Baking cakes is more wasteful than you realize. A real baker will always know how much is gone to waste, and it breaks most of their hearts. But what if you could use all those leftovers for something better later on?

Well, here’s the catch: The cake batter and trimmings wasted might be leftover, but they’re still edible food. So, you can easily put them to good use.

That is why we put together 11 ways you can creatively reuse your leftover cake batter and trimmings. You can use them pretty easily and get the job done. I mean, who doesn’t like some extra delicacies, right?

So, without waiting any further, let’s jump right into it, shall we?

11 Creative Ways to Use Your Leftover Cake Batter & Trimmings

We have put together 11 creative ways you can take care of the leftovers from your baking endeavors. So, let’s get started. Here goes:

Leftover Cake Batter & Trimmings

1. Keep It in the Freezer & Use It Later

The first thing you can do is just store the leftover batter in the freezer. You can use this batter later in the future when you actually need it.

Suppose you wake up in the middle of the night craving some cakes. With the batter in the freezer, all you have to do is warm it up, pour it and bake it to perfection. Sounds tasty, doesn’t it?

Leftover Cake Batter & Trimmings

Well, this is as useful as it is tasty. The batter will remain good to cook for a long time, provided that it is frozen, so that’d be your best bet with this. It can also help you prepare; in case a surprise guest appears out of nowhere or when you just need some comfort food to end the day.

So, just set the batter aside and shove it into the freezer. Wake it up when the time’s right. Now, let’s check out the next one.

2. Bake the Leftover Batter Now

Another thing that you can do is just bake another smaller cake with the leftover batter. We mean, two cakes are better than one, right?

You can even experiment with this cake since you really don’t have anything to lose. So, go on and get loose on the whole thing because you can! You can even add in some extra flavors and see how they’d taste. So, just make sure that you are making complete use of what you have.

Bake the Leftover Batter

Now that this one is done, let’s check out the next one on our list, shall we?

3. Make Some Cake Waffles!

Who’s up for some cake waffles?! Well, you can definitely make some cake waffles with the batter left. The cake can be dessert for the night. But it can also be your breakfast for the next morning if you can use your leftover batter properly.

All you have to do is pour your batter into a waffle iron and bake it the way you would bake a regular waffle. And Bam! Your cake waffles are all ready to be introduced to your mouth.

Make Some Cake Waffles

And that was all about cake waffles. The next one is pretty interesting. So, let’s check that out.

4. Make a Milkshake Out of the Batter

Okay, this one’s especially for the kids. You can easily whip up some milkshake using the cake batter leftover, and it’d be delicious as hell as well.

All you have to do is pour the batter into the blender along with some milk. Then add in a few scoops of ice cream and a banana to add in more flavor.

a Milkshake Out of the Batter

If you want it to be thick, you can also add in some cream. Then blend the whole thing together in the blender. Once done, pour the milkshake into the glass and enjoy it with some chocolate shavings on top.

Let’s check out the next one. You’re in for a surprise.

5. Make Some Cupcakes

You can also try throwing the extra batter into some paper liners to make cupcakes. These cupcakes would work as a great decoration beside your cake.

It’d be the perfect thing to serve, especially when kids are around. They can just grab one when they are hungry, rather than ruining the cake before it’s cut.

The cupcakes also work as small samples of your cake. Since the actual cake takes some time to ready up, you can taste one of these cupcakes to understand how the actual cake tastes.

That was all about the batter. Next up, we’ll move on to cake trimmings.

6. Whip Up a Batch of Cake Pops

Want to turn your trimmings into delicious treats? Well, we got you covered. You can just make some cake pops out of them and get snacking. The process of making the pops is also fairly easy.

Start by placing the scraps from your cake into a mixer that has a paddle attachment. Then add in a bit of frosting and mix the whole thing until it blends completely.

Whip Up a Batch of Cake Pops

Scoop it up with an ice cream scooper and mold the balls yourself. Then stick lollipop sticks into each ball and freeze them. Once the freezing is done, your cake pops are good to go.

7. Can We Get Some Cake Shooters

Cake Shooters are an amazing drink before enjoying the cake, and it can be made using any cake scraps. So, how do you make it? Well, here’s how:

Take some of the scraps and crumble them onto the bottom of a glass. Then add some fresh fruits and top it off with a scoop of frosting. Repeat the whole thing until your container is full.

Some Cake Shooters

And that makes our cake shooters. Now, let’s move on.

8. Put the Leftover Trimmings on Ice Cream

Leftover cake trimmings make for amazing toppings. So, we can use them easily to make our ice cream tastier.

Just take the trimmings and crumble them over some ice cream. That should do the trick. Now, you’ll have a dessert worth fighting for.

Leftover Trimmings on Ice Cream

Let’s check out what the next one stores for us.

9. Cake Bread Pudding Sounds Nice

Who doesn’t love pudding, right? Well, you can make some using the cake trimmings if you have a good amount of it in your hands.

Cake Bread Pudding Sounds Nice

All you have to do is follow any bread pudding recipe and replace the bread with cake trimmings. And you’re good to go.

10. Make a Milkshake Out of the Leftover Trimmings

A while ago, we mentioned that you could make a killer milkshake with leftover cake batter. But now we’re telling you that you can do the same with cake trimming. The drill’s pretty much the same, blend the cake trimmings with some milk and ice cream and get going.

11. How About Some Petit Fours, Mademoiselle?

If you have a big chunk of cake for cake scraps, take a cookie cutter and cut out small cakes. Then whip up a ganache using chocolate chips and heavy cream. Use the ganache on your cake circles, and now you have some petit fours for yourself.

Some Petit Fours, Mademoiselle

That wraps the whole thing up.


Those were all creative ways to use your leftover cake batter and trimmings that we had to offer. Now, we hope that this was as useful as we wanted it to be.

We tried to put the whole thing in the easiest way possible, keeping your comfort in mind. So, we hope you’ll take all this from us and make some great use of your leftover trimmings and cake batter.

With all that said, we’d love some feedback from you. So, if you think we left something out or there’s something you’d want us to cover for you, please contact us.

Other than that, happy baking!