Do you have a special event coming up, and you plan to bake a cake, and yet you don’t have an oven to make it work?

If you are googling for tips on how you are going to figure this out, you’ll inevitably encounter options on how to make a cake without an oven.

Who doesn’t love cakes? Who doesn’t want it oven baked? Nevertheless, when you don’t have an oven to get you started, take into alternatives to get the job done the other way around!

Cakes are delicious, no matter how they are baked and created. Most people would love to bake them, but they can sometime lack an oven to complete a masterpiece.

With that being said, I’ll show you some recommendations on how to make a cake without an oven.

Keep reading, and you surely will love baking cakes even more!

Ways to Bake a Cake with Other Home Appliances

When it comes to baking a cake, an oven will always come in handy for a baker.

But are you having trouble with not having an oven at home? Worry not, there are more options you can make use of and bake that cake specialty at home!

A Cake Without an Oven

Cakes can be made in several creative ways. Here are other kitchen appliances that will help you make it possible.

Make Use of a Microwave

This is one of the best kitchen appliances to use when baking a cake. It is straightforward, fast, and simple to use.

Microwave allows you to mix ingredients without getting your hands messy.

After you pour in all the baking essentials in a pan, you can have them mixed and simply leave the mixture in the microwave for a couple of minutes.

Usually, it takes you about 3 minutes to complete a cake out from that device!

Use of a Microwave

If you wish to create large layers of cakes, you can also opt to use large microwaves to go with the size of the cake you want to bake.

Now, even without having an oven, you can finally create a tasty, smooth, and warm cake of your choice.

With the use of such an appliance, you’ll produce a warm, chewy cake in no time. It is a convenient option, and there are no tools other than the oven that you need to use to make a cake come out fresh after baking.

Baking Through a Crockpot

No oven at home? No problem! A good crockpot will do!

Apart from the oven and microwave, the crockpot is also a useful kitchen appliance for baking cakes. It is effortless to use as it requires no other tools than the crockpot itself.

If you are looking for cake recipes online that are best for crockpot baking, you’ll be sure to find several ones to love!

Although using a crockpot is a unique and convenient way of baking, it still does a perfect baking job just as an oven does.

You simply need to mix all the ingredients and let them sit for a desired amount of time. Should you wish to create round-shaped cakes, a round crockpot is undoubtedly a good option.

Using a crockpot helps you bake with little to no effort at all. It allows you to leave the cake without having to worry and checking on it from time to time.

Using Cast Iron Pan

Another useful and creative method of baking cake without the use of an oven is through a cast iron pan.

It’s straightforward and easy to use, unlike an oven. When using a cast iron pan, you can simply mix all the ingredients, let them sit, and place the mixture over a low hit.

You can leave your cake for about an hour, and afterwards, your masterpiece will surely come out firm and chewy.

Using Cast Iron Pan

While cast iron pan may be a good alternative for an oven when baking, it usually takes you a longer time to bake with this device thoroughly.

Should you wish to create cakes of different shapes, there are also options to use with a cast iron pan to achieve the desired shape for your sweet treats.

Though you can’t make a two-layer cake from a cast iron pan, making use of this kitchen device instead of an oven is still worth a try!

Other Recommendations to Make a Cake Without an Oven

While some baker lacks an oven at home, some people just prefer not to use this appliance at all, as it takes a lot of effort and time to bake a cake thoroughly.

So, for one reason, cake bakers usually look for creative ways on how to make a cake without an oven.

Cake Without an Oven

Apart from the different kitchen appliances mentioned above, you can also bake a cake with a pressure cooker, too!

Yes! A pressure cooker helps you bake a cake in just a couple of minutes. Here’s how you can do the trick. Check this out.

Method of Baking a Cake in a Pressure Cooker

1.    Take a large pressure cooker out, remove its rubber ring, and place it without its cover over a flame.

2.    Make sure to put grease on a pan using butter and set it aside.

3.    Using a large mixing bowl, pour in all ingredients and whisk them nicely and thoroughly.

4.    To add to taste, sprinkle some vanilla essence and baking powder and remix it all over again.

5.    While everything is ready and combined correctly, you can now place it on the pan.

6.    Cover it carefully and make sure to tighten the lid on.

7.    Keep the flame in low heat and have your cake baked for about 40 minutes.

8.    After the desired time, check if the cake is finally baked completely.

9.    When done, take it out, turn it upside down, slice it out, and serve it warm with your favorite drink!

10. Make sure to use a good quality of an aluminum pressure cooker when you plan to follow this method of baking.

11. Avoid setting the flame in high heat as it might burn the cake in the bottom, and oh, will make your cake look not so sweet.

With a pressure cooker, you can also use both salted and not salted butter when greasing the pan.

Meanwhile, if you wish to create a moist chocolate cake, you can simply add chocolate powder in the ingredients and, similarly, whisk it well until you form an outstanding batter.

There you have it! Baking a cake need not be hard without an oven. I hope I have given you the answers that you need to keep you at ease in creating your masterpiece.




Final Thoughts

Apart from an oven, other kitchen appliances count a lot when planning to bake a cake. The use of an oven is usually the traditional way of creating this sweet masterpiece.

However, with all these options in mind, baking a cake can also be done in the most modern and creative ways.

Baking a cake can be done in a hand mix or machine mix method. Either way, lacking an oven at home should never be a problem to fixate on.

You only need to choose your cake recipe and make sure that everything is ready before even getting started. For best results, always keep all your ingredients appropriately measured and whisk it thoroughly before placing it in the pan.

If you find that these options are still not suitable for you, don’t give up. Instead, give it a try couple of times until you achieve the smoothest cake that you desire.

Sometimes, it only takes a little patience for you to achieve a perfectly baked cake even without having the use of an oven.

Keep trying, and follow all these tips mentioned above, and you’ll surely appreciate baking a cake without an oven more!