Let the Cake Freeze Again Until It Hardens

The time can vary, but usually, 2 or 3 hours will do. Once hardened, it is done.


That was the basic process however there are some additions you can make


Making an ice cream cake at home is quite easy when you have a store-bought mix. The article outlines the basic process, but there’s room for experimentation if you want to try out something new.