Calzones are the most delicious items you can enjoy making at home. Whether it’s a Sunday night-in or a special occasion or even the holidays and you want to make something fun, calzones are a great item to try!

Besides, you can involve the kids in making such delicious calzones. The kids who are enthusiastic about baking and cooking often love to share the workload in making calzones. This unique yet incredible homemade calzone recipe will beat that of any restaurant with its aroma and taste!


  • 1 cup of salami/ham, whichever you and the kids prefer
  • 1 thin crust pizza dough
  • Pizza sauce (any amount you prefer)
  • 1 cup Mozzarella/Cheddar cheese
  • Herb seasoning 1-2 TBS
  • Sea salt (as required)
  • 1 TBS Garlic seasoning
  • 2-3 TBS Butter
  • 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
  • Oregano and Olives for topping (optional)
Calzone Recipe

Step 1: Preparing the Base

The base of the calzone is the pizza dough undoubtedly. Know that the thinner the crust of the pizza dough, the better will be the calzone. You can get any thin crust pizza dough at your local grocery store to save you time and energy.

But if you love experimenting with your dough, you can try making homemade pizza crust, which will be a lot richer in taste.

The amount of one thin crust pizza dough from the store yields two calzones, so you can cut them in half to make four pieces easily.

Step 2: Pre-Heating the Oven

When you’re making the calzone base ready, preheat your oven at about 400°C so that when your calzones are ready to bake, the oven is ready as well.

Calzone Recipe

Step 3: Adding the Ingredients

Flatten the dough and use a brush or spatula to spread the pizza sauce evenly. You can even make the sauce at home, but, to save some time, a ready-made pizza sauce is a great option.

Next, add the mozzarella or cheddar cheese, whichever you prefer (or even a mixture of both) on each half of the dough. Add the salami or ham over the cheese and layer it with another coat of cheese.

calzone recipe Ingredients

You can skip the salami and ham if you like it plain and simple. Add herb seasoning and salt over the stuffing and fold the dough over on each half and seal it all together by pinching around every edge.

Step 4: Selecting the Toppings

When you’re done sealing the dough carefully, place it on the pan you’re about to bake it. The next part is the topping, where you get to decide the kind of topping you want.

For a butter-parmesan topping, brush a mixture of melted butter, garlic seasoning along with grated parmesan cheese, oregano, and any other seasoning.

Homemade Calzone Recipe

However, for a simple topping, skip the melted butter and only brush parmesan cheese with garlic or herb seasoning. You can add olives if you want more toppings on your crust.

When you’re done with the stuffing, sealing, and topping, place it inside the pre-heated oven and bake for 20-25 minutes. Bring the pan out and cut the calzones in the middle, and they’re ready to eat!


Wrapping it up, it is evident that this homemade calzone recipe is not only easy to make but incredible in taste. With the simplest ingredients and easy step by step recipe, you can enjoy these delicious calzones at home in the holiday season or weekend night-ins.