Ever bought a wood piece that ended up disappointing you? And then you thought if you could craft it by yourself, you would embed every attribute that you always asked for. Didn’t you?

Well, that’s what DIY is for! You can be the creator of your essentials, and mastering the skill fosters the equity of your home as well. Now speaking of that, what about making a tortilla press by yourself? Probably it sounds too much to ask for, or you may wonder how much labor you need to have for making one!

But here’s the tea! The process is utterly easy when you have a better grip and the crucial elements purchased beforehand!

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Benefits Of DIYing Tortilla Press

So, tortilla press, which is also known as tortilla maker, is one of those essentials that we can’t look past. And no wonder a press with high caliber and resilience will be able to provide round and textured tortillas.

However, if you aren’t that productive or ambitious, you aren’t bound to construct it at home. You can simply buy it, estimating the necessary qualities and features.

DIY Tortilla Press

And to help with your queries, you can have a glance over the tortilla press reviews. Yet, if you have a good hand and past experience of DIYing things, then you should definitely give it a go as it ensures authenticity.

On top of that, you don’t require many ingredients to build a tortilla press, and as long as a piece of equipment doesn’t yield to selling and profit purposes, it inevitably comes affordable.

Hence DIY has its perks. You can accumulate everything you need according to your preference. Also, you can plant your creativities into it, include additions to add versatility, and make sure it doesn’t disappoint you as you’ll know what to expect from the things you have rooted for.

Thus, the outcome remains a surprise, as well.

How To Make Tortilla Press All By Yourself — Explained!

Here we will see how to make a tortilla maker or a tortilla press step by step. Let’s start with the elements we need for the project wholly.

Tortilla Press

Step 1: Gather All the Essentials

While shopping for the tools and materials, make sure you buy some extra stake of wood, nut and bolts, hinges, and glues so that if you fumble doing the task, you can redo it.

Also, keep the list minimal; the lesser the tool, the simpler and neat it becomes!

Now let’s see what are the tools we need.

  1. You can use pinewood or beechwood panel in your preferred sizes as it will decide the length, height, and width of the baseplate as well as the bottom support. You can trimmer down a large wooden panel into 120 cm x 30 cm x 1.8 cm if it seems too big, or you can buy the accurate dimension as well.
  2. Buy 2 hinges. One hinge is pretty cool, but for increased stability and support, merging 2 hinges will be sufficient. And in order to determine the sizes of the hinges, you can take the compact-sized ones, which is 40 mm x 32 mm. Larger ones are also preferred as they seize the area in a more significant portion.
  3. Glues that specifically made for joining woods. Make sure to choose the best kind.
  4. Screws to secure the hinges. Here you will need 8 screws as you are taking two hinges with 8 holes in total.
  5. Attach the support bars to the bottom base with 2 relatively larger screws for ample assistance
  6. Take one machine nut-bolt, opt for the thicker ones
  7. Sawing machine; that allows precise cuts yet remains slow when performing. You can take miter saw/ traditional chainsaw, hack saw, or a hand saw.
  8. A powerful yet compact drilling machine to dig a hole for sinking the bolts
  9. A screwdriver. For faster applications, go for the electric ones
  10. Use sandpaper for having an evenly edged base.

Step 2: Take Accurate Measurements for Each Wooden panel

well, accuracy is the key. Thus, distinguishing the approximate measurement for each part of your tortilla press is significant. So here, we will determine the measurements of each wood board.

  • For the Bottom Bases

Let’s name the bottom base as “P.” drag a line for the land in 25 cm and for length take 27.5 cm.

  • For the Boards on Top

Name them as “Q.” Draw a measurement of 25 cm for both land and length.

  • For the Support Bars

Mark them as “R & S” and chop them off into 16cm*5cm

  • For the Pressure Bar Under the Handle

Naming it as “T,” draw a line for 20cm X 4cm.

  • For the Handle

Mark the handle as ‘U” and measure 35cm X 5cm.

After you have got all the wooden panels accurately measured, cut them off using a miter saw, or any saw you prefer for your arc. Also, after cutting all the parts in proper sizes, use sandpaper to remove the excess dust to establish an evenly cut edge.

Step 3: Glue Each Wooden Panel

Here all you need is to use the glue to stick to each part accordingly to each other.

  • First thing first, Fix the bottom base or bottom boards “P” to each other. Let it sit for a while because it’s going to shelter the rest of the parts built on top.
  • Afterward, glue the top boards “Q” together and glue the support bars “R and “S” as well because the support bars will permit you to maneuver the handle where you are going to create exertion.
  • Then stick the handle “U,” and the Presser bar “T.” make sure you fix the presser bar on top of the board ‘Q”.
  • Take a moment and wait till the glue is consistently dried and toughened.
DIY Tortilla Press

Step 4: Construct the Tortilla Press

After gluing each part, it’s time to finally affix the parts in order to build the tortilla press.

  • To merge the bottom board to the top base, use 2 hinges on the front side. Connect the hinges.
  • Create holes using the drilling machine in the support bar R+S and the handle “U” as well.
  • Now attach the presser bar on top of the board “Q” using the glue.
  • Take the glued support bars and two screws for fastening the support bars to the rear side of the bottom board “P.” use glue along with the screws for augmenting the sturdiness.

Well, that’s a wrap. I hope you can craft your own tortilla press at home with the instruction provided above. However, for better manifestation, you can also observe a practical demonstration on youtube.


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Readymade tortillas are quick and easy yet tasteless. If you want the authentic corn tortilla or masa flavor in your tortillas, then you need to make them by yourself, and to help with it, a tortilla press will be at your rescue.

Also, by speaking of tortillas, don’t forget to get a tortilla warmer to get hot, soft, and flavorful tortillas anytime, anywhere.